• Failing to Resist - Deluxe Trance Trainer — $20    
    Uses the "Failing to Resist" method to train you to trance DEEP to a trigger regardless of whether your conscious mind resists or not while enhancing the effectiveness of a number of common hypnosis tropes, with special safeties for hypnotists so that this doesn't mess up your hypnotic practice. The file has a built-in test: if you can't resist the second trigger, you know that you've tranced enough. WARNING: This file is WAY more powerful than the free version and should be used carefully. When tested on a dozen subjects, more than 2/3 of them reported trancing so deep they blacked out the very first time. This file often takes subjects deeper than they intended to go, so only do it in a safe environment because you probably won't be able to stop yourself from going very deep.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (34)
    Length: 44:40
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    Trigger(by anyone)
    Went really deep and enjoyed listening to this file quite a bit. Great voice too :)
    Very effective and great voice. It makes other files more effective. 5 stars!
    Still loving the voice. I've listened to the regular version and now this one. Feeling wonderful and looking forward to listening more.
    Is this a file I can listen to on my own, or is it meant to be administered by a hypnotist? If I can listen to it on my own, how does the trigger work? Thanks!
    Normally, I have a finnicky mind. Sometimes I trance hella deep, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'll remember a lot of a file and others a little. This file, more than any other I've listened to, prevents any resistance or remembrance. It literally sucks you down. Every time I listen to it I black out, wake up when I'm told to wake and then dragged back under. The worst, maybe the best part is that you want to keep listening because all you can recall is that it WILL work. I can try my damnedest to remember Jack's words and I can't. Even trying too hard gives me a headache. This file is totally worth every cent.
    It was an interesting ride, hard to describe, very different and more effective than the 'free' version, I black out on the first part, not uncommon but jack trigger seems to work as I was able to go down in a light trance for the second part, the third part was scary as I was resisting going to trance probably more than Jack plan in the file, being stuck on the bed and feeling the 'brain' like being suck of the back of my head (hard to describe sensation), finally I let it go... Memory is a little scrambled as Jack insists on forgetting, some of his 'description' are a little out of my safe-zone if they really work on future hypnosis. It make me kind of afraid of trying new hypnosis file now, I was always jealous on how some people here respond so easily on hypnosis and not me, but suddenly I don't want to be so 'vulnerable'.
    On the second listening, I black out on the first and second part (blackout or nap until the wake up call, hard to say), but nothing on the third part, didn't get back the 'trancing-calling-feelings' I had the first time :(
    It takes me a while to respond to any trance. After using it for a couple of months, I can now respond to any mp3 I listen to. Thank you, Jack, for making hypnosis work for me. I was drawn down on the very first time, and keep going deeper, with more effective trances with each use. Five (5) stars!
    Would this make my own work likely to go too far in future?
    nice file. need to listen to it again. I know/feel I went deep and enjoyed it
    This file is amazing. If you stick with it, it will break down your resistance and leave you helpless to hypnosis. You will be unable to remain awake and conscious so if truly surrendering to Your hypnotist is a turn in for you, this is must have. Bonus, it will leave you rock hard. As you listen, the levels of pleasure you experience increase dramatically. Jack is brilliant.
    This is the first file i've managed to consistently have memory loss from. Its a very strong file, and from what i've experienced it makes other files quite a bit stronger too. Its also a really enjoyable file to listen to, lots of pleasure and arousal. its probably got some kind of addicting suggestion cuz i keep coming back to it. but i have no idea for sure. heck The only reason i know what triggers are in the file is cuz this version comes with a script and i glanced through it and wrote them down.
    incredible file, I enjoyed it so much that I have felt compelled to listen each night feeling the effects build very satisfyingly to a point i do helplessly slip very deeply and quickly from listening to Master Jacks beautiful voice.
    Was rock hard throughout the file and blacked out heavily. Definitely worth the cost.
    Listening to Jack Drago’s file “Failing to Resist” in the Deluxe version is probably the closest I have come to actually blacking out. I got the free version first and was motivated to listen each day for three days straight, then searched for more and found this deluxe version. This is a very powerful file, both in the script and the great tonal backgrounds, and the gentle subliminals make it even more irresistible. This is an extremely useful general file to help one trance more deeply with almost any other file. The suggestions of being addicted to trance were/are a bit scary to me, but also extremely arousing, and so they ultimately win, and allow the trance to be more effective. I’m still looking for the ability to fully black out with a file, and hope I can discuss this with Jack sometime, personally. I think he has the voice and mindset to make that happen.
    This file is amazing. I've only listened once so far but it felt so good. I was thinking about listening again on my way home from work and found myself so aroused and rock hard just at the thought of listening and letting myself give in to all the suggestions. Great work.
    Thank you Jack. I am new to your work and purchased this version by recommendation. It was very effective, while I didn’t blank out on the first or second listen, it has already had profound effects on my other hypnosis. I have been listening to AbsoluteJock for about 1yr, and have been resisting the jock-wear and joining sports teams. After my first listen I found myself at the local football club buying jerseys and signing up for the recreation-league. I thank you for removing the wall of resistance! I just need to be more careful about my tists now, and know the content before I trance. Very powerful, I have now spent a few hours researching your work and looking for Jock training material from you. Let me know if you have any bro/jock material hola@cheerful.com Thanks again!
    So I have now made a second file out of your long file. I pick up at the end of the first wake-up so the new file is 21Min in length (perfect to fit into a lunch break). I still get to exercise the primary trigger and re-implant all the new triggers, and after 5 listens I am now starting to black out. I remember I heard a file, but I can no long remember what was in it. Thank you again Jack for suck a beautifully subtle and powerful file. It has changed my life already. I have also just purchased the Hypnotic Steroids file from you and ordered white pills. So I will start that in earnest tomorrow. I already owe you some service ... hit me up if you have some needs that need to be fulfilled.
    Love this file. Love how deep I go. Love the triggers and how well they work, can’t wait for my next in person session, where I’ll tell the Tist the triggers and let him use them.
    OMG. I remember being so aroused. What a voice that pulls you in and I crave to listen. Every time I try and think about wha8happen, the thoughts just slip away and it's hard to think. I absolutely have a powerful craving to listen again and getting aroused thinking about it. I do remember my tongue hanging out and feeling extremely heavy and my eyes moving around behind my lids rapidly. A very pleasurable experience this was and I'll listen again!
    I have listened to a few of your files and enjoyed them a lot but this one was magic! I have never gone so deep and blacked out before. I love how I feel after waking up and realizing your power over me. thank you
    best file to help trane you. 10/10 worth it
    Thank you Jack. This was the most powerful file I've ever heard - great!!
    First file I ever bought. It was really effective. Glad to have chosen this one to be the first. Woke up very relaxed. Blacked out all the times. Will definitely buy more of your files.
    I have listened to this file 30-40 times. I think I blacked out for about half of it the first time through. But not since then. Moments of black out on occasion. But yeah, I’m very sad this jsut doesnt seem to do anything for me. I am only 4 months into hypnosis so maybe that’s it? I’m curious how experienced the others being knocked on their asses are. Because the triggers and suggestions jsut seem to not work for me at all. That is the same for every other file I’ve tried though. So it’s not jsut this one. I was just hoping for a result based on so many people singing it’s praises. I also wonder if I’m jsut rejecting the premise of the file. Because I can’t imagine resisting going into trance. So it’s incredulous to me that anyone needs to Fail to Resist. And I guess I’m really bad at pretending to resist. I will try again in the future when I’m more experienced. Hopefully it will work then.
    This is the first file that actually made me feel as if I could be hypnotized. I have a very intrusive conscious mind, but this file really helped get past that. And it gets better with practice, so I recommend giving it a try.
    Came back to this after a few months of doing other hypnosis. The first time (after coming back) I did have a blank spot after the first two triggers. But then the second time through, basically heard it all. And remember all the triggers. No amnesia. Maybe I don't accept the idea of even WANTING to resist going into trance, or I don't accept the idea of my subconcious wanting to take over in some power grab. Don't know. Sigh
    Still one of the best files I've ever used. Puts me under multiple times each listen.
    I’ve been a hypnofetishist for a long time now, but there was always still a part of me that didn’t believe hypnosis was “real.” Then I listened to this file. I was sure no file could make me black out - I was wrong.
    This file is amazing and really strong. I listened multiple time abs so I tried a test whereby I listened with headphones whilst doing chores around the home. Within about 10 mins I was on the sofa in a deep trance. It honestly takes you down no matter what.
    This file makes the difference! I made myself the promise not to buy any file, unless it has 20 positive reactions (not asked for). Well this is the only file up to now that could make me trance and obey (I have a naughty analytical mind). Even better, since this file I am able to trance now with most files, at a certain acceptable level (what makes me possible to find the files from good quality, those who can play with my little voice). So thank you JackDrago, thanks to you I am able to really learn hypnosis better
    This is a superb file. From the 2nd listen I could only remember snippets of this file. Although have been doing hypno for a few years I struggle to stay under for more than 20-25 mins at a time. So wondered about this before reading the reviews here and deciding to buy it. Not only have I stayed under, quite deeply I suspect, throughout, I am now able to do other lengthy files I previously couldn't. Highly recommended!
    It was fun and i went pretty deep when i listened to the regular version. The files really hot and the hypnotist has an amazing, raspy, sexy voice, so i bought the deluxe-version. This time i just got a bore-out. The files are largely similar. Not a problem - the first one was pretty fun. At the beginning i still managed to go somewhat trancy. I'm waiting and hoping and waiting. Nope. No promised "blackout". Instead im just getting more and more tense. He is trying to make stereotypical-hypnotist-phrases into triggers later in the file. It just annoys me at this point. I can't help but think: "Yes, hypnotists say those things and come to think of it, they're pretty dull and never really work." I am so bored and frustrated at this point, that I'm writing this comment minutes before the file is even over. I got bored out of trance yet again. God... Are there really people for whom hypnosis works like this? You don't know how much I wish it would work like that for me!!! But i just start getting bored and no trigger or suggestion has ever worked for longer than a week. I wish i hadn't listened to this. It sounded really promising and now im just frustrated. Where do those comments come from? You had a "blackout"? Are you guys aware that you wouldn't remember every word of a normal conversation either? That's not called a "blackout". "Nice..." "...deep..." "...comfortable..." "...trance!" Nope. I'm actually just tense.
    For the benefit of others in my position. I love the idea and purpose of this file as I'm using it. But it has never worked to install any of the triggers or suggestions in the two years I've been using it. Even after 50-60 times. Once or twice I have blacked out for short periods of time, but almost never. Certainly I remember the file, to the point where after so many times listening, I was getting bored because I was anticipating the words coming up. I am currently working on the idea that my subconscious is just flat out refusing to allow the suggestions to take place. Mind you, my subconscious seems to be blocking any and all post-hypnotic effects for ANY file or hypnotist. I just wanted to drop this here so if you have similar difficulties, you'll know you are not alone. And MAYBE its worth communicating with your subconscious to see whats up.
    Absolutely great file, had a little bit of trouble getting into trance but around the tail-end I felt like I tranced so hard that I had ascended into another plane of existence, also love the voice.
    Can anyone speak to the "special safeties" Jack mentions for hypnotists? How would the file otherwise be "messing up your hypnotic practice?"
    Does this strengthen your passive hypnosis ability as well (meaning you don’t have to use the triggers to get better at trance)?
    wow... total blackout.. I just wish i could find somebody to trust to use the trigger on me
    Very powerful. Love the way you took me so nice and deep. Don’t think I’ve ever gone that deep before. And subconscious is definitely taking over. Thank you for this. You rule. For me; my subconscious started repeating one of my triggers from you when it began this file. Heard your voice looping Picture yourself on a fluffy white cloud. Over and over. Sometimes, I’ve repeated it when I used to walk to work and saw the white clouds. Helped me focus deeper. This file really had me in an empty and blank state. Very hot escape.
    Really loved the file, but once woke up to suggestion in subliminal "you want to buy more files"... in my opinion nothing to do with consent and a similar comment of mine has already been deleted... fairness would be great
    Ok, I have reviewed the file and as best I can tell the suggestion isn't there but I haven't done anything serious to take out the quiet background vocals. Also, comments can't be deleted, not by the author, not by the file owner. I'm the only one that can do it and it requires work on my part to do so. Trust me, not worth the effort. If you can identify where it is said I'll pull up my sound editor and try to strip out everything but the background vocals.
    Minute 5.29, right audio channel, background...
    My first real trance was to this. Before, I only thought I was in mild trances. Here, I fell deep into a nice deep comfortable trance and experienced the thrill of it for the first time ever.
    really good file
    First time listening to it, and I can tell it did something, but not totally sure what yet. Am going to be listening a lot more though, was fun :3
    Great trance, the third drop really got me. Will be returning to this a lot.
    went so deep, super hot file. Definitely want to listen againsoon