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    Club Bimbo was where you met all of the beautiful, happy, bubbly, women that showed you the new and exciting ways in which you could find fulfillment in your life. Learn the importance of makeup and tight-fitting, seductive, clothing while remembering how pointless and unnecessary thinking for yourself is. Life is a party, and you know that the more you visit Club Bimbo, the more you are planning to enjoy it!

    1. Club Bimbo - Enter Club Bimbo. Find yourself mesmerized by the beautiful women on the stage. Take a seat and realize how comfortable and relaxed you are becoming.

    2. Blonde - A cute, giggling, dancer walks up to your table and begins to take off her clothes. Listen to idolize how she talks in short, cute, sentences and find yourself becoming jealous of her.

    3. Past - Think about your dancer’s past. How she never really paid attention during school and probably chewed gum while she fantasized about being fucked and used by the hunky strangers around her. Learn how to answer questions incorrectly as you flirt like a dirty little tease. 

    4. Redhead - The blonde walks away from you and you find a beautiful redhead dancing in her place. She gives you instructions of where to move to get the most pleasure from her dancing and find yourself listening completely to everything that she says. Find that your sexual preferences matter less and less the more you fall into the life of a bimbo and your desire to obey and please everyone that you meet.

    5. Selfies - Learn about your constant need for beautiful makeup and discover how it adds to the confidence you need to be yourself. Find yourself taking as many selfies as you can to show your lovers how slutty and desirable and fuckable you love to be.

    6. Brunette - The redhead is replaced by a beautiful brunette. As she dances on you, she tells you about how happy she is whenever she lets others think for her. Learn about how afraid she is of thinking for herself and realize that you have always felt the same way.

    7. Marriage - Imagine your future life with your hunky spouse. Think about how many trashy shows and soap operas you are going to be watching in your tight clothes and adorable makeup. Learn how afraid you are to think for yourself and know that you need to find a spouse that can tell a submissive bimbo like yourself what to do each and every day.

    8. Raven - A raven-haired dancer walks out onto the stage. Her high heels and daring outfit shows you that she is not afraid to show her body. Find any shame or inhibitions you might have thought you had about becoming a bimbo permanently quickly start to fade away.

    9. Member - Find yourself fantasizing about becoming a member of Club Bimbo. A place where you can focus on dancing and working on your perfect body and getting cute strangers to stare and lust after you each and every day.

    10. Employee - Know that you need to come back to Club Bimbo every day to learn how to become a better bimbo slut. Realize that you are happier and happier every time you let yourself go to be the beautiful bimbo you were always meant to be.

    This file doesn’t focus as much on the sexual aspect of being a bimbo as much as it focuses on the intelligence and appearance and idolization of your ideal brain dead slut. Find yourself becoming the ideal giggling, vapid, bimbo of your dreams with each and every visit to Club Bimbo.


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