• Slow - Fem Training - Girls Jeans — $15   , ,  
    Buying some nice womens jeans? Wearing them out? The nice way they shape your ass? The way they make you feel sexy & fuckable...
    Yes. Conditioning you to wear womens jeans in private and public. Showing you off as a fem slut in training... Getting deep inside your inner self and setting you free to be the slutty thing we all know you are.
    A nice easy bit. Womens pants... Sexy girl jeans... huggin' your ass and shaping you sexy thing,
    Part of Slow found here on WMM. Ya tons of files... Seamless, looping. Put your own mix together and feel me inside, looping deep inside your mind.
    Wear your headphones.
    And keep me in the loop.

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    Length: 20:00
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