• Impotent Sissy Loser (TTS version) — $35   ,  

    A deeply humiliating file for all sissy losers who crave a life of impotence and shame.  This session is aimed at pathetic so-called men who are obsessed with emasculation and will ensure that you are never able to have sex with a woman again.  You will not even be able to become sexually aroused in the presence of a woman unless some some highly unusual criteria are met.  This will not affect your nightly solo masturbation sessions however.  You will love dressing up in cum stained panties and being humiliated online.  You will become addicted to masturbation and find yourself craving to suck a cock whilst a woman laughs at you.  And you will accept your impotence in the presence of women as a sexual identity which can never be changed.  You will be an impotent sissy loser for life so do be sure this is what you want before you listen.

    This is a text to speech recording.

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    Length: 40:39
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    I do like your files and this one sounds hot, but that’s just too much $ per file :/
    Be patient sweetie, I'm sure there will be a sale over the Christmas period. I try to keep my prices as low as possible amid soaring inflation but they are regularly reduced in price on here for those who can wait.