• Bombarded By Perversions with Mistress Clarissa — $40   ,  

    Sink into perversion as I slowly destroy your worthless mind.  This powerful and erotic hypnosis session will bombard you with fetishes and fill your little mind with twisted desires.  You will become addicted as your current perversions are intensified and new ones added and you will be triggered to think of this file often as you go about your day.  Your pleasure will be so intense that you will barely even notice your life falling apart as you sink down into submission and shame.  This is a relentless file containing too many different fetishes to mention but includes domestic service, cuckolding, coerced bi, cross dressing, downward mobility, financial and social ruin, blackmail, foot fetishism, impotence, humiliation and masochism.  Let me destroy you sweetie, in the most delicious way.

    This is an intense file likely to cause addiction, obsession and eventually ruin.  It is not recommended for those who are psychologically or emotionally vulnerable.

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    Length: 41:10
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    MsJ I am your slave. What do I do next?
    MsJ i am your slave. What does a worthless slave do next?