• Itching To Be A Girl (AI) — $35    

    A powerful hypnosis session only recommended for those who are serious about being forced into full time feminization.  This file is a curse which will slowly compel you to begin wearing female clothes all of the time.  You will find that any items of male clothing begin to feel unpleasant to wear and will make you itch in the most unbearable way.  This change will not happen overnight.  It will begin with your underwear and then slowly develop until any male clothes or products cause you to itch.  You will also be compelled to remove your body hair.

    Please understand that this is not a fantasy.  This session uses evidence based techniques to ensure your full feminization.  You will however be able to remain androgynous and wear clothes which appear gender neutral as long as they were designed and marketed for women.  You won't want to though, you will crave to become as girly and feminine as possible and this is likely to influence your clothing choices on an everyday basis.
    If you are listening to this session for the first time, then it is important you are dressed in male clothing, including your underwear.  

    This file is only recommend for those who are sure about what they want and are currently psychologically robust.

    This recording uses the same high quality AI voice as on previous recent recordings.  A version voiced by Mistress Clarissa will be released very soon.

    A TTS version is also included.  Please note that this is not produced to my normal standard and may contain errors or mispronunciations.  It is included as an optional extra only for those who prefer that voice.

    This file is also available via my new Patreon which I have soft launched with a monthly tier providing one full length file per month.  As I become more familiar with what works I am likely to expand on this.  There is also a tier for those who simply wish to support my work.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 46:57
    Downloads: 45
    Wow, this is powerful, thank you. Would you consider producing a skinny, fit sissy curse? Or do you have one you can recommend?
    Thank you. Nice to see a decent feminization file that avoids the usual sissy elements. Would be great to see a follow-up that includes more emphasis on in-person shopping for us shy types.