• Little Miss Squidgy: Panties    
    This file will cause you to become so obsessed with panties you will go out and buy enough pairs to be able to wear them every day. It will take over your life and the thought of wearing panties will cause you to imagine being made love to as a woman by a sexy guy. This file is permanent and cannot be removed. This file is based on the Little Miss Squidgy curse and if used as part of that it will greatly increase the effectiveness of that curse. However references to the original curse file are fleeting and so it is also perfect to be used as a stand alone file. This file should not cause impotence unless it is used in conjunction with the other files in the Little Miss Squidgy series, however it will cause you to wear panties every day for the rest of your life. Enjoy Princess.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (67)
    Length: 47:45
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    omg its soooo good :D i have been listening to the first 2 all week and now i will make sure to listen to number 3 every day too!!! i already have 1 pair of panties anyway but this will definitely make me buy more. thanks soooo much :D
    Went out to buy a panty today. Found so many lovely ones in the lingerie store that I ended up buying 5. I now have 8 in all and enough to last me for the week between the washings.
    you made a great file thanks soo much
    Great great great file.\nWhats the voice?\n
    Walked into the store this morning, blinked, then found myself in the lingerie section. It was not what I went for and I don\'t remember walking over. Had to buy a nice panty and bra set so they didn\'t think I was some kind of weirdo. (It was the one I had in my hand when I jumped out of automatic. Right size and very pretty.)\nI cant say that I generally have a lot of luck with hypnosis files. I find them erotic and relaxing but usually there is no effect after the file ends. However this Miss Squidgy set has shaken my reality and got me questioning whether things were my idea or a result of the files. I\'m finding this all really exciting and quite un-nerving, but I can\'t stop listening. \nI don\'t think whats left of my manhood stands much of a chance. \n
    MsJ, this file is so absolutely and positively alluring. I am completely trapped within your words. MsJ, as soon as I hear you say princess, I helplessly go into trance, feeling wonderfully weak, feminine, and obedient. Thank you so much for creating such arousing, stimulating, and powerful files :) \nwith love, sissy robin
    this was the most powerful file i\'ve ever felt. normally when i finish a file, the effects wear off and i got about my day.. it\'s been an hour since i listened and the effects are just as strong as they were! i can\'t believe it. i want to listen to it again but i\'m a little nervous!! with ONE listen, i feel completely different.
    This file will seriously make you think about panties... just the word panties appeared in my mind a number of times... after listening two times I just all of a sudden checked out a pantie site and thought about buying some... seriously sticks in your head... beware... if you want to wear panties for the rest of your life then listen to this file... otherwise stay away!!!!
    I get hard just reading the descriptions of these files. Also can\'t stop playing them.
    I\'m wearing panties right now, a hot black pair I just picked up today and I feel AMAZING! I\'m going out with them on tonight. I have a live-in girlfriend, so I need to be careful she doesn\'t find out, I know it\'s risky, but I am totally compelled to wear them, to buy them, the way they make me feel ... wow! \n\nAs far as the girlfriend, we\'ve explored cuckolding before, then got out of it, she\'s slept with another man (a real man), she\'s laughed at me, made fun, I\'ve had problems keeping it up with her in the past (now forget it, I listened to \"Limp\"). Maybe we\'ll get back into the cuckolding thing, we\'ll see how things turn out. \n\nWild. Amazing file. I\'m HOOKED!
    The file asked for feedback at the end, so here is mine. I listened to this file once, have listened to the Little Miss Squidgy file a few times. While it does tap into my \"feminization\'\' fantasies, for the little i get, i still enjoy sex with women too much. However, i will say that these files are effective inasmuch as they kept me tranced for the entire time. Given their length, it says something. As far as this file goes, here\'s what one listen did for me. The physical sensations in my nipples and chest(breasts) were like no other I\'ve felt in other files that suggest the feeling of physical changes. And something was definitely going on in the crotch region. The next day, while gather up clothes for the wash, i certainly lingered a split second longer when picking up my spouses panties before tossing them into the hamper. I will probably listen again because the file kept me entranced moreso than wanting to become a panty wearing sissy.
    Listen a second time, but stopped during to pleasure myself. Listened again a couple nights later. After the file i tried on a couple of different of my wife\'s panties, and wore it for a little while but needed to get to sleep so I took them off. I was distracted for a little while not having them on and had a little trouble falling asleep, finally did. Today looked online at panties and walked by the lingerie dept in a store during my lunch hour, tempted but couldn\'t bring myself to buying any panties. It\'s getting to that point where i want and don\'t want to listen because i am thinking about wearing panties but know i shouldn\'t.
    It was amazing the first time i listened to it. It was like it was written for me, a life long need to be Feminized. TO have firm breasts and a thin waist all limp and wrapped in panties and a bra. enforcing every wonderful change. I listen to all MsJ files but i love this one the most so far. She knows what sissy princesses need and its a perfect file for all of us. My pantie drawer is getting fuller every week, and bras, and stockings.. thank you MsJ
    I was in a complete state of ecstasy listening to this; her voice is amazing.
    This is the first file I\'ve downloaded from this site and I love it. I already used to wear panties now and then before listening, and this makes the feeling more intense. Every time I hear the narrator call me princess I feel so thrilled, it\'s so arousing... I love it.
    Ok I now realise it\'s text to speech. This technophobic silly sissy didn\'t know such things were possible. Anyway it\'s a very effective file!
    Binned my male underwear this morning, have brought pairs of girly panties and bra\'s. Am compelled to wear them all the time. Have listened to the other two files and am being transformed in to a sissy girl. Didn\'t think any file would work on me but these have, so oh my God i\'m a sissy now.
    well have tried not wearing my panties and a bra, maybe go a day until i have to give in again and put them on, each time i go longer wearing my female under wear lasting now days. i know that the hypno programming is becoming stronger and i will very soon become dressed in panties and a bra for the rest of my life. If you don\'t want to be dressed in panties and a bra and you will not be able to break this curse then do not listen to this file or you will end up like me a sissy.
    Great file, I love the induction. I had to listen to this file four times before being able to listen from beginning to end, I kept having an orgasm at the halfway mark :P In any case I was a sissy before listening to the file so it was just that much more effective, I\'ve always had a large panty collection, the difference now is that I wear them religiously. Cheers! and thanks for the fantastic file.\n\n
    I luv it when you call me princess!!! It makes me feel like such an obedient submissive sissy that I want to do all that you tell me too! Thank you soooo much!
    Ohhhhh ..... Myyyyy ..... Gawwdd !!!! .... I have watched and listened to literally thousands of audio and video Hypno files ..... and .... THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL AUDIO FILES MS. KUNT HAS EVER LISTENED TO....... I am literally shaking, pulsating, twitching and overcome with LUST and the desire to wear silky PANTIES so I can parade around, prancing, mincing and seducing a group of Big Dick Black Bulls to GANG-FUCK my hot, dripping wet, moist, juicy PUSSY !!!!..... I am almost having an orgasm just fantasizing about them pulling my silky panties to the side so only my gaped open, pretty pink, velvety soft pussy is "Exposed" and my ugly, shriveled up, tiny, impotent and sterile little ovary sac is hidden up tight against my body along with my soft, limp, flaccid, "inverted" and "invisible" little clittie as those Big Dick Black Boys fuck me over and over and over in my silky pink PANTIES !!!
    These files make my little sissy clitty drip
    I no longer own any male underwear and have a drawer full of the prettiest satin and lacey panties. MsJ makes me feel so wonderful and weak and horny and obedient and I want to listen to her words forever.
    Panties makes my sissy boyish pussy to drip.
    Omfg this file is so amazing!! I love panties so much, I wear them every single day without fail now. It just feels so good!! Thank you so much, I love being a cock-sucking panty-wearing sissy *giggle*