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    This file forces the male listener to become gay. It will make it so he cannot become aroused by women and that whether it humiliates him or not he wants men's cocks.

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    Very good file for those who need some changes. After a month of listening you WILL become gay! As my brother do... But I have made him being shemale... But this file helps to earn some money for your needs if you want... Good girls you will be... Ha-ha-ha! >:)
    Oh my god this file is great, I have a fetish for being changed completely and before listening to this file I was a complete hetero. My gf a while back had a thing for gay men and she got me to listen to it and since then we have just been best friends and now I am totally gay and have come out of the closet to a few people and it is fabulous to be gay!
    I absolutely love this file, I have been listening to it for almost a year solid and I do not think there is any coming back from it, I am now totally now and forever a homosexual. I have come out of the closet to everyone and am in a relationship with a beautiful older man and very much in love. If your life needs rejuvination I strongly suggest picking this file and listening as much as possible, I mean you have no idea how much better it is being gay than straight wow
    fantastic file, ive listened to it 4 times and now im hooked and listen to it everynight, i even start getting hard just by thinking about the file at work. i will be gay soon.
    i had my first gay experience a month ago with an older man, we stripped off, we kissed and we had the most amazing sex i have ever had and its all thaks to this file. i still listen to it everynight and i get aroused just by looking at men. i am now gay. thank you so much for helping me.
    This file is amazing. I first listened five months ago and now I\'m totally gay even though I\'ve listened only once or twice for the last two months. It\'s great so far but watch out, if you listen for a few months you may not want to change back, at least I don\'t though I tell myself I should.
    Sorry to be a skeptic but you can\'t turn someone who is straight into someone who is gay and gay into straight. These are inborn genetic traits not something that can be achieved. Someone could participate in either type of sex and still be the opposite in nature of the type of sex they participated in. I\'m gonna try out this subliminal recording and the cock sucking addiction subliminal recording on someone who I know is completely hetero. I\'m not gonna tell him they are subliminals. I\'m just gonna tell him they are recordings that help you relax. I spend a lot of time with him and so if these things really work I\'ll let you know. So far-- I think the guys who say this recording changed them from hetero to homo were really homo or bi in the first place and didn\'t want to admit it to themselves. This recording just gives them an excuse to blame something else for what was really a part of their basic nature. I honestly want to be wrong about this because it would be fun to change the minds of a few straight guys I know but-- so far -- I just don\'t believe this is possible.
    I wrote the previous comment prior to hearing the forced gay file. I still haven\'t heard it. Unless the voice on the recording is completely inaudible I won\'t be able to use it for my experiment. If it is inaudible then I will be able to use it as described in the last comment.
    the file works because you were gay before you listened to it
    Nah, Forced Gay just works. What\'s more, if you haven\'t listened for too long, you can use Curse Forced Straight to change back. It\'s like being a weathervane: one moment, men repel you and women turn you on, then you listen to the file and it flips. If you don\'t believe me, listen yourself. More ethical than trying it on a (soon to be former?) friend.
    Nice file. But could it be remade with a female voice?
    It\'s an interesting idea but like the other skeptics I have to wonder if it works.... being gay; I cannot test it; and having no desire to be straight.... I do not want to test that one either.
    This file definitely works
    I was a skeptic, but I tried it a few nights ago and the result actually worried me for a bit. I have a fiance (who is female) so I was risking it. \r\n\r\nAfter listening to the whole thing, I had a strong urge to watch gay porn. This is unusual because I\'ve always felt a little grossed out when I\'ve tried to look at gay anything (despite wanting to get off to it for kinkiness reasons. I just always got turned off by it.)\r\n\r\nNot just that, but none of the female stuff was turning me on. I kind of just didn\'t care when I looked at it. I even found myself watching the guy\'s cock. This kind of worried me, because I was afraid my girl would get home and I would never be aroused by her again.\r\n\r\nThen the next day, I said to myself that the night before was nothing but my brain being tired. But then every hour like clockwork I kept having the random urge to look at gay porn again. And I did. I seriously got online and jacked off to gay porn 5 different times that day. Again, i was turned OFF by it before. Out of full respect, there\'s nothing wrong with being gay but it wasn\'t in my chemistry.\r\n\r\nThis all happened about 3-4 nights ago. And now I\'m actually back to not being able to get off to gay porn anymore. I\'m super tempted to try it again, but I\'m worried it wont wear off next time. It was a very fun experience while it lasted though.
    How do you download this?
    I\'m curious about this file, I am tempted to try it out because I do enjoy looking at gay porn and I do like the idea of having sex with a man, although I\'m still a virgin. I do often think about what life would be like if I was gay, but I\'d be worried about my family and friends finding out if this file actually DID in fact turn me gay. \n\nThis question is for the people that the filed worked for, could I be gay, happy and in the closet and normal as I am presently? I still find women attractive don\'t get me wrong, I like going on dates once in awhile, but I\'ve never had a g/f before, which is why this file kind of interests me. Would love to hear from guys this file has worked for answers to some questions and weather I really should stop hesitating with listening to this file and give it a go and let it change me.
    I first listened 18 months ago, I was hetero then, I havent had sex with a woman for six months and now I only visit gay sites and have even posted naked pics of myself on one of them, I only want cock now, I am gay !
    Pitiful humans believe
    I found this file to be fairly effective. You only get out of hypnosis what you put in, after all. The night after listening I found I couldn\'t get hard thinking about the girl I had a crush on hours earlier, and ended up masturbating to her ex-boyfriend instead.
    For you skeptics out there, this is not a file to be messed with. Assuming you can go into trance, if you listen to this file once a day for anywhere from 30 to 60 days, you will be attracted only to other men. It has been said that \"no one is immune,\" and so far this claim has held up.
    What a file!! Have been listening for what seems like ages now.. and have to keep listening to it, I only started as a test to see what happened and now, I am Gay and sooo happy, I was married before listening and now I love men so much, am in a happy relationship with the most beautiful man and I never want to go back even if I could.. thank you so much for helping me realise who I am.. A proud gay man!!
    ya its a slow process, you will find yourself doing things you never thought you would do. I was completely straight with a humiliation fetish so i like to play with files like this one. Its been about 3 years since i really dove into the gay humiliation and permanent change hypno. Now I own several dildos and large butt plugs that i use on myself for gay webcaming. Now I have joined gay dating services and chat with gay men all the time. I cant even masturbate to women anymore. I am actually totally gay now!
    This is a frighteningly powerful file. I listened to it just once out of curiosity, and it really has scrambled things for me. I'm finding myself getting aroused by the thought of giving blowjobs and being anally fucked. I was still able to have sex with my GF last night, but had to visualize sucking off a large cock in order to finish. Consciously I think I should listen to Hetero Conversion a few times to get myself back to my previous state, but I feel compelled to listen to this file over and over to see how far down the rabbit hole I can go.
    I don't see the download link for this file. How do you download this??
    I only listened once, and now I don’t find any women attractive that much. I am warning yall… what happpend to me…