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    This file is intended for those that like my files and make them open to my suggestions and look forward to communicate with me. There's a little feedback request in the file to measure the level of trance you achieved. This is not a no-nonsense file and may not be your thing if your don't like files with suggestions related to the hypnotist.rnNOTE: If you rate a file anything less than a 4, can you please PM me or leave a comment so I can improve future file? Thanks.

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    I loved this induction. I guess ocntrl\'s voice already has a pretty calming effect on me. But the induction overall was great too.\n\nocntrl\'s style of not commanding but more suggesting works better on me then most files. It\'s like you are persuaded or convinced to do as told.
    I really really enjoyed this file. I actually already wrote this comment by my internet connection broke right before I sent it so now I\'m writing it again!\n\nI went down really deep, usually focusing on breathing too much keeps me out of trance but with this file that wasn\'t the case(Well, it was at first but once my eyes stayed closed it was no longer the case.) \n\nI love the way you dealt with the \"To remember the trance or not to remember the trance\" debate. I really do as usual look forward to your next file.
    i loved this file
    I\'m still listening to this before bed to wind down and there\'s nothing you can do about it! Muahaha.
    Really really great
    Guess I gotta add my feedback, as he requested, lol. This was a really relaxing file, and one of the few to cause a bit of amnesia. As hinted before, I do recall some of the file, but most of it I blanked out for. I\'ll definitely be listening to more of ocntrol\'s files and see where this goes from here, :)
    I love this file, it is really relaxing.
    To ocntrl, thank you for another wonderful file! To anyone else, this file is very enjoyable. Ocntrl\'s voice is soothing and will have you out in no time.
    I wanted to listen to this file first in preparation for some of your others, and I\'m so glad I did! I really liked it.\n
    Thanks for this file! I love listening to it at the beginning of a playlist of several of your files. It\'s perfect!
    I\'ve listened to a number of files and have been in trance before. But this was by far the deepest and most relaxing. Great file!
    Such a calming voice. Wonderful file, thank you.
    Every file i have listen to of yours, including this one, puts me in the most wonderful state. I wish there was a way to communicate with you besides comments on a file. I hope you are still involved in hypnosis. You have a great talent that i so want have control me. Thank you so much.
    Wow, your voice is amazing. I love this file. I’m getting more and more familiar with your work. I see many of these were posted sometime ago. They are some of the best trances on the site. I feel elated after listening to you. Wish there was an email address. I like being open to your suggestions in orient trance. I’m won over by your style A+