• Harvard Suggestibility    
    This is the suggestibility test created by Harvard in 1962. Ordinarily, a lab tech would be rating your responses. Make sure you have plenty of room. It does affect your arms. Kind of boring, but worth listening to at least once. Also pleasant for listening to in the background while listening to another hypnosis file simultaneously.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 41:43
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    Only while under
    This is an unusual file in that the explanation of suggestions lasts a long time. Or maybe I am getting conditioned to your voice. I found I experienced or performed the suggestions way before they were finished being described. But my trance was nice and deep - just how I want it! I think this would be a great file for someone learning to, or having problems with, trance.
    It took me down pretty deep too, although I couldn\'t imagine sitting through it more than once or twice. I did like some of the explanations though and felt it might be helpful to beginners or for comparisons sake, to see how inductions have evolved over the last 50 years. As much as some of the files on this site might be considered fringe stroke material, our little community is a great petri dish for trance experimentation. We\'ve come a long way, baby. Wonder how people will go under twenty years from now... Probably, using transcranial magnetic stimulation. Mark my words. That\'s the future.
    Well, if you can get over the banging noises, MRI scans are already good times to zone out. ;)
    I can sing them to trance states. Music is the future.
    An interesting listen! I think I did go under, and experienced the suggestions. Its interesting to hear what a hypnosis script was like unrelated to the online hypnosis community. if that makes sense