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    This femdom recording is an adaption of SlutinmyHead\\\'s Collaring Ceremony, but adapted for and read by Princess Surrender. Please help distinguish this file from the thousands of others by voting and leaving comments. More available at www.slutinmyhead.com.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (6)
    Length: 34:17
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    Just curious: Why use a female voice but (still) refer to “Master”?
    I just hate the term Mistress. Makes me think of the woman you cheat on your wife with. Master can be male or female for me, but is unambiguously the person you are a slave to.
    Ah! OK… always thought of “Master” as the distinct male version… on the other hand – English isn’t my native language…
    i think calling a Woman \"Master\" is very sexy. It takes role-reversal a little further. If that same Woman were to slap me around until i accept that \"i\'m the wife! i\'m the wife\", it would be even sexier, lol.\n\ni thought it was a good read and enjoyed my first listen.
    AMAZING FILE! would love to hear some more of Master, she is amazing. arouses me just thinking about it. thank you master and simh
    This is the most powerful of the Princess Surrender / SlutinmyHead collaborations. After listening you will realize you are a piece of property, the property of your hypnotic Princess.