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    This file makes you want to impregnate your significant other. It puts your focus on her. You will find yourself feeling naturally protective and indulgent to fertile women. The most attractive women are pregnant women or mothers with young children. Feel how erotic it is being with a woman who wants your baby. This is an incredible file, scripted by me and recorded by Heartwould. Feedback is positive reinforcement, meaning more and more files for your hypnosis pleasure. Listen responsibly. This is seriously powerful stuff... www.slutinmyhead.com

    Rating: ★★★★★ (10)
    Length: 49:54
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    oh my I must admit I\'m not one to make posts often but your files have been on my mind non stop for about a month now its like you no and enjoy exploiting my deepest desires so thank you and please continue to produce these high quality audios.
    How about a version for us oldsters who want to love our babies\' momma despite the fact she can no longer have more? I happen to Serve my babies\' momma and would love to pretend I could knock her up all over again...
    I\'m into the love and romance shit. For me, hypnosis is a bridge to greater intimacy, even if to an extent it\'s just within yourself. I find myself drawn more and more to variations of this theme. My journey is an attempt to understand the seed that launches a hypnosis fetish so I can nourish my own. I\'m happy to explore our deepest desires. I have ideas for files centered around longterm relationships (for the oldsters). Ha, David Buss... I love evolutionary psychology!
    I was very excited to try this. I enjoyed this file quite a bit. In general, I still have quite a bit of difficulty going into trance, but this got me about as close to it as I can go. The induction, I thought, was pretty effective. I\'ve only given it one listen so far, so I can\'t say it\'s had much of an effect yet, but if repeated listenings have a result, I\'ll let you know.\n\nMy only suggestion is a little weird: I would consider having Heartwould actually enunciate LESS. People don\'t really enunciate that clearly in casual conversation, so it\'s actually a little jarring and distracting. Not terribly much so, but it\'s something you may want to consider. Of course, I may just be the only fool that would notice something like that.
    Hi,\nErrrr, where I\'m from, we all do enunciate like this. I didn\'t change anything from how I usually speak. Sorry!
    Gotta say... This file\'s existed almost a year and remains my all time favorite. I probably listen to this 5-6 nights a week, some mornings and more than once, at the gym. Of the thousands of existing erotic hypnosis recordings out there, does anyone know of any others about wanting to make a baby? Just one other I know of and it\'s also by me. Maybe this isn\'t a theme many people like? As of this comment, 35 people have downloaded it - about 3 people a month. Four of you commented (about 1 in 9). Three people offered compliments. One suggested a file he\'d prefer to see instead. Another suggested less enunciation. Rmsnk83, thank you for writing, but you confuse me. You enjoyed this file and say it got you as far under as you can go. Awesome! You said the induction was effective, but that after one listening, you weren\'t completely a baby making machine. You said you\'d let me know if repeated listenings have a result. Did you listen again? Personally, I love Heartwould\'s enunciations. They\'re like hooks in my brain. But to flatten the effect, try simultaneously playing another file by someone more monotonous. I often play 2 or 3 files simultaneously, with good effect. I hope you find your way back to this comment page someday. I need to know. Are you a new dad?
    Oh geez, I haven\'t been around here in a while, so forgive me for not replying in a timely fashion! \n\n@Heartwould - Sorry if that came off as strange criticism. Maybe where I\'m from I\'m just used to people not enunciating! Perhaps I should have spent more time listening and getting used to your voice before making that suggestion.\n\n@simh - Sorry to you as well for not following up as I said I would. At this point, I\'d have to say that the results have been mixed. I\'m not a father yet, I\'m afraid, though as of December I managed to overcome that rather large mental block that kept me from giving the babymaking an honest go. My wife is certainly more interested in sex lately for that reason. It could very well be that this file was ultimately what managed to tip the scales in making that decision, though to be honest, I didn\'t really spend much time listening to it. If I\'d realized just how eager you were for follow-up I\'d have made a greater effort, but I said I would, so I guess that\'s my bad. However, cognitive dissonance being what it is, I still feel ambivalent about the whole impregnation thing, despite deciding to go through with it, so I think I\'ll actually give it a serious effort this time and see if that doesn\'t positively influence the positive feelings and desires associated with getting my wife knocked up. I promise I\'ll do my best to be more prompt with my next update. :)
    I don\'t exactly go back each day to read comments, but ironically, not only did you find your way back here, but so did I- the very next day! Synchronicity? Maybe so. Thanks for the follow up.
    Wow, this is amazing!! I can\'t stop listening, and I can\'t stop masturbating while I listen! I\'ve gone ahead and ordered a bunch of pregnancy porn, as the file suggests, and will soon be watching that while I listen to the file and masturbate. I never even wanted kids, but now I see how wonderful babies are. I have a woman in mind and will begin making commitment overtures toward her. I know that it\'s not that hard to talk a woman into having a baby, or at least being a bit careless. Thank You!
    A random idea for names of babies Slut & I may have inspired: Hannah or Harriet, Johann or Sebastian\n\n;-)
    I know this file was made for men but i still find it incredibly hot! Makes me wanna Get pregnant. Make him wanna get me pregnant. I have the one for women but this one is also amazing.
    Wow. I\'ve been listening for about 2 weeks so far and I still can\'t get enough of Heartwould\'s delicious voice (and cute Canadian accent) washing over my ears. The file is a perfect mix between awakening your primal need to knock up your lover and making sure you commit and submit to her forever. Hell, even seeing or hearing the word \"pregnant\" is becoming a huge turn on. Thanks SimH and Heartwould for the strong shove along the path to parenthood. Now I\'d better go start researching minivans... ;)
    Very nice recording. Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of both context and audio/voice side. Unfortunately, while I do enjoy listening to it in general, the numerous references to stimulation of man's nipples are enormous turn down for me - never liked it, never will. Other than that I can all but recommend to anyone who doesn't mind.