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    This file will pin you down, turn you into a woman and take you through a nasty little cumslut fantasy with an orgasm trigger. More than that however princess, this files contains instructions post orgasm to help you overcome any silly feelings of guilt or shame about who and what you are. All those girls who immediately take off their pretty clothes and try to forget what just happened as soon as they have come should be helped by this file. You will stay a cumslut, now and forever and feel much better about yourself. This is me being nice.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (18)
    Length: 43:53
    Downloads: 367
    Not the best of MsJ... Maybe being nice isn\'t your thing ;)
    perhaps you\'d just prefer me to be nasty. watch this space sweetie ...
    as nasty and evil you can make it, i will listen it, i promise ;)
    I really can\'t imagine anything more wonderful than MsJ being particularly nasty and/or evil. I promise as well and will keep watching this space in the hope that I come to regret ever saying that... :)
    I know that it would melt my heart and turn me into a man loving cumslut hearing a Mistress as MsJ being nice <3