• SlutinmyHead - Submissive HETEROsexual Cocksucker — $10    
    This one is for the ladies. Adapted from the same script as Submissive Homosexual Cocksucker and Slave to Pussy, and expected to have similar effects including being incredibly addictive and compelling, this file fixates you on your man's cock. Become a cock slave in your head, in real life or both. This file will have you spending a lot of your mental energy thinking about cock. You will become incredibly attracted and submissive to anyone whose cock you taste. This file is designed to work well with Best Girlfriend Ever and Love Potion Cock. Special thanks to Heartwould, proudleaf, Peppermint T and Calimore, but especially Heartwould. Comments, voting and email fuel my interest in providing you with more new files. Downloading this without doing any of that stuff is kind of like a fuck you. Please don't be THAT girl. My goal is 100% compliance, and I hope you enjoy this recording. For more, check out www.slutinmyhead.com.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 1:07:52
    Downloads: 337
    the female voice repeating after the male is great, especially since she doesn\'t just verbatum repeat, but puts the thought into her voice. VERY powerful. Now I need to find a man, and kiss him and ...
    Just swapped out old version for new version where Heartwould\'s voice has been made louder during our duet...
    Amazing file! Really love the whole thing. The phrasing and pace the words are spoken help the whole experience. The levels and quality of the recording are excellent.
    Was a great fine. I love it i listen often. It is making me want that special sometimes cock in my mouth lots. I love it. I know he will too. ;)
    I am a cock slave...
    Would this file be good for me and my wife??
    SIMH just has the kind of voice you want to listen to... No lie, I love cock more than ever since I found this file. I love the way it looks, feels, tastes, and smells. I love to serve cock in any way I can, and I love to be as submissive as possible to let men have their pleasure. This is a longer file, and a long portion at the end has you repeating mantras--I think this has really helped me internalize this file's message about all the ways I want to serve cock. Looking forward to listening more, and hoping that SIMH will give us even more chances to listen and serve.