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    Good girls like to wear bras princess and this training loop will have you wearing them daily in no time. You will likely build up quite a pretty collection of various bras over the coming months, from discreet ones that you can wear underneath your silly male clothes to pushup bras that will make your titties very obvious to any guys that you are trying to flirt with. It is extremely important that you listen carefully and follow my instructions princess, the more you listen the greater success you will have. Wearing a bra on a regular basis will feminize you mentally, emotionally and physically princess and you will likely find that your breasts become a much bigger part of your sexuality till the point where they are just as important as your pussy and your clitty. Yes sweetie you will want to massage and stroke your breasts on a very regular basis from now on and that is perfectly fine. Enjoy princess and remember that you can listen to this as much as you like. New training loop now available for breast obsessed sissies: http://www.warpmymind.com/Files/8237/Training-Loop-%2320---Happy-Titties.php

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    Sounds like a fantastic file I may have to get it one day. Hoping there are more feminine clothing loops in the making :) If not, still an interesting file once I can get another membership.
    delightful and thank you
    I have a new training loop just released called Happy Titties and sissies who like to enhance their breasts will just love it :) Added the link to the new file to the description for Bra Training.
    Love this file wearing a bra is o prtant