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    This recording suggests you create a slide show of someone, some thing or some act you desire. When you watch it, you\'ll want it more, but also be a bit crazed with collecting more pictures. You begin to idolize the subject sort of like a teenage groupie. Watching a slideshow of these pictures will become a part of your routine when you listen to erotic hypnosis until these two acts become anchored together in your mind, deepening your desire to collect both. Please look for more of my recordings at slutinmyhead.com and gayhypnosis.com. Thanks!

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    Length: 28:46
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    While I am not a rabid fan of male voiced hypnosis, you often find engaging subjects like this one to focus on. I find your lack of endless repetition of the same phrases refreshing. I imagine that these files are more challenging to make, but please keep on making them. As a submissive male, I find your files voiced by Princess Surrender and Heartwould most effective. Bravo!
    I have to agree with Stretchy. You really are very creative. You\'re inductions are always different and interesting. I love how you teach. This is not often done. Not sure how many could actually do it. You\'re amazing! <3 SimH