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    This file is designed to permanently change your mind so you always think\nand behave like the girliest of girls. You will desire to experiment with\nthe girliest clothing, think about the girliest things and act in a\nthoroughly girlish manner at all times. You will think of my words as like\na mother speaking to a young girl as together we teach you how to act around\nother girls and guys. This file will not make you attracted to guys, that\nis for later, but you may feel any attraction you have felt towards to other\ngirls begin to diminish. This file is completely non sexual, but rather a\nfoundation file for a new series which will aim to bring about all the\nchanges that the Little Miss Squidgy files are famous for, but in a much\ngentler manner. Are you ready to be the prettiest princess?\n

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    Length: 45:10
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    another file i want too
    Starting as a buy file, will it ever be premium or free?
    I have been using this file for a few days, and am already feeling serious results! I have stopped wearing male underwear, am eating right, and have shaved my whole body!\n\nThanks Godess!!!! \n\nLove,\nTamra
    So glad you are back! What a super fun file! Glad to know more are one the way too! (i curtsy)
    ty MsJ this is AAA rated hypno, your greatful servant, Emily <3
    I started listening to this recently and I am now sitting here in a pink dress with matching underwear and heels. I am loving every moment of it but also asking \"what have I done?\" Excellent file but buyer beware!
    After listening for about a week, I am now sitting here in a compete cheerleader uniform, dreaming about listening again!!!\n\nThanks MsJ!!! Hugs,\nTamra
    Excellent file... very professional... But personally I like it rough and sexual ;)
    One of my favorites. It\'s powerful!!
    can you make this free?..... pleaseee
    Such a pretty file with so many wonderful things to learn and practice. It makes me feel so warm and happy and aching to be the girliest girl, the prissiest little sissy in the world ever.