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    Yes sweetie, this is my full-length sissy impotence file, as promised to all my sissies. If you enjoyed my free Limp Clitty Training Loop then this file will appeal to you but I cannot overemphasize that it is for the truest of pathological sissies only and nobody else will have any interest in it whatsoever. This is perhaps my most serious file ever princess as it will eradicate any residual attraction to women, intensifying your platonic subservience and obedience towards all womankind, and increasing your strong sexual attraction to guys. Your limp little clitty will learn to direct its tingle inwards whenever you get aroused and being in the presence of a woman will be enough to make your little clitty just want to hide away inside your body where nobody can make fun of how silly and useless it is. The more your clitty reverse tingles in this way, the more your pussy will become aroused and stimulated and yearn for the cock it so desperately craves to feel inside of it. If your clitty gets the slightest bit hard when you are having some feminine time to yourself, you will simply leave it alone until it returns to its correct state of limpness. Eventually your clitty will learn that it is not supposed to be hard, ever. The natural aversion to vaginas that any true sissy feels will be magnified tenfold and you will be frightened of them and extremely submissive to anyone who has one at all times. I cannot stress this enough as it is a very big focus of the file. The mere mention of the word vagina will be enough to make your little clitty want to just shrink and shrink until it's just a little flap of smooth girly skin for sissy to rub as she thinks of guys and cuddles and giggling and dancing and staying nice and soft forever like a good girl. Yes princess, this file is extremely serious but it requires longterm training, the full effects will not be felt overnight and that is a silly thing to expect. Regular listening and complete compliance with my instructions is essential in order to achieve the best results. Be sure to think about if you really want these consequences in your everyday life sweetie because there will be no turning back. Remember that good girls like to share all their little thoughts on Goddess Gracie's files and you can leave a pretty comment and an appropriate rating or join in all the sissy fun at my blog which can be located here: goddessgracielovesyou.blogspot.com

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    What a wonderful file! \n\nSo much useful information and guidance. Lots of new insights! Even my sissy ovaries are going inside me now! i can\'t thank you enough for your kind and sweet files. i think my relationships with women are going to go to a whole new level!\n\nThank also for letting me share my little thoughts with you! \n\nMy new favorite file!\n\nExtra warm faggot hugs and Eskimo kisses for Goddess Gracie! \n\n
    Hi little faggot Brenda, such a pretty comment sweetie. We all missed you at the blog and I know all your sissy friends are wondering what you\'ve been up to (and how many cocks you\'ve had inside you since we last spoke) so drop by for a little gossip soon sweetie. So glad it\'s your new fav file! Yay! Love and extra warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
    This is SUCH a good file! And very helpful for sissies! Like all of Goddess Gracie\'s files, after listening i feel a little empty headed, blissful and sissified, a very grily happy feeling! \nI have been listening everyday for 5 days now and while i dont remember every part of the file, it has worked for me :) When i start to get hard i simply dont touch and wait to go limp, i feel a little scarred when i think about women and sex with them and find hunky guys and cocks a real turn on, but even then i dont get hard, just aroused. The more you listen, the more you will get out of the file, but you must follow the instructions to get good results. I still stroke the thingy between my legs, but it doesnt get as hard, and over the past few days the hardness has gotton more and more soft.\nA great file for all serious sissies! Thank you Goddess Gracie :)
    Seems lovely to me. Listening every day, my thingy is definitely softer. Need a lot of practice though, giggles
    Good girls Suzie and Jenny :) Remember that the more you train, the more results you will see. Stick with it and one day your little clitty will be so soft and itsy bitsy that it will just fill your heart with the warmest fuzzies imaginable and you will know once and for all how much of a sissy you truly are. Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx PS - I have a brand new file coming soon that all genuine sissies will simply adore.
    This file is absolutely amazing. I started listening out of curiosity and saw visible results in three days. I panicked and stopped listening, but the changes had already been hardwired into my sissy brain and found it impossible to ignore the lure of this and Goddess Gracie\'s other files and eventually gave in. After listening to the file for two weeks continuously now, I am mostly limp and can only get semi-erect after a lot of rubbing. However, if I stop the stimulation, I almost immediately go back to the limp state. This is another testament to Goddess Gracie\'s brilliance and would advise everyone to be aware of its serious implications before listening to this file.
    I regret listening to this most times, but the second i become aroused, i become little miss squidgy again and give in to listening to these files. I am trapped and am even starting to accept being a gay sissy. I tried having sex with a girl i\'ve known for a while and could not get the slightest bit aroused until she starting asking whats wrong with me and asking if i was gay. I told her I was gay and got a little bit hard when she looked at me like a sissy. I masterbate to that thought regularily now. Thank you for making a permanent gay sissy goddess gracie.
    Princess loves your files Gracie, they make her feel so silly and girly in her pink little mind!
    What a wonderful instructional file! I am finding that I prefer to stay limp. For one thing the panties fit better and I have less need for pantie liners. But I have much pleasure from my nipples and the gradual advancement is truely sensational.\r\nI confirm that it is possible to climax with a soft penis. It is definately more girly than masculine - and I just love it!!
    OMG Goddess!! this is so perfect for helping us silly little sissies understand our little places and accept our true status and role with pink fluffy thoughts all soft and pretty and sweet. *giggle* it is so good to have these things i\'ve always known deep down in my most private pink room clarified in such a compelling and logical way so denial and selfdeception are no longer possible and my feminine soul can blossom. it\'s so much healthier that way!! i love You so much Goddess Gracie for helping me realize all of my most important and sacred goals and teaching me how to relate to all superior Women and sexy hunky hot guys with their insistent twitching cocks. *giggle* Extra warm faggot hugs and Eskimo kisses for Goddess Gracie from me as well!!!!!
    I need this file. I plan on purchasing it when I get my next paycheck and letting it loop while I sleep and whenever else I possibly can. I\'ve listened to plenty of your other files (thank you so much *giggles*) such as bimbo blessing, sissy sparkle, and eternal sissy happiness and they all make me feel so warm and fuzzy and make my head so numb and empty like it should be. I listened to the clitty shrinker about a year ago but I stopped out of fear when I saw what was doing to me. I can\'t regret it enough. I\'ve been listening to sissy and bimbo hypnos on and off since then with nice effect and ive been happy with it. Ive really thought of myself as being underendowed to begin with but I recently hooked up with a man on Craigslist who told me I had a big cock for someone like me. I felt so disappointed. No one should ever utter those words to me for any reason. For one it isn\'t that big. It\'s under the average (which is small anyways) by quite a bit. But I can\'t have men saying things like that to me. I need to be tiny and limp for the rest of my life so that when men see my itsy bitsy clitty they just laugh as they fuck me like the little sissy bitch I am. But part of my problem is I don\'t own any panties. I still live with my parents who do my laundry from time to time. I can\'t risk them seeing any of them. I know that wearing tight panties plays a large part in shrinking my clitty but I just can\'t afford to take the risk right now. I often wonder if I can achieve similar results with small and tight mens underwear. Not manly underwear but the kind that tells men what a bitch you are. Maybe I can find a pair in pink or a cute baby blue. As long as they\'re extremely tight so my clitty has absolutely no room to breathe. *sigh* I\'m already shivering with anticipation. I really want this file to work and I\'m sure the wishful thinking helps. This sissy looks forward to listening.