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    This recording makes you a slave to my feet (or whomever you choose to project these suggestions onto). Tasting feet also affects you like love potion. Fyi - I just removed fourteen of my recordings that didn't have comments or were voted below four. There are more on the chopping block. If there's a file of mine you like and want to be available to future listeners, now might be the time to post something about it. Special thanks to the one person who gave me feedback during the period my gynocentric recordings were free specifically for the purpose of eliciting feedback. www.slutinmyhead.com

    Rating: ★★★★★ (10)
    Length: 52:37
    Downloads: 1576
    I am elated with every new file you create! To be honest, I have not given this a true, complete, fully focused listen yet. I just let it play in the background the other night while packing for a trip and found myself thinking of your amazingly sexy feet when I was relaxing to fall asleep later that night. Pretty good result I think. You have such a way with words!
    I love you and love your files; I would be happy to give you feedback on how your work could be more effective for me personally. If you are interested, email me.
    Since my first comment I have had several good listens of this file and it gets better with each trance. Never really thought much about another person\'s feet. Definitely not in a sexual way. This file is so very erotic! There has been more than one night that I became aware of being nicely aroused. It does not seem to be interfering with my sleep, I just happily drift right back to sleep! And I have started waking each morning so very horny - a great way to wake up! Its possible I may be responding more to the submissive themes of serving SIMH more than having fully developed the desire to worship feet (who wouldn\'t want to serve this horny, sexy, hypnotist). However, I have not seen SIMH\'s perfect sexy feet yet... and if we were together in person... :-)
    Love all your files that I\'ve listened to, but this one is probably my favorite, I\'ve been dreaming about serving your feet lately even when I don\'t listen to it for a few days. Thank you so much for posting, love your files and love your feet.
    wooof, hot, thx, not even turned on by feet, well wasn\'t, hehe.
    I liked feet before, but now I cannot stop thinking about feet. I see feet and I find myself thinking of this file. I see your feet in my head all the time. Man, what I wouldn't give to have your feet in front of me. Thank you for this file.
    One of the most powerful files ever. I’m in love with SIMH’s feet. I’d do anything to kneel get his approval while I worship and obey.
    A very powerful file! I've never thought about feet much before. I dipped my toes in and now feel a pull to listen more and experience the power of SIMH's feet.
    I'm your feet-sucking footslave Master! I'll happily serve your feet!
    I need to worship and taste your feet after this....mmmmmm. please let me see your perfect feet!!!!
    I would give anything to taste your feet and spend my every moment being absolutely obsessed with making them and you, happy, please make me your foot slave, I need to taste your feet always.