• HypnoticHoney - Abducted Baby Daddy — $25    
    In this recording, you are abducted and hypnotized to impregnate and worship the mother of your children. This script was adapted from two of my others, Baby Mama and Hypnotic Abduction, with plenty of sexy new content. This was recorded by Princess Surrender, now going by HypnoticHoney, so as not to be confused with another hypnotist of a similar name. Binaurals by Calimore. Comments are appreciated. More recordings exist for you at www.slutinmyhead.com and www.gayhypnosis.com. Thanks for listening and I hope you absolutely fucking love this awesome recording.

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    Length: 54:39
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    Wonderful! Everything in her voice is maddeningly delicious; this file is no exception. Is there a new email address to go with the change of name? Somewhere to send more fawning praise? :) I spent a while trying to figure out the connection between the two themes; it might just be having dangerous desires towards HypnoticHoney. :) Listening to this recording will definitely result in that. I swear I had a lot of more specific things to say about this file, but they seem to be fading from my mind like a dream. Maybe I\'d better listen again... I definitely think you should put contact info for HypnoticHoney somewhere prominent on your website, though. ;)
    She actually passed away unexpectedly about a year and a half ago. Big part of why I've fallen back...