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    Let the principles of brainwashing instill the values of monogamy. Then take that to the extreme. You are encouraged to wear a chastity device and orgasm by way of prostate stimulation when this is what your partner desires. Fixate on your partner as the most important person in your life. Avoid the eye contact or smiles of those not in monogamous relationships. They are of no use to you. Your partner is your favorite subject of conversation and your whole world. This recording is intended for men, but was made purposely ambiguous as to the gender of your beloved, to be effective regardless of whether you are straight, gay or somewhere in between. For more recordings, check out www.slutinmyhead.com or gayhypnosis.com. Comments either here or in the forums are appreciated.

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    This induction is very similar to Sissy Brainwashing, potentially giving pranksters the most fucked up practical joke ever... I\'m talking to you, torrent downloaders... Bwahahahaha!