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    This is the subliminal loop version of my Bimbo Brain Melt training loop which is available for purchase on WMM. In short, it replaces the main audio layer from the original file with subliminal layers so that you can hear precisely what is being said, while retaining the original subliminal layers in the background at their usual decibel level. As a special treat for all my good girls I've made this and the Mommy's Good Girl subliminal loop available for free and recommend sissies use them in addition to the full files for best results. By no means do these files replace the original training loops, they merely complement them and reaffirm the themes in simpler less detailed and explicit ways. I intend this file to be free to all but you must have a Premium account on WMM to download for the first 6 months - it is also available for free on my Soundcloud page for those who would inevitably ask. As always, it's best to listen on loop for at least 30 minutes at a time. For a more detailed idea of the file themes you can read the description on the original Bimbo Brain Melt download page.

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