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    Are you ready princess? Are you ready for three days of pure bimbo bliss? This file - which begins with a gentle introduction that is just perfect for preparing and girlifying your little mind - will turn you into a completely feminized bimbo. Yes princess for three days you will become a giggling airhead with nothing but hot guys and their sexy bodies on the brain all the time. Any intelligence will simply drain away as your mind fills with thoughts of fashion and make-up and sucking cocks for a totally awesome three whole days. Make sure you take time to prepare princess, make a solemn promise to yourself that you will do everything possible to get the most out of this experience, and then slip on your headphones, lie back and let your mind melt away. Repeated listening may cause permanent intelligence loss and changes to your sexuality

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (6)
    Length: 45:37
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    very interesting idea , nothings is more apealing than a hypnotist coming with something witch hasen\'t been done , so even if i dont plan to listen to it as love too much my inteligence , still the idea is realy nice , so congrats on that one meow
    Yummy! Will I experience all the effects out of the box at max potential, or is there any requirements needed prior to this file?
    It never does any harm to pretty yourself up before a file sweetie, but the most important thing to do before listening is just take a second to centre yourself and make a commitment that you are going to fully accept everything you are about to hear.
    This file is extremely powerfully, definitely one of my favorites by MsJ. It intensifies some of my favorite elements from earlier works in the LMS series. I am growing fearful that I am behaving more feminine without even knowing it, especially in public. This thought is both humiliating and exciting. Msj, do you have any plans of updating your old website or do you perhaps have another one? I always have loved scrolling through the content complete with pictures, file descriptions and warnings.
    Thanks for updating the International Feminization Conspiracy site MsJ. Even just seeing that picture accompanied with the file description makes me want to listen to the file again and again.