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    This file will make you gay for 24 hours. Whether you are a man or a sissy you will find yourself lusting after men and have cocks on the brain all the time if you listen to this powerful and erotic file. This is not a feminization file, although it is gender neutral so will be perfect for sissies, as well as all those who would like to experiment with a different sexuality. Whilst this is not a sissy file, you will not be one of those butch gay men, no, you will not be like that at all. You will become a gay little bottom boi, weak and submissive and in need of a strong man to take care of you. This file is powerfully addictive and if you are truly gay deep down then it may become permanent, after all, if you're gay for a day then you could end up staying that way

    Rating: ★★★★★ (4)
    Length: 44:02
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    Thank you again MsJ! I\'m loving it! I don\'t want to spoil the fun for you boys and girls so just say that I think it is really hot, addictive and powerful and I really enjoyed how it rolls towards the end <3 PS. I\'m a bit scared and excited at the same time when I think what will happen tomorrow morning ;)
    oh thank you MsJ I really loved listening to this file I feel so happy relaxed and care free and gay oh how I want to be held in strong manly arms and make passionate love with my dream man.