• Thought Control - Partner Positivity    
    This recording encourages you to reframe criticisms of your partner into compliments, as well as other minor suggestions to improve your life in other positive ways. Nothing to be afraid of here. It's well meaning through and through. Please leave comments and rate this recording. More at www.slutinmyhead.com.

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    Length: 18:50
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    Nice file! I really enjoy all the positive suggestions. I found the induction informative and relaxing. So easy to focus on your voice as it gently lulled me into trance. A deep trance. I blanked out at some point only to become aware again during the awaken count. Thanks SimH!
    This is a beautifully effective and helpful file. I have two partners who I need to show greater appreciation for. I love the idea of brainwashing myself to only be able to think the best of them both. I'm always grateful for the way slutinmyhead's files help me achieve my goals. Sometimes, I didn't know that they were my goals until I listened to the file, but once I'm clear on what it was that I wanted, it is so easy to follow along with SiMH's suggestions.
    This is the best file i've found on WMM in a long time! Excellent to trance/meditate to, great technique and execution, and a marvelously positive and effective suggestion. It's not even overtly kinky or particularly erotic; though i must note there are submissive undertones to the whole concept of being conditioned to find no fault in your Dom—ahhem—"Partner." Given its near universal applicability and dearth of kink buzzwords, i feel this file could make a great stepping-stone into hypnosis for more vanilla couples looking to explore new realms.
    Hey I'm really sorry this isn't related to this file, but I'm not sure where else I could contact you djkfdjhg But um I read in one of your comments somewhere that a few years ago you were dealing with depression. I'm just wondering if you're doing okay and how you are now? Your files are my absolute favorite. I'm sorry if this is a weird invasive question, feel free to not answer at all haha :s love u tho <3
    Hi Elisubeth, thanks for asking after me. It's taken a few years but I seem to be coming out the other side of it. The last year or so has been really good!
    Thanks to the author and best wishes to all for a safer happier 2021.
    This is great, very helpful to shift my attitude. Thank you!