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    This file trains a subject to enjoy wearing diapers. They will feel like a baby when they wear diapers. This file places diapers as a trigger to lose continence.

    This file contains: Pee pee pleasure, baby thoughts, baby emotions, wearing diapers, sleepy time diapers, pee pee diapers, diaper trigger, pee trigger, loss of control, subliminal layering, warm wet pee pee, diaper training, soft diapers, pee pleasure training.

    Details: This file places a trigger deep inside the subject's mind. They will lose all control over their pee pee when they wear diapers. Diapers will make them feel like a baby. They will feel so safe and relaxed in their diapers. The subject will be trained to wear diapers to sleep. This file may cause the subject to pee pee while in trance. Wearing diapers will feel so good. The subject will be trained to enjoy wearing diapers. The subject will be trained to uncontrollably wet their diapers. The subject will experience pleasure when they pee. This file contains subliminal and whisper tracks.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (10)
    Length: 34:46
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    I was playing chess while listening to this. Wasn\'t expecting anything to happen. I\'m waiting on a shipment of diapers because while I\'ve had this intense interest with diapers since I was a kid, I suppressed it fairly well until recently. While just listening to it with it in the background and my concentration on something else I leaked out without even realizing it about an Oz of liquid. I have to do a load of laundry now, and I think I\'m going to wait until that shipment comes in before I listen to any more of my diaper files. Its so amazing that new hypnotic suggestions are taking hold so quickly. It makes me feel a little panicked at what I could do to myself so quickly. Its makes me so horny. Maybe I\'ll listen again before my diapers get here... It felt so good.
    Nice. wetting my diapers..
    This file and your hour long regression one has me back in diapers feeling great using them like a baby, always diapered. great files