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Megan The Diaper Girl At School And Around

by andrew100

Megan The Diaper Girl At School And Around

Megan was caught wearing a diaper to bed one night for her wetting problem. her parents let her wear them at night only till Megan got sick and had a accident at home in her diaper. She was last going to school

Part one
Megan was walking to school when she ran into her best friend Jen. Jen and Megan were great friends due to the fact they both wet the bed. They talked a bit but Megan was nervous her diaper would be seen. They both got into school and headed for first period. The day went by well until the final period when Megan peed herself. She made sure no one heard her. She then left with Jen. Jen figured something was wrong and asked what the matter was. Megan looked over and told Jen not to tell anyone. Jen agreed to it and Megan pulled her shorts done enough to see the wet diaper. Jen asked why she wore them. Megan said for wetting and because she had a accident. Jen said all right and walked home with Megan. They got home and Megan said I’m going to get changed. Jen walked with her to see her diapers. Megan got into a new one when Jen asked if she could put a diaper on. Megan said ok and helped her get into one. They hung out for a while when Jen’s mom picked her up. Jen asked her mom if she could wear diapers like Megan does for her bed wetting. Jen’s mom asked to see Megan for herself and Megan showed her diaper and Jen did too. She said all right and took her home. Megan had dinner with her family for the night and went to bed in her diaper.

Part two
Megan and Jen wore diapers the whole week for school till Friday night. Megan asked her mom if she could have Jen over for the weekend since they were leaving for a business trip. She said sure so Megan called Jen’s mom and she agreed so Jen headed over with her diapers and clothes in her backpack. They talked till Megan’s parents left and then got into their bras and diapers. They lounged around till Jen was squirming. Megan looked and watched Megan completely pee her diaper. She smiled then Megan completely pooped hers. She and Jen laughed and got changed and went to bed. They woke up the next day in their wet diapers and changed each other. They were eating breakfast when they decided to swim in just their diapers out back. Megan and Jen then got down into their bikini tops and diapers and went for a nice swim. They were having fun when Jen peed her diaper and Megan sat back and laughed and peed too. They both looked at each other and laughed then went inside to change. They hit the mall for some shopping then went to borders and at the checkout, Megan decided to poop her diaper and did and Jen grabbed the bulge in the back of Megan’s butt and squashed up around Megan’s butt. They then left and got changed in the car and left to a resturant. They both peed themselves at the resturant and came back to take off their pants and lounged around in the diapers.


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