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Hot Night on The Town.

by Haxsaw

Hot Night on The Town.

Haxsaw was at a fictional place, again. Darn those who called him a player, huh? Here he was, using his "Prerogatives." He wanted show all how they worked. Glasses clicked and silverware jumbled about. He had L.N. at an Italian Restaurant at a mall. Wearing his rich, Italian, slim line suit, the one wiith vest and the heavy sewn suit coat featuring buttons on the sleeves. "Yeah!" It even featured the Italian tie. $681.oo off the rack. He was wearing those manly, business shoes. Leather upper and bottoms. They had a nice feel, when you walked in them.rn The meal was served. It was lasagna. Haxsaw was rattling at the jaw over how United States citizens tried their best to copy Italian. This place though, which also happened to be rated five star and very expensive, was, as he claimed, "Just like mumma' used to make!" Haxsaw was raising a hand. A waiter came over, quickly.rn "A problema' sir?"rn "Yeah-yeah," Haxsaw shot back. "It is these bread sticks. They are so good I need order another basket, please." Looking relieved the waiter only smiled.rn "Coming right up, sir."rnrn L.N. was wearing her prom dress, the pink/rose hued one plummed at the bottom. It showed very little cleavage as it hung off the shoulders. She had on nude pantyhose and shimmer black heels with strappings. Her hair was full body with a hint of wave. Her face was set adorable. The cheeks revealed a pinkish, girlish delicacy. Beside her was Mother. Some never leave home without American Express? He never left home without Mother. Mother. Don't leave home without her! In the case he wanted to and still controlled L.N., he needed that anchor. The anchor for added security was found in Mother. After all, L.N.'s trauma was losing her dad at age five, long before Haxsaw ever met her. What occured in our lives- from birth to age seven- made us react and revealed personality characteristics we held, throughout our lives.rn All was about to get nasty.rnrn Without warning, as they were seated near the entrance way, near the arched entrance, adjacent to the halls shoppers to the mall walked past, a purse snatcher grabbed L.N.'s purse! It was next L.N. was even more surprised.rn Haxsaw tossed back his chair and ran. rn Dashing behind, realizing he made no benefit this fashion, he leaped. Catching the snatcher at the calves his arms wrapped about. In a tangle of limbs each struck down, upon mall flooring. Before the purse snatcher could recover Haxsaw was up, hovering over. As the snatcher used his arms to try righting himself it was next Haxsaw clapped hands on the purse snatcher's ears... Hard.rn In a screaming cry the purse snatcher dropped.rn rn At this time mall security were already over, hand guns drawn. It ended up being the snatcher was part of a well known street gang, active in the city. Mother and L.N. were taken to protective custody. That was part of Protection for Women and Children Division. Back at the station, within a cell looking more like a room at The Holiday Inn, they were guarded for the night. Fear was other gang members would retaliate. In as such, the meal and memories of his mumma's cooking were gone. Haxsaw paid the fee and left. The meal was not finished. The new order of bread sticks were untouched. Haxsaw flinched. He brushed off his shoulders and grumbled.rn Haxsaw wandered the mall, S.M. Mall. It was built by a Chinaman and was, in reality, very well kept. Later, upset for not having the meal, he came upon Francisca. She was wearing a tight dress. She was with a tight express, also. rn "Fancy meeting you here, my pet."rn Francisca stopped short and it was her expression changed.rn "Haxsaw?"rn They embraced. A light kiss was exchanged. Francisca, fifty and still nifty, was staying at a hotel, The Marco Polo. She needed fly out the following afternoon. She had a business conference. It was decided they return to her room.rnrn After so much talk Haxsaw took two strong magnets, one from each pocket. They were neodymium magnets. They were so they each differed. They acted like two magnets stuck together, side by side. He clamped a magnet on one side of her plam, then another to the top to her hand. The magnetism went through, sticking each in place. Haxsaw simply told Francisca in short time her mind's synapatic nerve endings would align to this. With extended hand, Francisca looked on, in wonder.rn "Are you trying seduce me, Haxsaw?"rn To answer her Haxsaw kissed. Holding the hand with the magnets affixed he placed another firm arm around the small to her spine. Breaking lips he whispered, time to time, how relaxed and easy she felt. This after dinner dessert was intended for L.N. yet plans changed. rn While kissing and hugging he broke, only to whisper. He quickly whispered how relaxed, heavy and easy she was, with him and only him, alone. After a time, he unzippered her dress. Longer, he had her standing. A little longer, he pressed against her, hard. rn Francisca had listened to Haxsaw's files and lost weight. Now, exercising, a simple walking routine, she was tight and slim, again. Who could say refusal to a little pussy, regardless of age to the package, hmm? Haxsaw ripped off her slip with a tug. He then lowered her hand clamped with the magnets. The magnets may or may not have worked. What was was that Francisca, as well as others, believed they had effect. What effects? That was debatable. In and all in all, the distraction, allowed Haxsaw claim deeper control of Francisca's mind. While they stood, hips thrusting together, Francisca did not seem to be concerned.rnrn After process, the words and light touches, Haxsaw had her naked. Francisca clung to him more so. She was right where he wanted her, dependent upon he and he alone.rn In time, Francisca kneeled. Haxsaw had her convinced her body was all outside her control. As Francisca knelt before him Haxsaw stroked her hair, gently and softly. He reminded her obedience was what made her so firm and so beautiful. As his dress pants went down his penis went up. Arched and trembling, he ordered Francisca open her mouth to suck.rn Nude and trimmer than before, she was staring up, wide eyed. Gripping his hips, Francisca moved her face in and away, slurping on Haxsaw's pride. As her eyes glanced upwardly she felt small, yet safe. Being put in place, no longer giving government orders, she felt and was. After about a half hour Haxsaw yanked out. He then told Francisca she had a mouth full of sperm and swallow.rn She gagged. Francisca gagged as a hand went to her breast. She swallowed, several times. Haxsaw helped her from the floor. Once he had her in bed he pulled the sheets over. Tucking her in he told her sleep. From the snapping of fingers he watched Francisca's eyes close, easily and toward deep rest. He stepped out, gently, re-dressed. He quietly left her rented suite.rn Out across the lobby, what with long strips of heavy glass windows facing the entrance, each side, he made out the potted plants. Each were large plants and within pots made of highly decorative, tan cement. They were placed so, in case of street shootings-or a reckless driver, crashing through a window, entering the hotel lobby would be minimized. It was a rough country and safety issues were set to this accordance. Out on the sidewalk Haxsaw hailed a little, white Kia Pride taxi.rnrn At home he was alone yet there was a visitor. R.N. was there. Placing the magnets upon her he told the story. He explained, rapidly, the magnets were to calm, aligning with her mind's cell firng. In short, he dropped words as she relaxed. R.N. mentioned wanting to sit on the wrap around couch. During more discussion, the heat he and the girls were under R.N. told, later, she felt warm. Haxsaw could see her trembling. He held her. Further along, he kissed her cheek. Using the "Prerogative" again, R.N. was hugging up, close. After longer time, they were on the couch, making out. rn Placing R.N. within trance he soon had her hugging him. It was all repeats of what Francisca went through. Promising no sex yet knowing, realizing R.N. was so alone, finding her out in the cold, Haxsaw told she get on her knees. Though dressed, R.N. obeyed, perfectly. Working her over, Haxsaw soon had her hugging his hips after the dress pants came down. Understanding L.N. was not coming home, Haxsaw let it all out. For about a half hour R.N. gave Haxsaw a great blow job. With mouth O shaped and teeth raised high her lips were sealed about like a vacuum. On about or near a half hours time Haxsaw let it all go. rn R.N. gagged several times as she swallowed the fives loads Haxsaw shot. The last loads were much smaller. He told what a good girl she was and she was never to be alone, again. R.N. was commanded to drink and did, without question. Removing the magnets, Haxsaw led her upstairs. Spermicidal fluids were moistening around her lips as she stood, mouth parted. Once he placed her in bed he told she remembered nothing but dreamed of a blow job she gave him, instead. At the snap of his fingers R.N. fell deep asleep. rn Being spent and knowing he needed pick up the other two girls, come morning, Haxsaw went to bed. "What a night!" he groaned.


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