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by HypnoDiaperSlave


Sarah couldn't believe she had been talked into joining the swim team. It seemed perfectly innocent and fine at first, she had raised a question when she had to sign a legal contract, but she had been assured it was for liability reasons, relating to injury. She signed it without worry, and was told to meet at the pool the next week.

The day of the meeting, she changed into her one piece swimsuit, put on sweats and a hoodie over it, and went on over to the pool. The captain, Jennifer, started handing out bags. "These contain your swimsuit" she explained. "I already have a swimsuit, does it matter which I wear?" Sarah asked, slightly concerned. "Yes, it was all in the contract.". Sarah sighed, and went to a stall to change. She slipped off her sweats, and her hoodie, followed shortly by her current swimsuit. "It'll probably be similar, anyway." she though. She then pulled the swimsuit out of the bag, and was shocked. "Thi-this can't be it!". In her hands, the was holding a rather flimsy set of straps, with a few metal rings. After inspecting it, it seemed that there was a small collar to help hold it up, that had a ring attached to it, following the strap connected to that ring down, there was another ring, that seemed to be at the center of the swimsuit. The ring rested right in between her two breasts, digging into their front a bit. There were straps that reached straight back around, only barely covering her nipples, and connecting in the back. There were also straps that went up, around her shoulder blades, also connecting in the back, and ones that went down, connecting to yet another ring, slightly above her butt. Sarah found one strap to be the worst, however. The one going straight down from the front, reaching down and connecting to the ring right above her but. This strap was tighter than the rest, and put pressure on her clit and vagina, making her blush. "This is unacceptable, I am getting this off right now, and quitting this stupid swim club." Just then, she heard Jennifer on the other side of that stall. "Oh really? That does violate your contact, I hope you know. And you couldn't even get that thing off if you tried." "We'll see about that!" Sarah tried to undo the rings, only to find out they seemed to be sealed tight. "You see, we don't appreciate when people try and take the uniform off without permission, so we have the rings lock, and only I can remove them. The cloth is made of a special fabric - one that is hard, and has other fun properties, that you will soon learn to love." Sarah then burst out of the stall. "JENNIFER YOU BITCH" she screamed as she ran towards Jennifer. Jennifer merely smiled as she saw Sarah stop running, a slightly dazed look on her face. It was easy to tell Sarah was becoming very aroused. "Yo-You bi-bitch, what did you do" Sarah mumbled, falling to her knees. "One of the fun properties is the aphrodisiac that the suit secretes." At that point Sarah wasn't even listening anymore. She was fingering herself, too aroused to listen or concentrate. She quickly came, but kept on going, achieving orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. "We'll all be outside, whenever you're done come join us" Jennifer said, as she got up and left, her fluids on the ground from her own orgasm. Sarah smiled in pure lust and pleasure. Maybe the swim team wasn't going to be as bad as she thought.


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