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Dog Trainer

by outkast1728

Dog Trainer

John was single, and tired being alone. One day he decided to say screw it all and do something about it.

He was gay, but didn't really want anyone to know about it, as he was still way deep in the closet. Thus, he really didn't want to put his face and name out there on any of the popular dating sites.

With this in mind, he decided that the best way to look for someone and still remain somewhat anonymous, was to go on Craigslist and try to find someone local just to have a bit of fun.

One day, he came across an add that stated, "Looking for a mid twenties male that desires to be my obedient animal. Must feel comfortable wearring a collar and obeying all commands I give. If you are interested in being my submissive little pup, e--mail me at ...."

"Hmm" John thought to himself. He had always been somewhat interested in petplay, and always wanted to try it. So, he decided to contact the poster.

They set up a date and time, and that was that.

Finally, the day came. John was excited and nervous at the same time as he pulled his car into the driveway of a nice suburban house. He parked his car, got out, and walked to the front door.

He reached out to ring the doorbell, and noticed his hand was shaking pretty bad. "Am I really going to do this?" he thought to himself. He took a moment to take a few deep breaths. "This is what you want, just do it. Life is short, experience it." he thought, convincing himself to push the bell.

It seemed like an eternity, but the door finally opened to reveal a good looking man. he wore a tight black t-shirt and jeans, had short black hair, and looked to be about 30 or so. "Damn, he's cute!" John thought as the man greeted him.

"So... your the one that wants to be my obedient dog, eh?" The man said smiling.

"Y.. yeah... M.. my name is John,' he replied, stuttering uncontrolably due to his nervousness.

"No... not John... We will decide your name later little pup. "The man winked and smiled as he stepped to the side, making passage for John, "Come on in!"

John obliged, stepping into the house as the man closed the door behind him. "So... what is your name?" John asked.

"Oh, you can refer to me simply as master." The man said with a grin. "follow me pup!"

John walked with the man into a room with red carpet and white walls. "Strip!" the man commanded. "Okay, I like where this is going already" John thought as he gladly removed all of his clothes. He watched as the man walked over to a shelf and picked up some items. "Here boy!" the man commanded.

"Wow, he is really into this already." John thought as he obeyed his command.

"Hold out your paws." the man told him. Following the orders, John held out his arms and watched as his "master" put leather bags on them and tied them so he couldn't grab anything. "I guess this is to simulate paws... I kinda like this" John thought as he watched his new master grab a collar.

"Neck!" the man commanded, motioning for John to present his neck so he could put the collar on him. He shivered as he feld the cold leather touch the skin of his neck, and even more so as he felt it get snugly tightened.

"Now... On all fours you dog!" The man shouted.

John quickly complied, his cock starting to get rock hard by the situation and the experience he thought he was about to undergo. Little did he know, the man had a different idea of how things would play out from here...

John watched as the man picked up an orange chew toy in the shape of a bone and bring it towards his mouth. "Now open up little pup..."

John opened his mouth and waited for the man to put it in. He was not expecting what happened next.

The man shoved the toy into his mouth, and grabbed the bottom of Johns jaw and forced him to bite down on it. john felt as his teeth punctured the thin plastic it was apparently made out of, and tasted a fowl liquid seep out of it.

He began to struggle, but the mans grip was to strong, and he began to swallow the disgusting substance. "Still!" the man shouted. Slowly, he began to stop struggling, but not of his own accord. It was like he was forced to obey the man's commands.

H then felt a tingling as dark brown fur began to sprout out of his chest. He then watched as his nose began to creep further away from his face and push up. It started to darken, and dark brown fur began to grow just below it and spread up to his eyes. He could feel it creep over his whole face as he felt his ears start to move up his head, streatching and folding over themselves until they became proper droopy dog ears as fur sprouted on them.

Next he could feel his tailbone start to ache as it began to push out, sprouting fur as it did. The man took his free hand, the other still gripping the ever stretching muzzle of John, and guided the tails growth.

John could feel his hands inside the leather bags start to twist. He could tell his fingers were shringing into his hand and become chubby little digits. He knew that they were turning into paws. the then felt his feet to the same.

He then began to feel his chest start to bulge out, becoming more canine, as his forarms and legs shrunk into that of a proper dog.

The man finally let go of him, stepping away. he looked at him with an evil smile, and began to talk. "You must be wondering what is happening to you... I feel I at least owe you an explanation before your mind changes, and you wouldn't be able to fully comprehend your situation. You see... I have a wife and a daughter. I am not gay in any sense. Though, you see, I am a medical scientist. We have been working on cures for certain diseases for humans using the dna of the common canine. What it would do is change the dna structure of certain organs in the human body to canine, and rid of the affliction."

He continued as John continued to change into the full form of a dog, forced to just sit there and listen. "The only problem is, we had no human test subjects. My family also wanted to get a dog. Thats when I figured I would kill two birds with one stone... Why not just turn a human into a full dog to prove that it can work across the board?"

He then approached John and began to pat him on the head. "Your mind should be changing now... Don't worry, you'll have a good life here.

"No! I am not a dog!" John thought as his mind slowly began to slip away. "I am a man... I am a man... I am a... I.... I love master....."

The man watched as his hypothesis was confirmed by the formally human's tail wagging in joy of the sight of his new master.


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