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What's not wanted has to go somewhere

by uderiel1

What's not wanted has to go somewhere

I am a five foot nine, skinny male. Or at least I was. I used to be smart and better than average looking for a guy. I was faithful, and married. I used to cross dress and do it well since I had hopes to one day get the sex change into a woman. Let me tell you how everything changed.

I lay on the bed, the obedience collar I had learned to love around my neck. Hypnosis had programmed me to do whatever my master wanted me to do if it pleased them when they put it on me. I lay there as my wife left the room for a while, confused about why I wasn't being given commands. A while later she came in and with her was one of her female friends. She told her In front of me that I sometimes wore some of the clothes she had left from when she had lived with us. Her friend smiled and asked why she was here all the same.

My wife held out a piece of gum, it had two half's and was much different than any I'd seen before. I just was waiting for a command. My wife explained how I wanted to be a woman and her friend eve nodded in understanding. She continued saying that she wanted to make it happen but since she was going to lose a husband she wanted to change some things about herself, and that she also wanted to help her. Her friend nodded and smiled before asking what to do. This time my wife smiled and broke off half the piece of gum and then broke the half In half giving it to eve.

Think of everything you don't like about yourself physically while you chew on your half of this half and when you have finished I'll make him chew it and while you lose the physical things you don't want for them to be perfected, he will get everything you don't like about yourself. You go first eve said, I want to play with him first. My wife laughed and said okay before telling me to let eve do whatever she wanted with me. Without hesitation I replied yes master.

Eve crawled on top of me naked and began kissing me, pushing her tongue in my mouth and asked me to return her passion so I did. My wife chewed her piece of gum as eve rode me, got me closer and closer to coming when she exploded her juices all over me and feeling her release, her juices leaking all over me I finally came inside of her and then waited for my next command.

My wife came over and ordered me to chew on the piece of gum she was pulling from her mouth. I opened and took the piece in my mouth and started chewing.

My wife was 5 foot 4 and overweight, her beasts sagged a little and we're spaced apart. As I chewed the gum with her saliva still on it, I grew 36c cup beasts, and as they grew they started to droop on my chest, my nipple inverted, and they spread an inch apart. My whole body started swelling and soon I had her post pregnancy belly, stretch marks and all. I had her two fat rolls on my sides and my face rounded out and became pocked with acne spots. My cheeks became chubby and my lips got fatter. My eyes turned brown and my hair grew super long. A great mane of curly black public hair could barely be seen sprouting beneath my belly. My hips blew out and I could feel my wives loose vaginal lips replace my man parts. Curly black public hair bunched up just over the clitoris as my wives familiar smell became mine. My ass, once small blew up and became huge with stretch marks of its own but instead of being tight it was all fat. My thighs became very round and pushed closer to each other until they connected up to my vagina and developed rub marks. My calfs grew and finally my feet became smaller but already sweaty and my toenails became hard and rough.

My wife was now slim, 5 foot six, perky breasts, beautifully angled face, sexy feet, and a perfect Vagina with only a small public patch. Her body was all tight and defined. And when she spoke her voice was softer. She told me to tell her how I felt and I only felt hot with all the new weight, and eager to continue pleasing her. She smiled, and told me...you will.

Eve was done chewing her piece and my wife told me to chew on it after spitting out hers. I chewed on eye's piece and my eyes turned even browner, my ass got fatter and I put more weight on my sides. My breasts became heavier and bigger and my nipples started to stay sensitive all the time. My feet size seven shrunk to size six and also developed a rub spot on both my small toes. My Vagina started to become moist without arousal and seemed to stay that way, constantly warm and tingling in an odd way...needing.

Eve stood before me now perfected as well and she and my wife looked at me with a guilty look on their face. Though after looking at me and looking at themselves after their perfections I saw their resolve grow to continue.

My wife broke the second half in half and told eve to think about every personality trait and flaw she didn't like. Eve nodded and glanced at me sadly before popping the piece in and chewing it. My wife told me to take the piece so I did. I chewed it and suddenly my intelligence dropped like a sac of rocks, I became more naive, and wanted sex so bad all the time. Almost nothing I used to think about made sense, and not too long after I forgot what I was just thinking about. I was confused but I just smiled and figured it would be ok. Eve after her changes mentally immediately began crying and begged my wife not to continue. She argued something I couldn't understand but my wife simply took her piece of gum out of her mouth and order me to chew the gum.

I let this piece of gum enter my mouth still slick with the saliva of the woman I wanted to please with all my heart. I chewed it and became lazy, unfaithful thoughts came In my head, combined with eves old need for sex. I thought about asking for my next command but figured I might as well wait, no need to rush. I became slightly dumber and grew an attitude.

My wife and eve talked and finally came back. My wife took off the collar, and instantly I noticed everything and almost screamed. It was harder to breath and I felt so hot. Everything took longer to process like molasses in my mind.

My wife pushed me back on the bed and made me swallow all the pieces of gum. I lay there and then pushed myself into a sitting position, my belly always making it annoying. Reaching down I scratched my public hairs... God I wish I could just shave them without getting skin bumps. My two best friends sat on either side of me and I just wished I could be as good looking and smart as them. Eve began to kiss me and my wife began sucking on my breasts. My nipples instantly responded and popped out, while my breathing I creased. I was turned on everywhere and I was so wet I had to reach my annoyingly flabby arms down to rub my clitoris that I could barely reach over my after birth belly. I hated my belly but I knew it was just part of who I was. I longed to be filled and soon eve went down on me and I felt electricity surge over me and I moaned loudly In my low feminine voice and finally orgasmed, out of breath and sweating like crazy I just lay there panting. I had two really great friends but I would just lay here for now as they walked away talking about trying their best to make up for what they had done. I was supposed to be cleaning the house but I'd get to it later. All I wanted was some air conditioning so I could take a nap.


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