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the home theater room

by 1856

the home theater room

It was finally Friday! With all of the stresses at work this week, Tommy had begun to believe that this day would never arrive. But, now it was time to put all of that behind him and finish up his dinner dishes before heading to the store. Tommy wondered if he would have the courage tonight to finally speak to her after the last several weeks of admiring her from afar. Casually shopping one evening, he was passing by the front window of a store when he spotted the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Tommy barely paused long enough to figure out what kind of store it was before he headed inside. Electronics. Well, okay, he'd try to think up some valid reason to walk through.

"I'm sorry?" Just wonderful, someone interrupts him as he is trying to make his way over to that beautiful creature.

"Oh, I'm sorry, no thanks, I'm just browsing." Barely slowed in his progress, Tommy continued to try to move unnoticed and yet quickly to where she had gone. There! Right over the display of DVD players, was his modern-day Venus. Just as he got close, she began talking to another customer. Tommy waited and attempted to be inconspicuous, but it finally became obvious that he needed to leave or draw more attention to himself than he wanted.

And so it continued, for three Friday nights in a row. He would go to the store and look for her. Eventually, Tommy got close enough to read her name tag, and wondered if "Jo" was short for something else. Each visit, he would watch her and listen to her as if she had captivated him, and finally, Tommy realized that is what had happened. She had shoulder length shiny brown hair that framed a stunning face that was dominated by the most incredible eyes. Jo was not one of those anorexic fashion-model types, but a lovely young lady that had curves in all the right places. He admired her full bust, only pausing a bit to puzzle over her unusual hips and posterior. Although sometimes she was in a dress and sometimes in a pant suit, Tommy could tell that her bottom seemed rounder and larger to the point of being a bit out of proportion to the rest of her body. But, it didn't matter; he knew that he was falling for Jo.

So, he resolved that this would be the night. Regardless of how shy he had been, he just had to make contact with her. Tommy walked into the store that he now knew so well and within seconds had located Jo off to the right-hand side near the digital cameras. Moving as if he was a man on a mission, Tommy stepped toward her and said, "Hi!", although he swore to himself that his voice had gone up an octave.

Jo turned and smiled and, for just a second, Tommy thought that she blushed, before saying, "Welcome to Serena's Electronics, how are you tonight?"

Something between a stutter and a stammer came out of Tommy, but he managed to reply with some negligible answer.

"My name is Jo, and I'd love to help you find exactly what you need tonight."

Tommy considered the irony of this lady's statement. If only you realized that in my opinion, YOU are exactly what I need tonight! I can think of several...

"Excuse me? I asked what YOUR name is?"

Whoa! Pay attention, genius, and keep your mind on electronics and not the twin eye candy that is stretching the top out in such a...

"I'm sorry, my name is Tommy," he said with a blush on his own face, realizing that he had daydreamed out of the conversation and straight into the bedroom. Ohhh, what is that awesome perfume she has on? It smells like a blend of some high dollar scent and...baby powder? Boy, he really was starting to hallucinate.

Now, Jo smiled at him with a bit more than a fake salesperson smile, and began asking Tommy what had brought him to the store again tonight.

Wait a second! She said "again". Tommy felt a sinking realization that Jo had seen him coming in week after week staring at her and he began to feel like an idiot. He glanced over Jo's shoulder at a large sign on the wall and blurted out, "Uhhhh, I'm in the market for a ... home theater system!"

Tommy was sure that he had sounded convincing. Jo never stopped smiling at him, even while she was waving to someone behind him. The next thing he knew, a very lovely lady appeared right next to him out of nowhere. She was probably in her mid-50s, but had lost none of her definite feminine appeal, and in fact, the very shiny pair of black knee-high boots with the almost 5" heels she wore seemed to accentuate the aura of sexuality around her.

Jo looked at him and introduced him: "Tommy, this is Serena, she is the owner of this store and she is our in-house expert on home theater systems. She will be very glad to give you the benefit of her specialized training!"

Before he could quite comprehend what that meant, Serena began to quiz him on what features he wanted and what size room he would put this in. She obviously knew her stuff, because she followed up with increasingly in-depth questions, trying to pin down the specifics of what Tommy was desired, which models he might be interested in and what sort of price range he had in mind. Tommy was quite impressed not only by Serena's knowledge but also by her ability to probe so deeply into what he was thinking about buying. Tommy also impressed himself also by his own ability to keep his eyes locked into Serena's and not deep into the seductive cleavage that kept whispering his name down there.

In just a few moments time, Serena locked her arm in Tommy's and announced, "I have just what you need, my young Tommy, come along with me." Off they strode towards the side of the store to a wall that had consecutively numbered doors along one end. As they approached a certain one, Tommy suddenly wondered what was behind those doors and if he was been taken to an office or to other showrooms.

Serena held open the door and guided him into a room about the size of an average bedroom. In the center was a large couch facing the opposite wall, where he could see a huge television screen and some speaker panels on the sides that were inset into the wall. Tommy wanted to tell Serena that he couldn't possibly afford that large of a TV set but before he could say anything, Serena was closing the door and telling Tommy to sit in the middle of the comfortable couch with the overstuffed cushions.

He figured this was one of those approaches where Serena would start him out with a unit that was way beyond his meager budget and then work down to a smaller set in another room after his objections, since good salespeople always work down in price and never try to go up. Besides, it would be cool to see how good this model was before having to settle for something lower down the ladder. So, he sat, or more accurately, sank, into the couch. As he did, the lights began to dim in the room and he heard Serena settling down at the desk in the back corner.

"Now, Tommy, I want to demonstrate the XR-5370 system, which is an integrated approach of perfectly matched speakers, amplifier and television tuner that provides a full wrap-around experience. This state of the art set is a high-definition DLP unit with amazing color brightness and sharpness of image that, along with the sounds that seem to wrap themselves around your head, will transport you very deeply into what is being projected before you. Just relax there for a moment as I activate the components and start the demonstration program."

What Tommy couldn't see from his vantage point on the couch was that Serena had slipped on some headphones and was now turned in such a way that she was looking directly at him and not at the screen. He heard a very low hum begin and the thought crossed his mind that for such a high-tech place, background hum was very out of place.

"Now Tommy, I want you to watch the center of the screen. This program is designed to show you the wide capabilities of this screen in terms of clarity and the incredible depth of the color spectrum available to us through not only the visible range but even off of the visual scale. You will see a series of color blobs moving around showing you how the image never fades out of focus or view, even at the edge of the screen, like is common in lower-end sets. So that you can see exactly what I mean, it is important that you watch all of the blobs even when they move from the center of the screen all the way to the outside edges and back again."

As Serena was explaining what Tommy should do, the low background hum had been gradually changing into a steady beat deep down inside some wonderfully relaxing music. Now, she went on to explain to her current customer, "As you watch, you'll also have the treat of hearing the amazing range of sound reproduction that will be coming at you from all directions from the entire compliment of speakers positioned all around you. Some of the sounds coming out will be in a part of the sound spectrum where you actually won't hear anything, but believe me; you'll begin to feel those parts that are bypassing your conscious awareness. Just relax deeper into the couch now as the lights begin to appear in front of you."

Parts of what she had said seemed like normal sales hype and some of it seemed a bit odd, but the pretty music was making it harder to focus on analyzing what this sexy creature in the gorgeous boots was really saying, since the beat was unusually distracting. But the aural distraction was nothing compared to the visual pyrotechnics happening in front of him. The screen had come alive with multiple spots of colors; Serena's use of the term "blobs" was accurate. Despite his expectations of sharp and crisp images, these blobs had soft, fuzzy and ill-defined edges that melted into the background. In a moment, this entire palette of hues began to move all around the screen.

The beat inside the music began changing too, and Tommy felt like there was a brief delay between what he heard in his left ear as opposed to what was entering his right ear. If the gap had been longer, it would have been like an echo, but the delay was just short enough that he wondered if it was a malfunction. It began to distract him a bit from the gently intoxicating music because he couldn't decide whether to listen to the left channel more and ignore the right side delay or whether the delayed signal was the one on the left and whether he should tune that one out.

In the middle of this minor quandary came the voice of his tempting hostess:

"Just focus on the pretty colors on the screen, Tommy. Those colors ARE pretty, aren't they?"

Tommy had to agree that they were.

"Yes, they are pretty, Serena."

"Yes they are. And it is nice to watch them moving effortlessly across the screen, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is nice, Serena." Why is she asking such banal questions? Sheesh.

"As you focus on the pretty colors, you CAN see how DEEP the colors are. The colors ARE deep, aren't they, Tommy?"

"Yes, the colors are deep." If she'd be quiet for a few moments, I could just sit here and enjoy the pretty and deep colors and the pretty music...

"Yes, very deep and getting deeper as you watch them move around and around and around. The colors ARE getting deeper, aren't they, Tommy?"

"Yes, getting deeper" Damn, I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night, I'm starting to get groggy. Why can't she demonstrate this system with some TV show that wouldn't be so boring?

"Yes, you enjoy going around and around and deeper and deeper, don't you, Tommy?"

"Yes going around and deeper and...and around"

"Yes, you ARE going around and around and you ARE going deeper and deeper down now, aren't you, Tommy?"

"Yes around deeper ... down" What was she saying? Come on, concentrate, man, you're losing it here and you're going to agree to buying something deeper before you realize how deep you've already gone and how good it feels not even worrying about what she's saying since it is so relaxing in here anyway yes you're right deeper...

"Yes, so easy to sink deeper into the colors and the music that relaxes you deeper and deeper as it swirls around and around you more and more relaxed and feeling so warm and so good deep inside here now as you sink further and further and you ARE sinking further and further, aren't you, Tommy?"

"yes" pretty voices in the pretty music what is Serena saying is it her voice on the left or hers on the right deeper inside my mind as the words swirl around and around so warm and relaxed around and around pretty colors deeper...

"Yes, harder and harder to think of anything but my pretty colors and my pretty voice and the pretty music as you get sleepier and sleepier and slip deeper and deeper down, and you ARE slipping deeper and deeper down NOW, aren't you, sleepy Tommy?"

"ysss, ...deeper...deeper"

"Yes, that's such a good boy, enjoying my demonstration of how enjoyable it can be to relax in front of such a relaxing image while you listen to the pretty music relaxing you more and more as you feel your enjoyment growing and growing the deeper you go into the pretty colors and my pretty words and it IS so hard to stay awake now, isn't it, sleepy Tommy?"

"hmmm yyssss"

"Then you may just relax and let your eyes close and sleep now...sleep now...just..."

Oh wow, who stuffed cotton into my head? What is... where...this is definitely not the home theater store...I can't get up...what is in my mouth...what the ...

"Hello, my little sleepyhead, how was your nap?" It was Serena, stroking his forehead and smiling down into his eyes.

Tommy tried to say something but whatever that thing was in his mouth turned it into a garbled mumble. He instinctively tried to reach up to remove it, but his arm wouldn't move. What IS going on? His thoughts began to race when Serena leaned over even further and Tommy saw that she was wearing...oh my gosh, she's wearing a tight latex top of some sort and ohhhhhh, her nipples are as hard as pencil erasers and are sticking straight out.

"I'm sure you have a million questions, my little sleepy pet, and I assure you that I will address many of them for you. First, no, you are no longer in the store. During my demonstration, you seemed to fall very deeply asleep. Of course, that was no accident. I hypnotized you quite profoundly and was especially pleased to find that you are an excellent subject. Your conscious mind seemed to really enjoy going off and taking a long snooze while I had a nice conversation with your subconscious mind."

Tommy's eyes were getting bigger as he heard this and tried to piece together his memories of being in the demonstration room. He needed his own recollection to help him refute the preposterousness of Serena's comments but it was so fuzzy and sleepy everywhere he searched inside his groggy mind. And, those colors were so pretty but he couldn't have been hypnotized because he'd seen that at a show and there's no way he was hypnotized but the voice was the same voice then that it is now and there was only deeper and deeper and it felt so good to watch the colors but he couldn't have...no, this was wrong, the colors were going around and around but he...why can't I remember what else happened?

"I see that you are full of doubts, my sleepy pet, and that's okay. You were so vulnerable as you allowed your mind to unfold all of its outer defenses at my suggestion and in time, you almost begged me to come inside. We had such an interesting little chat and you were so eager to answer my questions. You were even eager to believe some of the new things that I suggested would be so nice to accept. Just to give you an example of how sweet of a conversation we had, little one, let me ask you; 'are you thirsty?'"

Without a second thought, Tommy immediately looked at the nipples of this full-breasted latex clad goddess in front of him and felt his mouth begin to salivate helplessly. However, that entire process was completely involuntary and felt so natural that Tommy had no idea that he hadn't always reacted that way.

Serena undid the thick rubber strap and removed the large rubber pacifier from his mouth. Without saying another word, she leaned forward and allowed her nipple to graze Tommy's right cheek. Instinctively, he turned his face to the right and pursed his lips to willingly swallow the source of happiness. Serena guided her nipple down into the waiting mouth that began to suckle.

As Tommy began enthusiastically nursing at the older woman's plump breast, he was barely aware that his bladder muscles were relaxing even more than his mind had and that he was beginning to pee. Years of reflexive training tried to kick in and he attempted to clench his sphincter to stop the flow even as he realized that he didn't feel urine running down his bare skin. Although he didn't understand what was happening, after a few moments, Tommy felt a deep relaxation as the warmth spread through the absorbent bulk around his waist and he knew deep contentment behind his droopy eyelids even as it occurred to him that she must have diapered him...

"That's such a good boy, my sleepy little pet, its time to wake up now"

When did Serena change clothes? She's got a shiny coat on that looks like a lab coat but made out of white latex, and there are long slick black gloves disappearing underneath the coat sleeves. Things were just not making sense. This was like some really bad grade-B sci-fi movie. No one kidnaps men from a store in real life. What kind of joke is this??

"Yes, I see that there are more questions in your mind the further you wake up, my sleepy little pet."

Damn, why do I tingle in-between my legs every time she calls me that?

"I can tell you that you're here for some special treatment. I told you two days ago when you came into my store that I would help you find just what you needed, and that is exactly what I have done. We've talked so much about so many things, my sleepy little pet (OMG, do NOT stop saying that.....hmmmmmmm), that even after I helped you understand all of the things you needed, you accepted them as if they had been your desires all along. You're going to be conditioned to associate pleasure with obedience. Not just the mild pleasure you feel whenever I call you my sleepy little pet (OMGGGG, that's MILD pleasure I'm feeling????), but the deep deep pleasure that simply overwhelms any possible thoughts of not obeying. As easily as I've already removed your bladder continence, I'll also remove any stray thoughts from that handsome little head of yours that could even entertain the notion of thinking something other than what I tell you to think. Just as I've undone years of training to be able to hold your pee until you can go to the bathroom, I'll also unravel all of those years of training to think for yourself. When we are through, you'll never remember that you've spent most of your life without wearing thick diapers and most of it making adult decisions on your own. Your awareness will be that wetting helplessly is as perfectly natural as needing me to think for you.

Yes, I did see you staring at my boots back in the store and during our lengthy and exceptionally honest dialogue, you willingly admitted your boot fetish. That made it easier for me to program you with certain fetishes since you already had the nucleus of one. Of course, your desire and arousal at the sight of shiny boots is tremendously amplified now, but I just built upon the base that was already there. Your uncontrollable excitement at seeing me in latex is new, though. You didn't really have much inside your head about that other than a slight awareness that tight and shiny things were sexy. So, I mostly modified some desires that were barely active by redirecting them to glistening latex and making them exponentially stronger and more irresistible than you could have ever imagined. Of course, you've always been attracted to beautiful women, but I tweaked that to make sure that you would be a deeply submissive man who will always be eager to obey and to please beautiful women, especially ones in boots and gleaming rubber. This is just the beginning of your enslavement, my sleepy little pet, and the fun part is that I've not taken away your awareness of what you were yet and have allowed you to retain your ability to think up until now so that you'd know, however briefly, just what was being done to you."

Tommy was incredulous. This could NOT be happening. This was NOT happening. Was this some bizarre cross of everything horrifying and incredibly compelling all at once? He desperately wanted to hold onto his own life and be his own man but he craved to just suck those gorgeous breasts again and to be her sleepy little pet. If Serena could do what she said, Tommy knew that she would cease to exist. Somehow, Tommy would become tommy. This wasn't possible. This was like some macabre version of The Manchurian Candidate. No one does brainwashing like this. This HAS to be a stupidly cruel joke. Who would have put Serena up to all of this? How ridiculous is all of this? But, it was true that he felt himself peeing and couldn't stop. That has to be nervousness. Two days ago??? She said TWO days ago? There's no way! This has to be all so bogus; he went into the home theater store about thirty minutes ago. Hey, I'm moving...

"Time to tilt you up a bit, my sleepy little pet (hmmmmmm, yesssssssssssssssss) so we can continue some of our deep conversations...very soon, those thick rubber straps really won't be necessary at all; you'll be so eager to return over and over to this special room and to spend some time watching my pretty spiral."

Huh? Spiral?? What sp... cool, part of the wall is opening up... ohhhhhh, that is SO pretty! "Serena, please let me watch the pretty spiral, would you please turn it on for me?" OMG, where did THAT come from??? "What did you put in my head? Why did I just ask you in such a stupid childish voice to watch that cheesy looking carnival thing? I am NOT believing this is happening, I am NOT going to look at any dumb spiral and let you hypnotize me or whatever you're doing. It is NOT going to happen, lady, forget it. Are you listening to me, Serena? Hellllloooo? Are you going to....are you....going....answer....ohhhh....pretty....prettttyyy"

"Yes, my sleepy little pet, you DO love it so much when I turn on the spiral. Just relax into the deep deep center and pee for me...yessssss, my sleepy little pet is such a good little boy.... and now cum for me in your diapers and rubber pants as you slip deeper and deeper into the pretty spiral."

Lost inside the spiral, tommy was never even aware of how powerfully he climaxed, but his mind deeply associated the pleasure with the spiral and going deep for Serena, laying the groundwork for the anchoring of so many other thoughts. But, he did know, on some very foundational level, that he had always obeyed Serena and always would...and that he loved this beautiful woman in the boots and latex who was stroking his cheek now and gently pulling the pacifier out of his mouth.

"...and 5, wide awake now, my sleepy little pet. Yes, you are doing so well, my sweet baby and I'm SO proud of you. You make me VERY happy, little tommy!"

Now tommy just beamed, because other than obeying Serena, there wasn't anything more important than pleasing her, and tommy always tried to find ways to please Serena. It made tommy squirm and giggle happily inside his tight latex outfit, as he knew that Serena was happy with him. That made tommy stand a bit taller and more proudly in his thigh high boots.

"Today we are going to talk about special people in your life, my sleepy little pet. You will love me with every ounce of emotion that is in you forever, sweet tommy, as you should, and we will continue to have the hottest sex imaginable. But, there is someone else that you will come to crave almost as much as you do me. Several days ago, when you could think on your own, you obviously thought that I had been unaware of you and how often you visited my store. But, I had been studying you with as much effort as you had spent pretending to be a nonchalant customer.

I have wanted a little boy slave to attend to me and to join my world. Being a dominant mommy figure is so much fun and using my hypnotic skills to make you totally helpless and dependent on me was particularly enjoyable. I shall delight to have you serve me for a long, long time, and the sexual bliss you will feel for the rest of your life every time you wet your diaper will be so deeply ingrained in your mind that you'll never stop reinforcing the brainwashing. Each and every time that you wet, you will push yourself down deeper into the cause and effect endless loop that I've created in your mind. The pleasure will make you want to pee and the craving to pee will bring you pleasure.

Oh, and there is one further aspect to your new life that should make you even more content in my care. As a dominant mommy, the happiness of any helpless baby in my care is important, and you will not only be my obedient and docile play toy, but you will also be a happy play companion for another diapered little one.

At that moment, tommy heard a door open and he gasped when he saw a tall and beautiful vision in soft pink latex walking in. Exquisite shiny pink thigh boots reached up her long legs all the way to the bottom of her pink rubber panties that surrounded a very thickly diapered bottom. That overstuffed rear end was partially hidden under a blousy and flowing pink rubber teddy that barely held in a firm and gorgeous bust. A latex gloved hand reached up and took the pacifier out of the mouth that opened, and then tommy heard the wonderful voice of Jo, as she said, "Welcome to our home, tommy, I just know that you're going to love my Mommy as much as I do!"


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Oh wow.
That story was amazing, & hot.

I hope someday I can find a mommy to love & baby me.

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