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The Enslavement Of Elena the Slut

by mikufan4life

The Enslavement Of Elena the Slut


Elena cheerily breezed past Dale and Billy as she was buzzed in through the front door. Billy noted with approval that she was wearing the sexy knee high boots that he liked. Trimmed, toned and athletic the two men's eyes followed her as she entered the lift. When he thought she was out of earshot, Dale turned to Billy;

"I would, mate."

Billy laughed. And then he laughed some more.

If he hadn't been so turned on Billy wouldn't have been able to stop laughing. Miss Perfect. Beautiful, fit, super smart Elena. Here, on her knees, in heat and begging to take his cock. She panted, she moaned, she mewled in submissive desperation. Her nipples were rigidly erect, her womanhood soaked in juice. Save for those knee high boots her only piece of clothing was a leash and collar. The usual sparkle in her spirited brown eyes was still evident but it had been diluted somewhat by a vacant look of silent suffering and doomed resistance. Billy drew her nearer...

Elena caught the fading echoes of Billy's laugh as she approached the lift. Slightly odd, a brief image of Billy in her flat entered her mind. But she was sure he'd never been there. Dismissing both the thought and the men, Elena shook her head. Dale was just your typical unreconstructed male but she'd been disappointed in Billy. When would he just give up? Yes, she'd been moderately attracted to him when she first arrived at the company six months ago. Yes, she'd appreciated his help settling in. And yes, perhaps, new to the company she may have flirted a little and accidentally given the wrong idea. But, she'd made it clear since then that she was just not that interested. She was with Leo now. Let's all just move on.

Still, for just a second she felt an ever slight stir between her slender yet athletic legs.

As the lift arrived at her floor she hurried out. She'd slept a little too well last night and was a bit late. She wobbled a little on her heels which were not designed for hurrying. Strange, she thought. She'd only ever worn these boots once for work. The day Leo interviewed her for the position of Deputy Director. They were not the most practical.

"Morning, Deputy Director," said Luis as she approached her office. His sardonic smile oozed sleaze and smarminess above his goatee beard. It was pathetic the way he said "Deputy Director". The way he tried to make it sound like he was ironically mocking the hierarchy of their workplace when really he was simply mocking her. Yes, Luis was more experienced than her and had been at the company longer. But that didn't give him the right to be Deputy Director. They'd both done the interview with Leo and the other Directors and she'd got the job because she was the best candidate. Luis needed to get over it.

"Please Master! Please take me! Please take me from behind!"

Helplessly, pathetically, Elena waved her naked behind in front of Luis. Were her tears of shame, desperation, anger, or something else? None of them could be sure. But Luis was sure he was going to enjoy her humiliation. His sleazy hands began playing with her exposed, submissive womanhood. Somehow she felt both repelled and aroused by his touch. She was both deeply ashamed of her predicament and desperate for it to progress to it's 'natural conclusion'. What the hell was going on?

Elena actually felt her flesh creep as Luis blatantly eyed her pert behind in the leather skirt that stopped perhaps just a little too far above the knee. But as she managed those heels, she herself felt somehow uncomfortably aware of her own arse. To make matters even more inconvenient her anus felt the ever so subtle hint of arousal. Not a state to be in with this particular clothing combination when at work. What had she been thinking that morning?

Luis chuckled quietly. It was the kind of chuckle someone makes when they've heard a joke that they don't want you to hear. For some reason it aggravated her. She spun round;

"Everything ok, Luis?"

She shot him a challenging look. He was silent for a moment. She regretted it. What tangible justification did she have for that confrontational glare?

"Er, I'm ok. Is everything ok with you, Elena?"

She ignored the slightly patronising 'with you' and regrouped.

"I, er, sorry, Luis. Didn't sleep well"

"Oh, didn't you? No problem"

He had to fight his urge to say the word to her then and there. It wasn't easy. But still, he walked off with a swagger in his step. With his back turned he allowed a triumphant grin to spread across his face.

He had to hand it to Billy!

What was wrong with her!? Why had his creepy chuckle got to her? Yes, she'd heard it before. Yes, it was unpleasant. But she knew how to handle him. A strange tightness gripped her stomach. As with Billy before, that laugh seemed to stimulate an image of Luis in her flat. Him! In her flat! She couldn't have slept as well as she thought. And thinking about it, the raised tone when Luis said, 'Oh, didn't you?' was a bit odd. Why on earth would he be in any position to be surprised about how well or not she slept?

"Shit,man. She really has no idea!" Luis approached Billy gesturing with his eyes to Elena who was making a photocopy at the other end of the room. A perverse enjoyment was evident in his lecherous eyes.

"Yes, that's just as well don't you think? And keep it down yeah?"

"Sure man, but yeah. I so wanted to say the word just now."

"Well, of course you did! Who wouldn't knowing what you know?"

"Yeah, but it's not just that. She's so up herself!"

"Not as much as you were last night!"

The two men laughed. Something about that laugh, preceded as it was by their semi audible words really got to Elena.

They were laughing together now. They stood there laughing. In overwhelming desperation she crawled on all fours between them. Consumed in her heat she didn't know which way to turn. Her throat thirsted for Billy's cock, her anus ached for Luis'

"Please, please...PLEASE!"

She begged, she wept, she grovelled.

"Who are we?" Billy asked maliciously.

You are a pair of cruel, disgusting perverts who shouldn't be allowed near a woman for as long as you live, she thought.

"You are my Masters!" she cried out.

"And who are you?" sneered Luis.

I'm an attractive, intelligent woman who is worth so much more than either of you; who is so far out of your league it's unreal.

"I am your slave!"

"Something funny, gentlemen?"

Elena approached them. Giving them her best 'don't fuck with me, boys' stare. A stare that usually worked.

Billy looked back at her. A look that was irritatingly both quizzical and somewhat uncomfortably knowing.

Elena flushed. Something wasn't quite right. But she just couldn't put her finger on it. Luis was now openly smirking at her. She felt furious. Furious but also increasingly powerless. To her horror she began to feel damp between her legs.

"Fuck me! Fuck me Masters! Please!"

Naked and on her back Elena was actually using her arse to move along the floor to plead with these men, these sick, creepy, perverted men to penetrate her. The heels of her boots skidded against the smooth wooden floor preventing her from getting any traction. If she hadn't been so overcome with heat she might have asked why the hell she was pleading with men who disgusted her so much to violate her. She might have asked why as a modern, professional intelligent woman she was so willing to degrade and humiliate herself in front of these men who weren't even close to being her equal.

"What do you think? We let her have it?" Luis asked.

"Yes, please, PLEASE." Elena panted and writhed in desperation.

"Not yet. She's not fully conditioned yet," replied Billy

"Sure, man. This is fun too," Luis sneered as he began teasing her supplicating pussy.

"No! NO! Masters please! I'm your slave! I'll do anything! ANYTHING!!"

Their sick, lecherous laughter filled her ears as her helpless body squirmed at their feet.

Billy and Luis watched as her keen eyes desperately struggled with a puzzle that was just a little too much for them. Her eyes looked beautiful as they strove, and yet narrowly failed, to grasp something that lay just beyond their reach. She was also beginning to flush. Other people were in the room.

"I...I...,excuse me..."

Defeated, she turned on her heel and left them triumphant.

Billy penetrated her deeply. Her body shuddered as it approached climax. Suddenly, he stopped. Elena moaned in shock and desperation.

"What's the word, slave?"



"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!"

"Apart from the fact that you can be a real bitch when you want, why is this word significant now?"

"Because whenever I hear one of you, my Master's, say this word, I will instantly go deeply into an hypnotic trance. I will do everything you say."

"Good, go on. What else?"

"I...I will sense what you tell me to sense. I, I will feel what you tell me to feel. I will think what you tell me to think...PLEASE, MASTER...PLEASE!

Billy started again, more slowly. Enough to stimulate but not enough to satisfy.

"What else?"

"I will remember what you tell me to remember. I will forget what you tell me to forget! Master...please!" she whined.

"Good girl. Now listen, BITCH. You will mostly forget what's happened tonight. But you will get the odd tantalising memory that will lead you on. But it will never be enough. It will be like a jigsaw where you can't quite find enough pieces to work out what the picture is. You will strain that sharp mind of yours but it will not quite be enough. You will only remember, if I clearly and distinctly say to you the words, 'Elena, remember'"

"And what's more. As you try to piece together the memory you will find yourself feeling aroused. Helplessly aroused. Submissively aroused."

Even Luis thought Billy was going a bit far.Hell, Billy wasn't even sure he entirely approved of what he was doing himself. If the Geneva Convention could have conceived of a psychological torture as sadistic as this it would surely have banned it. But something primeval within him drove him on.Elena, meanwhile, was desperate. Beyond desperate. Her entire being strained to be allowed release. She would have accepted anything. She was broken. Really broken this time.


Finally, her tormenters allowed her to climax. A most humiliating, but also most desperately craved climax. As Billy filled her pussy, Luis choked her with his manhood. As she came copiously, both men withdrew and spunked all over her helplessly enraptured, yet sobbing face and over her prone, naked body. Her heels intermittently rapped on the floor as her legs twitched spasmodically.

"Sleep now, Elena. You will remember all my commands when you wake up."

"Yes, Master."

"And wear the boots to work tomorrow."

"Yes, Master. The boots."

These boots were ridiculous. She'd been in them all day now. Alone in her office, why couldn't she take them off? She shuddered as she remembered the subtle leers from Billy and Luis as they watched her walk away from them after that last failed confrontation. But could anything else be expected? Perhaps not in these boots which seemed to make her walk like a slut. Made her feel like a slut. Oh God, She was getting so aroused. What's going on!? This had to be connected to Billy and Luis. She just knew it! What had they done to her? Picking up the phone she called them into her office. She would sort these bastards out no matter what.

"Don't worry," she heard Billy address Luis outside the door. "We'll move to the next stage now."

Next stage!?

The two men entered. Trying to affect a confidence she did not feel she remained seated behind her desk as they stood before her.

"Ok, guys. What's going on?"

Billy stared into her eyes and detected their desperation. She knew that he'd seen it. Her nipples began to feel taut under her blouse.

I must not let this bastard win!

Billy turned around and locked the door.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Summoning all her strength she stood up, walked round the table and eyeballed them. Her eyes shone with anger and defiance.

Luis stared back with an infuriatingly insolent, triumphant smile. Staring between them she could take it no more. She hurled herself at Luis. Taking him by surprise he staggered back and fell against the wall,

"You bastards! What have you done to me!"

She fell on him and began slapping him.

"Bitch" Billy said quietly.

The fire in Elena's eyes glazed over ever so slightly. She stopped.

What! Why have you stopped? A distant part of her asked her.

Laughing, Billy said,

"Let him get up but you can stay there on your knees."

She let him go.

What are you doing girl? Get him!

Cursing, Luis got to his feet.

"Now, that's no way to treat your Master, is it Elena?"

A battle was taking place in Elena's eyes. A burning force could be detected. But it was being subdued.

"No, Master."

"Beg for forgiveness"

Her entranced eyes blazed with anger and resistance. Still, she found herself begging.

"Good girl. Now lick his shoes."

A hint of sadness now joined the increasingly bound free spirit as it continued its dance with the anger in Elena's eyes. She was aware of her humiliation and abasement while grovelling at the feet of these sleazy triumphant men, but was powerless to resist their commands. She tasted polish and leather on her increasingly desperate tongue. She flushed with a mixture of shame and arousal.

"Good, girl. Now, Elena, Remember".

Her eyes filled with the memory. Billy and Luis watched fascinated as she was overwhelmed. For one moment, the repressed explosions in her eyes made Billy doubt the power of the hypnotic conditioning to hold her in check. But only for a moment.

Shame, helplessness, anger and powerlessness formed a heady cocktail at the core of Elena's very being. As they stood over her kneeling figure and laughed she realised they had won. These sick, sleazy bastards had won! Her breasts tingled, her nipples stood taut and she began to feel wet. Billy tilted her chin up and stared into her eyes. The intricate, kaleidoscope of emotion that was her eyes fascinated him. Kneeling there, she stared back with fury, with defiance, with violated indignation, with powerlessness, with submission, and then with understanding. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

"Oh, Masters!"

Elena threw herself at their feet.


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