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an incredible and terribly horrible yet interesting day

by EMG

an incredible and terribly horrible yet interesting day

It was an incredible and horrible yet interesting day. It all started when went to to carnival downtown. It was late on friday night and Jessie just told me she was going to stay the night with Sam. Sam was her girlfriend that she decided she wanted after one to msny threesomes at my behest. I decided what the hell it couldnt hurt. Ill go without her. Maybe I'll meet some chick there. Then i can have some fun of my own. Walking out the door to my camaro i hear a voice say this is where it begins. I hop into the car and peel out.

After twenty-five minutes i finally make it downtown. It was packed! Bumper to bumper. I decided whatever i can walk so i pulled in the nrxt available spot. The engine sputters as it shuts down. I began walking up the sidewalk looking for a girl to distract me from my psycho girlfriend. Boom and there she was. The hottest babe id seen all day! Red button shirt tied off around her stomach and a plad skirt. Her long brown hair hugged her tight tits and it drooped down and tucled around her hot curves. I couldnt help but stare the attraction was unreal. She put her hand on my crotch with one hand and gently touched my chin as she said my face is up here handsome. I had gotten all sorts of turned around i followed this other looker. Man am i lost i said. Come on follow me ill show you my booth. I tilted my head with a grin. Ok. She lead me through a small garden with low cut hedges. I looked around and the rides were flashing their lights and the smell of food was overwhelming. When i faced her she stood holding back the curtin. I look up and I'm like "seriously your bringing me to a fortune telling booth? We both walk in and take a seat. I reach for a candy in the bowl on the center of the table. Unwrap it and eat it. So jake is it? Ya howd you know that.. Oh nvermind. So jake you don't believe in magic do you? Ha no definitely not. Its just not possible. Well jake i am jezzale frazeppi gradulai. I am a jipsi and im going to show you some real magic. Skeptic huh? We'll see about that she says as she takes out her cards and shuffles them over the tilted table. She begins dealing them out in to piles of three sorting them out till they're all even. I notice her chest twitch and she tilts her head. What? I then see her boobs grow to twice the size and bulge out and land on the table. Immediately i got a massive hard on. Holy shit! Whaa the whaa. How... How.. I noticed my dick continue to swell up bigger and bigger untill its rate of growth began to concern me. Her breasts continued to grow. I couldn't help but stare with my jaw dropped to the floor. Her breasts still getting larger and larger. As i kept starring she got and and socked me in the head. Then threw me out. And to think i was starting to like you. I couldnt help but laugh like a yammering idiot as her tits grazed the ground. Then i groaned as i noticed how big i had gotten. My pants were tearing at the seams. My dick had grown so large it was breaking my pants. I groan and moan then i start to float and my pants burst off and my dick bigger then my body begins to lift me off the ground like a hot air baloom. I scratch and grab for the grass but couldn't get a grip. It was all dry and dead. Im floating over her tent thinking oh man hows this happening i dont believe this.. Then i see her tent start floating up after me and i hear her yelp oah. Then tent falls apart to reveal her stark nude. My dress she cried as she floats up into the air with her two massive mellons. We bump into eachother and my cock goes inbetween her breasts and hets stuck. I laugh and then groan because of the pleasure. She looks ahead when bumped and aees my massive erection right between her tight swelling tits. She two moans in agony and pleasure. Then she tries to fit it in her mouth.she couldn't even fit it past her lips. Then i noticed her eating out my dick hole. Ohhh! I groaned. She was going crazy licking and headbanging with her tongue. I thought i as gunna cum all over her. And yes my balls grew aswell. Finally i catch my breath and say yeah! Oh right there just like that!! She then bit me. I yelped in pain and she said i know that this is your fault! Im just trying to get your dick out of my face! Oh but i thought you were into it? No i am lesbian. I like other girls.. Haha thats why that felt so good. Ahhh. Ouhh. She then began fisting it. Which hurt at first but then it began to feel really good! I came closer and closer to climax holding off so i could blow my load all over her face.

Then i snap out of my little day dteam and relize im starring at her tits sitting at her table. She looks at me in the eyes and says you ate the candy didnt you.. She giggles then says you wanna do that for real? Taken back by her forwardness and the strangeness of what just happened i say what do you mean.. She said whatever fantasy you just had, if you want it to happen for real we both gotta eat the same peice. Share it you mean? I was already to horney to turn her down so i unwrap the peice hand her half and then......

(to be continued)


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