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Dr. CumLove; how I learned to love my own cum

by sissyselfsucker

Chapter 1

My background as a straight man is relatively boring. I grew up in a normal home, had normal relationships, got married in my early twenties. As I imagine happens to many married couples, our sex life slowed down, but I was still always very much in the mood. She worked twelve hour shifts at a medical clinic, sometimes at nights, and so I often found myself pent up and alone.

I was no stranger to jerking to porn, but having many hours to occupy lead to multiple sessions, long drawn out sessions, and different and more interesting porn. This was over the course of many months, I explored all sorts of genres, further and further from my original comfort zone.

I don't recall each type of porn I went through, but I know things changed for sure once I discovered selfsucking. Not only was it incredibly hot, but I was sure I could do it. I wasn't getting a lot of head those days anymore, and I really enjoyed having my dick sucked. I rationalized it away that it can't be gay if you do it to yourself and started a daily stretching routine. Within a few months I could lick the tip and a few months after that, laying down with my legs over my head, I could get the whole head in my mouth!

It was amazing, much better than any other masturbation I had tried up to that point, better than any fake pussy or sex toy. Lapping at my own cockhead and making myself cum with my mouth was just amazing. But, I always stopped short, I couldn't bring myself to take my cum in my mouth no matter how I rationalized it or tried to talk myself into it. Every time I was about to cum I would flip my legs back down and cum on my belly.

And this shouldn't be a problem, right? I was still having amazing orgasms, still getting to feel a mouth suck me off anytime I wanted, but for some reason I felt like I was missing out...

...to be continued.

Chapter 2

Things continued like that for a while, getting myself horny and edging to all of the cum eating content I could find, and always chickening out. I watched so many CEI videos, read so many stories about guys who loved their cum, guys who had become sissies and craved cum. I wanted to crave cum.

I started watching sissy hypnos, anything with cum eating of cock sucking. I would get so horny and edge for hours, licking up every drop of sweet precum. Every once in a while I would edge hard enough that a single white drop of thick cum would drip from the tip of my dick and I gobbled it up immediately. I was watching these, feeling so hungry, craving my cum, I had an idea to try to get a hard edge and leak some cum while sucking myself, but that would have to wait.

The next time my wife worked a night shift, I did all my stretches throughout the day, snuck in some edging sessions, and by the time she left for work I was dying to cum. I got out headphones and pulled up some cum eating hypno, and started sucking my cock. I was leaking precum like crazy, my mouth watering, the voices telling me how much I loved cum, I was literally begging out loud for cum. Feeling the edge getting close, I slowed down but kept going, wanting to drip just a bit. Letting go at the last second, focusing hard on not fully cumming, I felt the edge pass. Inches from my mouth, my eyes fixated, an involuntarily spasm in my cock right after produced one pretty big gob of cum.

Hungrily I gobbled it up, it was enough to feel the warmth on my tongue and get a good taste of the salty, slightly bitter juice. The hypno still pumping in my ears, my heart racing, and my cock still throbbing. Lusting after my cock, after my cum, I immediately went back to sucking myself. Licking and sucking as hard as I could, I felt my balls swell after only a few moments. I felt the orgasm building, and I kept my mouth on my cock. Lost in the feelings, I was almost surprised when I felt the hot spurts of cum filling my mouth. There was a lot of it, and I moaned around my cock while I felt shot after shot. I swallowed immediately, feeling it coat my throat, the flavor much stronger than the small drop before.

After I cleaned off my cock head, I unfolded myself, exhausted.

...to be continued


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