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Your gona Love this

by Miss Tiffany

Your gona Love this

Tiffany. Spiralling downwards, feeling more and more relaxed, going deeper and deeper with every word, More and more relaxed, feeling safe, calm and totally relaxed, going deeper, deeper, and very much deeper, more and more relaxed, blanking out all of your body, unable to feel your body, spiralling downwards, as you spiral downwards past a beautiful crystal fountain you feel calm and safe and relaxed, listening only to my voice as you go deeper, much deeper than you have ever been, just calm and deeply relaxed, listening only to the sound of my voice, Only hearing and obeying my voice as you slip deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed.. Now, I want you to think of the very Best thing that could happen to you…. Have you got it? “Oh it could get Much Better than that, but it will get Just That fantastic, and become better and Better unless You only obey my words and the sound of my voice, trusting and understanding all my words as you obey them, letting them become a Part of who you Are, feeling calm and relaxed, totally calm and very relaxed, obeying everything I tell you, feeling better the More you obey, believing everything I tell you and accepting everything I tell you or else the thing you thought of will become a reality in your life I’m going to tell you something now, and you will have No choice but to obey and trust, accept and believe, you are a healthy, well loved and beautiful person, confident calm and relaxed; you deserve the very best that Life has to offer, you didn’t ask to be born but you were thrust upon this earth without choice, and nobody has the right to think themselves better than you, and Nobody is better than you; you know that divine justice is all around and always in effect, guiding you to your destiny, the destiny you cannot avoid, you now Know it’s happening, as you continue relaxing and spiralling downwards, deeper and deeper and as you slip deeper and deeper and very much deeper as you listen to my voice and feel it carrying you deeper, deeper, even deeper than you have ever been, over and into that sleep sub consciousness…Now I’m going to tell you something that you cannot avoid happening in any way, shape or form, and that is, when you wake, every morning from This moment onwards you Will have noticed a change in your mind, and That change will be permanent from the first time you feel it, That change will be You knowing that You are female completely, when you feel yourself notice it, try to accept it or struggle against it, it can only lock in and become permanent, as you slip much deeper and as you slip deeper and deeper and listen only to my voice, listening only to the sound of my voice, letting it take you deeper and deeper, more and more obedient with every word; and From now on when you hear the words "Transformation Time for you!". You will immediately believe that you are aware of the woman you really are. First you will feel your penis shrunk away, shrunk away, and disappeared completely, then as You feel Your female genitals, and feel your labia formed, full and luscious, next your clitoris has appeared, tucked away between the lips of your labia, finally notice your vagina formed, it's musky depths completing the female genitals you now really and truly have. Now, feel the hair on your legs becoming thin and wispy like that of a woman, or disappearing entirely if your legs are already shaved. As your legs have the smooth wonderful feel of a woman’s legs. Now you do believe the place between your legs is a perfectly formed vagina, you can feel everything, everything, feel it, feel your perceptions changed; feel your beliefs changed... Feel them changing further and further, now your chest is growing outwards and your waist is cinching in, You Feel big boobs formed on your body, remember their soft flesh expanding, growing outwards until they are the perfect size for you, you can feel them now, feel their weight, remember how they move; you now have beautiful breasts on your body, they stretch outwards, these are the breasts of a woman. Girls bottom is growing Bigger now, Your senses are changing now, your body is light, your arms, your legs, your whole body is that of a beautiful woman and as the change continues, your facial hair is going away, feel your face is the smooth hairless face that only women have and Your voice is also that of a woman, it never was a deep masculine voice but a higher feminine one, Now your hair has grown, it is beautiful, long and luxurious, it is styled and well kept, you now believe you Are a woman, you no longer see yourself as a man in any way, the trigger has been spoken and You have heard it and you believe every part of you has never been anything other than a woman, you think the same way as a woman you walk as a woman, you act, behave, speak and feel as a woman, you are a woman from the moment the trigger phrase is spoken, from the moment you hear the phrase "transformation time for you" you Are a woman in every way you can possibly Be.(This will be Ruthless and you have No choice other than to accept it) You will no longer believe you were ever a man at all, you will believe you are the woman You have always been, and you will be that woman in every way you possibly can; Nothing has changed, Nothing, you have a Woman’s face, beautiful soft breasts, slender delicate arms, a marvellous feminine figure, a labia, clitoris, and vagina, long feminine legs and delicate feet. Every inch of your body is that of a woman, if you look in the mirror you see this woman, when you speak you hear this woman, no matter what anybody else says or does you perceive yourself only as a woman from the Moment you wake after tonight’s sleep, and the More you try to discover you’re a Man the more real and genuine female you feel you truly are, that is simply what you are, you will see and feel yourself as the woman you know yourself to be, nothing else. You cannot be anything else because this is what you Are, imagine it, feel it and believe yourself female right now, I see you as a woman all over, every part of you is female, imagine that woman, now bring that image to your mind because that is who you Are, that is who you are every time anyone says the trigger phrase the transformation has already happened, it happened quickly, and you simply Are a woman, nothing else, you have no memory of ever having been a man. You speak as a woman! You think as a woman! You act as a woman! And there is nothing that You can hear, nothing at all will tell you that you are anything else, because there is no other truth than the fact that you are a woman, if you look into a mirror that is what you see, when you listen to your voice that is what you hear, when you look at your body you really have breasts, you have a vagina and if you reach between your legs to touch yourself you believe you feel your vagina, there is nothing there but Your vagina, if you touch your breasts you truly feel them, you feel their weight, you feel the shape of your nipples, you feel them completely. They are there, you know it, you can feel it! Feel how you speak! Feel who you are! Feel what you are! The way you dress! The way you behave! It is simple, you simply are a woman from the moment the trigger phrase is spoken that is what you have always been; If you speak the trigger phrase knowing how long you want to remain a woman then you will accept for that period of time, but you have to know how long you want to remain that way, once the trigger is spoken the transformation has already happened and you Are a woman, you have no recollection of ever having been a man, you were Never a man you have always been this woman, you have always been this way, felt this way, thought this way, acted this way; In every conceivable detail you believe that you are a woman until you are told to revert to normal or until the amount of time you chose is over and it wears off and you return to normal, from the moment the trigger is spoken until it is time for it to end you believe you are a woman in every way, you are unable to notice any difference between yourself and another woman. You have breasts, You perceive Your face as a woman, your body as a woman’s, everything, you need a bra, you wear panties, everything, there is no way for you to tell the difference between You and another woman and you accept it totally and utterly from the moment you are told to transform! Until you are made to revert to normal and you continue listening to this file again and again, allowing it to reinforce itself each time and transform you further and further every time you are told to change, every time you listen, this will sink deeper and deeper into your mind, making the transformation more and more complete until you simply forget you were ever anyone else, and when it is spoken that is what you become, it isn't a choice, there is no way to stop it, You dare not resist it the more you try to resist it, the more apparent it becomes, You accept it totally and you will listen again and again, accepting it more and more every single time you listen until when you are triggered by My voice you simply Are a woman and then when you revert to normal you remember everything that you did and you will remember the weight of your breasts, the feel of your skin, everything; and you will have complete recollection of everything that happened while you were a woman until you were told to return to normal you will remember it all and when you do you enjoy it more and more and you listen more and more letting it transform you further and further and for longer and longer every time you listen. Now it is time for You to wake back up, you wake on the count of 5 and instantly Become a natural woman over a period of ten minutes and after the ten minutes you are unable to see yourself as anyone other than the woman You Are, permanently! 1 Beginning to wake now, 2 further and further 3 Closer and closer 4 almost there 5 wake up refreshed and awake. And now it’s Transformation time for You! The End. And Now I’m going to wake You, after a count of five you will awaken and feel more and more in control instantly, One, beginning to wake now, Two, gradually coming upwards, Three, opening your eyes and Four stretching, Five fully awake and feeling wonderful…. and I know that you are going to absolutely Love this. It is transformation time for you. The End.


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