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Nate the TG Fox

by cheif15

Chapter 1

" So Chifa you're brother told me that you have been doing some kind of new research?" nate asked sitting at a table in the back of her and Nar's house.
"Well yea you see I have this theory that everyone has a sort of animal inside of them in me and my brother's case it's a wolf." Chifa said drinking a glass of lemonade.
"I thought that was because of the fact that your family is one of Lycan's." 
"Well yes, but I'm trying to get past the mystical properties of it, ironic considering our mother is a witch, and I can do a good variety of magic." 
"Have any of your experiments worked so far?" 
"Yes actually, it turns out Shoubu's animal was a panther, and Zeypher's  was a kitty."
"Can you do mine?"
"Sure come on let's go inside and see what yours is." Chifa said getting up and Nate following her into the house. The two of them walked past Axel's and Preasea's rooms and walked past the master bedroom to the last room in the hall. There Chifa put her eye into a retinal scanner and the door unlocked, she opened it and the two of them arrived in a small laboratory. "What is this place?" Nate asked looking around. 
"This is my laboratory now lie down on in the bed, and we'll begin." 
Nate to a spot on the bed and lied down. Chifa then pointed a machines with a lot of sharp pointy needles at Nate's chest. "WOAH I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!" Nate yelled. Chifa began laughing  and pointed the machine away from him. "I just use that to scare my test subjects for fun, naw all you need is this." Chifa gave Nate a vial filled with an orange liquid. 
"Well Bottoms up." Nate said chugging the liquid down. "Oh my god I don't feel so…" Nate couldn't even finish the sentence as he ran toward the door and to the bathroom, and began to barf. "Oh god what's happening?" Nate's body began to shrink down and became an hourglass figure his waist expanded and his stomach shrank. His skin became softer, and his face rounder. Soon what was once between his legs was gone. However the transformation wasn't over a moment later orange, white, and black fur began to grow over his skin till it covered his whole body. Nate's mouth elongated until he had a muzzle, and his ears became pointed. His spine elongated until he/she had a orange tail with black on the tip of it. It was after this transformation was over that chifa got through the bathroom door. "Well now will you look at that turns out your animal was a fox." Chifa said looking at Nates new form "Something seems missing though… I know!" Chifa raised her hand and magically an iron collar, and iron wrist bands wrapped around Nate while her hair was put into a pony tail. "There we go that's better oh by the way Nate you might want to find a better pair of pants." Chifa said giggling.


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