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Fishing Buddies part III

by ElSupremo

Chapter 1

I have been here on this fishing trip for two weeks now and the question I have had floating in my head is whether I"m gay or not.  Ever since I have been here in this rather old motel and hot spring i have been sucking cock. It started with my long time friend Robert and he was happy to have me suck him off.  Then i started to suck our new friend in th room next to us.  I lost the fishing contest and became the cocksucker of the day.  I actually was having a good time and loving suckinf cock.  My time listening to some hypno files from a website called 'warpmymind.com" had made me hooked on eating my cum and being a premature ejackculater.  I got to meet and suck the park rangers cock and the icing on the cake was when I got to suck the motel owners monster cock.  The water at this place was like the "fountain of youth" and it took all of our sex drives up to a new level and hard cocks was the norm.  At the end of week one we had a room change and I ended up with Charlie the old guy from NY who came every year for the hot spring and water.  He interduced me to male sex and made me his bitch to which I fell in love having a strong dominate man hold me and kiss me and fuck me untill I almost couldn't walk. The hot spring would soak me and my butt would feel so much better from the hot soaking water and minerals doing thier magic on my soreness.

I still kept wondering if I was gay and I think I figured that I just liked sucking cock and getting reamed by cock.  Then I found out that the background music that was playing all the time was sending out messages about sucking cock and being gay.  The owner told us that he had some really interestiing hypnofiles and was going to pump them into our rooms and that all we had to do was just accept the fact that we would like the results.  Surprisingly everyone accepted his offer and willingly listened to the files and I think we now were accepting all the cock sucking and ass fucking as fun and normal.  I know that i was already sucking every cock presented to me and Charlie was fucking me at every chance he got. My buddy Robert was fucking me as well as our neighbor who was now sleeping with robert had fucked me.  The only one who hadn't fucked me was the park ranger and he hadn't been around for several days do to meeting in the city.  

I think I was accepting the fact that I was gay and enjoying being a really good cock sucker.  I found that I would almost seduce the guys and get in their pants to suck their cocks.  I was getting aggressive for cock and wasn't letting any opportunities pass by.  I also accepted the fact that I liked having large cocks fuck me.  I was a bottom through and through, everyone had a larger cock then me and even started to refer to my cock as a weenie.  I loved my weenie and I really loved the larger cocks.  Charlie was really nice to me and made me comfortable being his bitch and I felt being a bottom bitch was exactly what I was and wanted to be.

It was time to return home with Robert, the adventure was over and we had the back of Robert pickup full of spring water.  All the way back home a 2 hour interstate ride he talked about my willingness to suck cock and get fucked by cock and how he planned to have me visit him on a regular basis and how he too enjoyed coming fast and eating his and my cum.  He asked what was going to happen with my girlfriend and didn't know and would just have to see what would happen after I got home.  Inside I had to think that for the past two weeks I hadn't given any thought about home and having sex with my girl friend.  I hadn't even missed her, I was too busy sucking cocks and getting fucked.  It was a different world and was sad I was leaving all the gay sex.  Robert said again that he was going to keep our cock sucking going and planned that we would get together at least once a week and I agreed that I would like that too.

The first night home my girlfriend notice that I had a real problem getting hard and wasn't interested in sex.  I just said I was exhausted from all  the fishing and partying.  I don't think she believed me.


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