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Library Fantasy

by xxbclilgrlxx

Library Fantasy

I should probably little background before the story. I had to go to my college's library to work this afternoon, and Miss Candy gave me a dare for while I was there. I had to only wear a sweater with a zipper for a top, no shirt or bra underneath, and go somewhere alone and take it off, put it on the floor, and pinch and play with my nipples for a minute, then I could put it back on.

I was horny enough already, and thinking about it made it worse, so I wrote her a little fantasy while I was in the library trying very hard to work and getting nowhere. It was originally going to be based only on what actually happened, but I got carried away and embellished a little. or a lot. like I said, I was horny!

She asked me to post it here for you all. I hope you like it.

Library Fantasy:

I put down my pen and get up from the table. My hand toys with the zipper on my sweater as I slowly walk up the stairs to the third floor. My eyes dart everywhere, searching for signs of people.

I get to the top, and go to the left, walking down towards the far end of the stacks, peeking down each aisle for signs of people. One of the tables near the end has some books on it, but nobody around. Worried that someone will come back, I head down towards the other end.

I walk towards the end, stopping as I pass the staircase to look down, make sure nobody is coming. I go past and move to the other end of the library. I check everywhere to make sure the coast is clear. When I'm certain it is, I move into the last aisle, then pause and listen, just in case. My heart is pounding in my chest, and my hands shake slightly. I've done this before, I know I can, but I'm still nervous as hell. That just makes me hornier.

I put my cellphone on the shelf in front of me to watch the time.

My sweater is slowly unzipped, I hold it closed for a second, then slide it off my shoulders and drop it on the floor behind me. I instinctively move to cover myself, then move my hands away, enjoying the freedom. The air vent gives a slight draft that makes my skin goosebump and my nipples stiffen.

I reach up to pinch, like you told me to. I play with my nipples quietly. I tilt my head back, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling. I don't notice as the sweater gets slowly pulled away from behind me and tossed in the next aisle.

I do notice when you come up behind me and push my hair to the side, kissing my neck lightly, your tongue just brushing my skin. I jump in surprise. I didn't know you were behind me. I didn't even know you were in the library.

You pull my hands away from my nipples, replacing them with your own, as you press against me from behind and kiss up and down my neck and shoulder. Occasionally you lightly graze my skin with your teeth.

I lean back into you, tilting your head back and lightly, softly as I can, moan.

One of your hands wanders down my tummy, a finger slipping inside the waistband of my jeans. You tease me. I shiver.

With a quick flick of your fingers, the button is undone. You slowly and tantalizingly unzip my fly. I'm scared, I want you to stop. I pray you don't.

As your finger slides around my hips, following the waistband of my panties, you lightly nip my earlobe, and I jump. Startled out of my daze, I cover my breasts with my hands, embarrassed and worried someone will show up. You gently but firmly pull my hands away without a word.

I instead reach up above my head, reaching behind me to bury my head in your hair. I turn my head to look over my shoulder, finally getting to see your face as you lean in to kiss me. Your hands come up to knead my breasts while mine massage your head. As our kiss goes on, I lean farther into you and grasp your hair, pulling on it to bring your mouth closer. I'm so lost in our kiss that I almost don't notice when your right hand leaves my breast and dives into my panties.

My knees buckle and I struggle to stay standing as your finger teases my clit. I need you, I'm dying for you, and I push myself into your kiss.

Both of your hands are on my hips now, as you spin me around to face you and slam me up against the bookshelf. I wrap my arms around you, throwing myself into another kiss as your hands pull on the waistband of my panties, and slowly pull them down, taking my jeans with them.

I tilt my head back and shiver as you trail kisses from my neck to my cleavage, between me breasts to tongue my belly button. I lean back into the bookshelf, trying to steady myself.

I let out a tiny squeek as I hear two people enter the third floor. One of them is a guy, I can hear his voice as he talks to the other person. I wonder what will happen if they find us. I'm not worried, I'm too horny to be worried.

I look down at you, holding a finger to my lips to tell you to be quiet, jerking my thumb to indicate the people who we can clearly hear. You look up at me. Your grin is mischievous. It sends butterflies through my stomach who fly up and pound my heart like drummers with jackhammers.

Your thumbs gently pull my lips apart, and I tilt my head back, trying not to gasp as you go in for a forbidden kiss. My knees are weak and I cling to the bookshelf to hold myself up.

As your tongue teases my clit, I can't take it, I let out the tiniest moan, which quickly grows and I clam my hand over my mouth to cover it. You grin, challenged. You want to see how much noise you can get me to make. I want you to make me scream, I just don't want anyone to hear it.

You go back to work, and soon I cannot keep my hand over my mouth and stay standing at the same time, I need to hold myself up on the bookshelf. I strain and squirm with the effort to keep silent, as you kiss my clit to convince me otherwise.

I'm whimpering now, so close to orgasm. I cant imagine how the people a few aisles away don't hear, but maybe it only sounds loud to me.

When I near the edge, you stop. You step back to watch me. My chest heaves as I suck deep breaths. I you a look that seems to say, "I love you, but if you don't get back down there right now I will bludgeon you to death with The History of Rocky Mountain Geology"

You lean in close, pressing up against me, one hand teasing me between my legs. You run your tongue along my ear, then whisper, "Not now. We wouldn't want anyone to hear us..."

I stare at you, unable to reply, naked and shaking. I watch you pick up my panties, pocket them, and step out of the aisle. I watch as you pick up my sweater from the next aisle. You carry it past the aisle where the other people are, and drape it over a chair at a desk by the staircase. You turn, blow me a kiss and walk down the steps.


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