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The transformation

by v1514

Chapter 1

Take a deep breath in and hold it till the count of five, then release it as slowly as possible. Do this ten times, as you breathe in feel your tension and stress build up like your breath was a magnet for them. Let it out so slowly and calmly, causing you to feel calm, relaxed, and wonderful. Take another deep breath in, hold it till five. Feel your body adjusting to that easy rhythm of breathing. You don't even have to pay attention your body remembers the rhythm on it's own, just let go and enjoy this sensation of absolute serenity in peace.

The more you relax the heavier your body becomes. The heavier your body becomes the harder it is to move, too hard to move in fact, you can try but you'll just fail. Go ahead and try but you're so heavy and too relaxed to move, stop trying. See how good it feels to just relax, now you're 10 times heavier but also 10 times more relaxed and soothed. Feels good doesn't it? Yes so good to have your body relax and as your body is relaxing so is your mind. Growing blank and empty, becoming quiet and serene, thoughts slipping away being replaced with my words. Making your mind so relaxed to not have to think right now So easy to just read my words and let your mind go blank and lax. So blank, so empty, so clear of everything like a puppet. Sitting there blank and empty staring at the screen as that is normal for puppets. You can only move when instructed to do so without a command you sit there listlessly and still waiting for a command.


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