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Cursed for Life - Fox

by JesseTV

Cursed for Life - Fox

Cursed for Life is a series I may be starting, about hypnosis gone wrong and never correcting themselves. In no way does this mean I am against hypnosis. These stories have no relation to reality. Any similarities to any person(s), living or dead, is intended, unless otherwise stated.


Joseph Brooks, prominent owner of DataDyne Industries, the most powerful technology company on the planet, just got back from work at 8:00 PM. In his sleek black BMW, he pulled into the driveway of his 3 story house. The lights turned on automatically via the infared tripwire that his front tires crossed. He pressed the button on the centre console to turn the car off. After fumbling with his suitcase and the door, he eventually unlocks his house and enters.

Mail? I wonder who sent it. And how did they get my address? Joseph thinks.

After examining the letter closely, he sees no addresses, no stamp, nothing. just a plain white envelope, which felt empty. He rips it open, and a small piece of paper falls out. Written here, is a URL. He pulls his laptop out of his suitcase, and logs on.

Username: jbrooks
Wi-Fi Access Code: warpmymind

Typing in the URL, Joseph wonders WHY it was given to him. It loads. All that is on his screen is a download link for a hypnosis file. Turning as many virus, spyware, adware, spam, adult content, and everything else filters on as possible, he downloads the file onto his desktop. An mp3 file sits, waiting patiently to be played, with the title; Fox. Putting on his $100 Bose headphones, he listens.

"This file will change you in ways you will not expect. You may or may not enjoy it. This hypnosis track will curse you for the rest of your life. You cannot deny its purpose. You cannot deny its suggestion. You can, and will, obey," says the voice on the track.

What a joke, Joseph ponders.

"Relax. Enter a relaxed state of being. I going to count down from five..."

----------10 minutes later-----------

"Huh? Wuzzah? What happen?" mutters Joseph.

Someone set us up the bomb, Joseph's mind replies.

"Oh, shut up... I hate AYB."

As he gets up, his hand strokes his face. It feels strangely elongated. He looks at his "hands," only to see paws. Orange fur covers his body, with a long, swishy tail protruding from his lower back. He can control it like he was born with it. He runs to the kitchen, but trips along the way. He can't seem to stand upright anymore. He also feels a strange hunger. He tastes a slight amount of blood in his mouth, and enjoys it, in an animalistic trance. Shaking his head, he snaps out of it, and gets back upright. His stainless steel 2-tier fridge, reflectively polished with chrome, flashes orange with his reflection. He gazes at it, horrified, and faints.

Waking up, in his bed, he stiil feels strangely. He knows he is still fox-like. He can't stand it. He can't think, he is so horrified. Hearing his mail slot open, and then close, he crawls tiredly to his front door. A small, white envelope sits patiently on the tile floor, with the word "CURE" scribbled messily on the flap...


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