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A Young Boy's Desires

by oneamericancitizen

Chapter 1

"Down, boy!" As I look up into his rich brown eyes I began to kneel for Master Michael. He just got back from his track meet all sweaty and hot. His wonderful scent was radiating off of him and it was my kryptonite. Just his scent would do so much to my body that I couldn't control. He knew this and he loves teasing me, commanding me to smell his pits and his groin where his plump balls and hard cock resided. He told me to stay put on my knees while he took a warm shower, but he knew I couldn't last long staying there kneeling so he tied me up and threw his sweaty track singlet on my face. I could smeel all the right smells and it would turn me on and make me so hard I began to precum by the gallons. As I'm laying there on his bed with my hands handcuffed to the board of the bed and feet tied to the opposite side my dick began to convulse uncontrollably. I can here Michael in the shower chanting word that seem to have no meaning but they do have an affect on my dick and body. I began to trance as he kept repeating these words and in a blink of an eye he was standing in front of me naked smiling at me. He said, "You're untied, what are you waiting for, suck it Matthew." I did what I was told and I began to suck it as his cock git harder and larger I choked a little, he likes it so much. I'm on my knees sucking his rock hard cock and he put his hand on the top of my head and pulled my hair back and forth to further his pleasure of me giving him head. He forcebley grasped the back of my head and pulled it all the way to the base of his cock and I began to choke, it turned me on so much and him to he came and I felt his rich warm cum go down my throat and into my stomach. He left his cock iny mouth and I began to black out but once I came to I was tied back up on his bed stomach down and ass up. He loved when I was like this abled to pound me as hard as he wanted. Maybe I'd struggle and he'd slap my ass and turned us both on. I could feel him rubbing the warm lube around my tight asshole and as he began to put his dick in I let out a loan of approval and he chuckled and put it all the way in. He started off slow so that I would get used to it and increased his speed as the time continued. I found my self cumming again from him just fucking me in the ass, it felt so amazing. He moaned loud and I knew he was about to blow his load. He punded me faster and faster and then he came in my asshole. He slapped my ass one more time hard and I let out a Yelp. He chuckled and began to rim my asshole it felt so good, like he's a professional. It felt so good that I began to black out from the pleassure and I woke up in my bed waking up from the dream I just had. It felt so real and pleasurable. I threw my blanket off me revealing my naked body. My dick spurting out cum like I struck an oil field. Cum went all over my body on my face and hair, in my mouth. It tasted to good and i started to finger the cum into my mouth and I got so horny I got my dildo and rubbed the remaining cum on my body on it and started to insert it into my asshole. It felt so good, hitting my g-spot making me harder. I began to moan Michael and started to fantasize him fucking me and doing things to me. Then I started to cum again all over and I ate it it felt so good. Then I began to black out and wake up in his bed tied up. He stares at me laughing and says what did you do there? I stare at him confused and he points to me and all the precum and cum and dildo in my ass. I said to him, "I don't understand I was here then there and it felt so real. He said yeah I know that's how it's supposed to be remember? I replied yeah. 


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