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Elevator Hypno

by mobile1

Chapter 1

Rob stepped into the creaky old elevator of Grimes Hall. Inside he noticed a nice looking young man, probably a student he thought. They nodded to each other and faced the doors as they wheezed shut. With a kind of a whine, the ancient motor of the elevator began working and it began to rise. Suddenly the whine got a lot louder then suddenly stopped, just as the elevator itself did. The lights blacked out and it was very still for a moment.

"My god, what's happened?" yelped the cute student. "This damn thing is stuck again" growled Rob, "the school never has fixed this thing right, now we are stuck for at least an hour or so, till they get the maintenance people over to fix it". Rob hit the emergency light button and faced the anxious looking student who was even start to sweat a little with fear. The handsome young student slumped back against the wall and with fear in his eyes said, "But I can't take being stuck in small places like this for long, I get panicked out dude!". "Just calm down kid, we aren't going anyway for a while at least" replied Rob.

They were both silent for a few mintues, when Rob was jarred out his thoughts by the scared student who said, "I'm really getting scared man, I can't handle this!!" Indeed the poor boy was actually sweating, trembling and breathing in great panting gulps of air. Rob tried to talk to the frightened lad, finding out his name was Jack and new to the college. Rob couldn't help but notice Jack had a very nice physique under his soccer shirt and nicely formed legs shown off rather nicely by his sports shorts too. He felt a flash of desire for the boy. But no amount of soothing talk quieted the student who got more and more agitated. "I think I'm gonna freak out!" Jack cried with tears starting at the corners of his eyes and his voice trembling.

Rob, thinking fast, said, "Look, I got an idea. It sounds silly but it might work if you are willing to go along with it. I am a trained hypnotist and if you want, I can try to put you under and get you to settle down. Think you might want to do that?". Jack nervously dropped his textbooks to the floor, clutched at his fine blonde hair and looked at Rob with those amazing green eyes of his, saying, "Anything, just anything, I've never been this panicky before, I always never liked closed spaces and this is the worst ever man.".

Taking off the old fashioned pocket watch he always wore, he held it up in front of Jack's face and instructed him to watch it as it moved and listen to his voice very carefully. The desperate young man did exactly as he was told. With some simple suggestion, he very quickly nodded off into the sleep that Rob led him into. He was so eager to be hypnotized it was just a matter of a few moments before he was deeply in a trance. Rob put the watch away and told Jack he would awake soon in a very calm and peaceful state. Then in an impulse of mischieviousness he told Jack he would be giving him signals by snapping his fingers that he would follow with commands that were to be instantly obeyed. When he wanted him to come out of the trance, he would clap his hands and Jack would snap out of it with no memory of anything and feel rested and relaxed. Rob snapped his fingers and commanded Jack to wake up. They handsome young man opened his eyes, smiled with bright white teeth and said, "I feel great, why I'm not nervous at all now".

Rob smiled and reassured the boy. He let them talk calmly for a few mintues then snapped his fingers and said, "You feel very very warm in here now and the only way you can feel comfortable is to take off all your clothing, do this now". Rob snapped his fingers again and the boy looked around a moment as though coming out of a slight daze. Jack started sort of tugging at his shirt, undid a few buttons and kind of fanned himself with his textbook. "Whew, the air in here is so stuffy and hot, I'm burning up" he panted. With a slight look of embarassment he yanked off the shirt and said, "I just gotta cool down a little". Jack was actually sweating now from the imaginary heat. He blushed a little and said, "I'm sorry to do this right in front of you, but I just gotta get cooler", then hooking his hands inside his waistband slid off the sports shorts, showing a fashionable pair of striped designer bikini briefs underneath. Rob noted with pleasure they seemed full and heavy in the front and nicely stretched over a sweet bubble butt in the back.

Still Jack was sweating profusely, flushing even more red, he turned his back to Rob and slid the briefs down off his butt, over his meaty thighs and down to his feet, stepping out of them. He used his soccer shirt to wipe off the sweat on his body and nervously smiled at Rob saying, "Man, this feel better, I just couldn't stand that heat any more". Rob nodded like nothing was unusual about the young man having to strip naked due to the imaginary heat of the stuck elevator.

The sight of the nude student made Rob eager for the next step. He clicked his fingers again and commanded that Jack feel uncontrollably sexually excited and be in urgent need to eat semen as the only way to slake an incredible thirst he would suddenly have. Rob clicked his fingers to signal Jack to feel this immediately. Jack began to kind of pace around the small elevator acting very fidgety. Though he was trying to hide it with his hands, he was obviously getting a very fine erection. "Got anything to drink with you man? I am dying here like I got sand in my throat" he said. "Nope" said Rob, "No soda or nothing in my briefcase, only liquid on me are the bodily fluids in me" he joked, knowing Jack would be reminded of a thirst he was getting that only cum would satisfy. For several minutes Rob watched the boy overcoming his reluctance to bring up the subject but getting throbbing hard and stiff also. Finally, in a squeaky dry voice that was husky sounding with thirst, Jack said, "I got a crazy idea. I know you will think I'm nuts or something but I just gotta drink something. Could you, I mean would you, I mean, ah hell, I just gotta say it, is there any possible way you could cum and let me have it? I can't think of anything else dude, I mean I'd owe you anything if you just would". The boy stared down at the floor of the elevator blushed red hot.

Rob pretended to have to consider this for a while, then said, "Sounds wierd to me. I am not sure I could masturbate in front of you just like that. You'd have to get it yourself kid". Jack dropped to his knees in front of Rob and eagerly snatched open Rob's belt, opened his trousers and pulled out the uncut cock inside. He looked up at Rob with pleading eyes and started stroking the cock. "I never did nothing like this before you gotta believe me" Jack whimpered still stroking the enlarging cock. Now he stared directly at the large fat cock in front of his face. "I can't cum like this" Rob said, "You'll have to do more or I wouldn't be able to shoot". Jack looked up again with stricken eyes, nodded yes miserably and then took the first mouthful of cock he'd ever had. Rob had to tell him to watch his teeth. The gagging boy slowly got used to the long cock pumping in and out of his mouth as he made loud slurping sounds.

Rob held the lad's comely head and pushed and pulled it off his hard cock, it was really feeling good now. The young student eagerly licked at the precum as it leaked out. Then knowing he couldn't hold back any longer, Rob pushed his whole length into the boy's succulent mouth and began to shoot jism straight down his throat. The young man gulped and sucked greedily to get every drop. He wouldn't let go of the cock until it was entire spent and he had gotten it all. After a long time, he finally sat back on his heels gasping for air. Jack seeing that he himself had shot off in the excitement of the moment, just as greedily wiped up all the cum off of his own belly and chest and sucked at his hands to get all of that too. Rob stepped back and pulling his drained cock back into his pants, adjusted his clothing.

Snapping his fingers, he told Jack to feel completed quenched now and to redress himself but leave off putting on his briefs. Snapping once more, he noticed Jack sort of licking his lips and rising up from his cocksucking kneeling position on the floor. Jack gave a nervous smile and said, "I feel okay now, I don't know how to repay you dude, but it was a life saver, I even feel cooler now. Jack grabbed up his sports shorts and pulled them on, followed by his soccer shirt. He seemed not to notice the striped bikini briefs still on the floor. Jack's labored breathing slowed down and he smooth down his ruffled hair and seemed to relax a little.

A loud whirring noise came up followed by jolts of the elevator. It had been fixed was beginning to operate again. The two men smiled at each other in realization of this. Rob quickly snapped his fingers and reminded Jack, he would remember none of this when he clapped his hands and came fully out of his trance. Just before the elevator doors opened, Rob clapped his hands and Jack looked suddenly alert again. Jack rushed to the front of the elevator and stepped out quickly into the fresher air of the lobby. He turned back to Rob and waved saying, "Sorry I freaked out on you man, closed spaces get me real gone dude". With that he hurried on, intent on his own thoughts of getting into his class late.

Rob bent down and picked up the striped briefs. "A nice little momento of a few pleasant moments" he mused slipping them into his briefcase. "I may have to make sure to take this old elevator again" he laughed and stepped out on his way also.


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