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naga vore hypnosis

by attc0912

Chapter 1

The dappled shade and vast, sprawling trees provided little shelter from the heat and humidity of the jungle. The air was thick with the smells of moist plants, the rustle of leaves in the breeze and the calls of the hundreds of beautiful birds that nested in its canopy. The entire atmosphere was one of a calm, drowsy nature; like the whole vast area was between sleep and waking every hour of the long days. And for much of the life there, it was. Great reptilian predators and smaller prey lounged in their almost eternal siesta, paths only crossing when the urge to bask was overtaken by their infrequent appetite. The occasional snap of a branch, or yelp of surprise would rouse the jungle into a flurry of movement, before again they would doze and await their turn to leap on a poor unfortunate.

One such predator could feel her eyelids drooping as she stretched herself across the branches of a tall teak. Her scales were dull in colour but beautiful in their geometric pattern, long lines of diamonds and bands running from cobra-esque hood down a tail that made up almost two thirds of her 20ft length; currently curled around the trunk of her perch. She rested her serpentine head upon strong arms, breathing slowly and gently as the patches of green-tinted sunlight warmed her body. Her body bore little semblance of human femininity, missing perhaps the most overused indicators, but wide, egg-laying hips marked the join between torso and tail, and the sultry way she held herself even in her most vulnerable sleeping states told the rest of the jungle that she was, very plainly, a man-eater.

Her yellow eyes flicked open as a twig snapped beneath her. Slowly and patiently she peeked to the floor below, forked tongue flicking out into the air. The usual tastes –flowers, musk and wet moss- were there, but an underlying current of adrenaline and sweat was growing closer. Becoming stronger. The tongue licked across scaled lips; oh, she loved a good hunt. She unwound, slithering across strong branches and stretching from trunk to trunk, her sizable bulk barely leaving a sound as her scales ran silently over the bark. The smell of fear was drawing closer, and with it the scent of fur. Warm prey was always a treat, she thought with a low chuckle. No blood either; the poor thing had probably only just escaped its fate. She softened her body, letting herself settle amongst the boughs until her patterned scales were just another portion of dappled light on bark. Her slit pupils narrowed, scanning the greenery for the smallest disruption.

There, a rustling fern. A flash of white fur. Her mouth curled into a smile as the little lemur leapt from cover to cover. He was maybe a quarter her size; thin and gangly like the rest of his species, with the tell-tale wide eyes and pointed snout. Whatever he was running from was long behind him, but his blind panic kept him going onward, until… she let her tail fall, swinging it into his path. She could feel his breath leave his lungs as he collided with its muscular mass and all but revelled in his squirming as it coiled tightly around him. What a lively one!

Slowly the tail ascended, bringing the frightened figure up to her face. His yelps and panicked screams were silenced by horror as his orange eyes met her yellows. She languidly reached forward, brushing a scaly finger along his cheek and jaw as he flinched back. A low chuckle escaped her again as she drew herself upwards, pulling the frozen lemur up with her. She softly shushed him before he could even begin to bargain, cupping his face gently and turning it back to hers. She allowed herself a warm smile as his gaze met hers again. This time he couldn’t look away; she simply wouldn’t let him. Besides, he wouldn’t want to in a few minutes. She shushed him again, stroking the black fur of his head, her eyes staring unblinkingly into his. She could feel him soften in her coils; see his face relax; watch as the little sparkle of consciousness faded from his sight. His eyelids drooped, his limbs hanging like a ragdoll. His breathing slowed to match her own. And finally, a silly little smile broke out across his face as the last shred of resistance fell away from his mind.

She uncoiled herself gently, letting her prey relax into a hammock of scales as opposed to a straitjacket. Her hands ran along his sides and limbs, her interest piqued further; what she had mistaken for scrawny limbs were actually lean muscle, hidden beneath his soft down. He was cute, in more than the way all small and furry things were. She giggled a little as her hands squeezed his firm backside. He lay there, a dopey, stoned grin beneath glazed eyes telling her he was as far down the rabbit hole as possible. And he seemed to be enjoying himself while he was down there: as her hands delicately rubbed and squeezed his body his cock began to emerge from the mass of soft fur. She cooed as the dull red shaft grew larger and larger. Some lucky lemur girl would have been more than happy with what he was packing. Such a shame he was hers now.

Her tail coiled back around his waist, hoisting him into the air. His head lolled comically enough to complement the stupid half-formed grin. She chuckled to herself, gently taking hold of his dangling feet and guiding them to her waiting maw. In went the fur and pads, his heels knocking gently against the roof of her mouth. She grimaced a little as the sticky sod stuck to his toes brushed along her tongue, but soon the curling, forked appendage curled around firm calves and slender thighs. She swallowed, tugging his paws down into her hot throat. The worst was over, for her at least. Again and again she swallowed, pulling more of his legs down into her, fur matting beneath her tongue. His expression never changed from that stoned bliss. Soon his entire legs had slipped into her stretched jaws, his pert little butt resting on her snout and his soft balls on her lips. Her tongue flicked out, gently massaging the soft orbs as they slipped past and into the waiting warmth. His breathing faltered slightly, a little gasp escaping as she massaged his loins. Her swallowing slowed as more and more of his throbbing shaft fell past her lips; her tongue curling and stroking and teasing every new inch.

A sudden spurt of saltiness splashed against her tongue, eliciting another low chuckle. It was always good to know that she wasn’t the only one having fun. With a gulp his arse slipped into her throat, her tongue lapping up the last of his sticky mess. Her tail unfurled, hands quickly moving to stabilise his body. She slowly slipped his hands past her lips and his waist, giving them a little tickle with the end of her tongue. She couldn’t see his face from this angle, but she could only imagine the kind of wonderful bliss he was experiencing. He slipped further down, his hands gripped tightly by her throat muscles. No escape now; the only way to go was down. She swallowed repeatedly, bringing her fangs to rest on his clavicle. Her tongue roamed his soft belly, enjoying his wonderfully unique taste. She lightly stroked along his head and cheeks, caressing his face as his shoulders slipped further. She smiled around him, and gave him a little goodbye wave as his face beamed up from her maw. And with one last swallow, he saw nothing ever again.

She almost purred as she felt him slip down her distended throat. Watching him slip past her flat chest and bulge in her belly…. Oh, she loved it. Further and further her body pulled the vaguely hominid bulge until it came to rest half way down the expansive tail. She slowly re-curled herself around her perch, resting her head on him; lightly caressing the little bump. She snuggled in closer, hearing the soft gurgling and feeling his faint warmth inside her. He’d be in her little trance all the way through, she reckoned as she ran her hand along the ghost of his face. Completely painless. It was good end for everyone, really. The languid aura of the jungle seeped its way back into her, and her eyes shut; her delicious meal and improvised pillow slowly melting away as she slept.


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