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Donkey Daze

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

"Well, it looks like the hypnotist is starting his show, so let's go there first." decided John.

"But Dad... I wanna go see the animals."

"Don't worry Emily, we can go see them after the show."


The family headed to the hypnotist's tent as the show started.

A man walked on to the stage, wearing a top hat.

"I am the great Mesmero, master of the mind. Today, you will see feats of wonder that will amaze and astound you, but first, I need a volunteer from the crowd."

John really thought the man was overselling it. He didn't want to tell his kids that hypnosis wasn't real. He just hoped that this show wouldn't take too long; he wanted to show his family as much as the circus as possible. He wondered who the hypnotist would choose.

The hypnotist pointed directly at John.

"Would the man wearing a white t-shirt in back please come on down?"

John was shocked. He hadn't even raised his hand.

He didn't want to volunteer, but his kids started begging, so he relented.

"Alright, what's your name?" asked Mesmero.


"Now John, I'm going to put you into a trance. You might act a little strange, but don't worry, I won't harm you in any way."

John rolled his eyes, but stayed put as the hypnotist pulled out a strange medallion.

"Watch the pendulum. Nothing but the pendelum."

"You are getting very sleepy. You're eyelids are getting heavy. On the count of three, you will fall into a deep, deep sleep."

John was enthralled by the medallion. He was following it closely, but it was becoming difficult to keep his eyes open.


He barely noticed the man's voice. He only cared about the medallion.


He was so tired. It was so hard to stay awake.


Mesmero stopped swaying the gold coin. John slumped forward, completely hypnotized.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yes" droned John.


"Now what should I turn you into?"

"I know. I saw how much of an ass you were. Ruining the circus for your kids. Why are so uptight all the time?"

"I'm just annoyed and stresses. I thought this whole trip was a waste of time."

"Hm. Well then we will just have to fix that then. I want you to focus on something for me. Think about a donkey. Think carefully, creating an image of a donkey in your mind. What are you thinking about?"

"A donkey," replied John.

"Good," said Mesmero, "Now focus on how it would feel to be that donkey. The soft fur covering your body. The smell wafting off you. The ears, tail, and hooves. Now I want you to picture yourself becoming this donkey. Picture a slow and complete change from human to donkey. The whole thing lasting around thirty minutes. You might start to bray. Then fur begins to creep over your body. You mind changes filling with donkey thoughts. A tail ripping out of your pants. Your dick growing and then being surrounded by a sheath. Your clothes tearing away as you become a donkey. Once it the change is finished you are a donkey. You look like a donkey. You think like a donkey. You smell like a donkey. You act like a donkey. I want to hear you say it. I am donkey."

As Mesmero was talking, John stood there entranced by his every word. A dumb smile on his face. His dick straining against his pants, though the crowd couldn't see.

"I am a donkey," he whispered, idiotic glee in his voice.

"Now," said Mesmero, " you are human again. Still so relaxed and obedient. John for rest of your time at the circus, whenever you act like an ass, anything from being rude to taking out frustration on others, you will change into a donkey just a little bit. The more you act like an ass the more you change. You will not notice the first changes and the only way to reverse them is to go for 30 minutes without being an ass. Each change will take another thirty minutes. However acting like a donkey will cause even more changes. The more you give in to donkey instincts the more you become one. If you become a full donkey it will last until I reverse it. Furthermore, whenever I say the phrase, 'Human Time', your changes will reverse and you will be human again. Three hours from now, you will take your family to at tent behind this one. You will tell them that I invited you and your family backstage as a prize for participating. You will make sure they are all seated and wait for me to arrive. Finally, whenever you you hear me say the phrase, 'Time to obey my dumb little donkey', you will return to this state of absolute obedience. Do you understand, John?"

"Yes sir."

"Good now the the next time I snap my fingers you will act like a chicken. When I snap my fingers again you will stop and wake up and only remember acting like a chicken and how you enjoyed the feeling of being an animal. You will not remember anything else, but that will not make my suggestions have any less of an effect."


John opened his eyes and proceed to flap his arms around. Clucking and acting like a chicken. The audience laughing at the sight of a grown man clucking like a chicken.


John wakes up and realizes what he's doing he blushes with shame, while secretly having enjoyed the feeling of being an animal. Mesmero thanks him for his participation and tells the audience that the show has concluded.

John and his family leave with the crowd, many of whom are still laughing at John, as his wife blushes embarrassed. As they exit the tent people continue to mock John for acting like a chicken earlier. After a while John begins to feel his hatred boil over. Cursing them under his breath he glares at laughing audience members. As he does he feels his body fill with a pleasant warmth. He sniffs the air. It smells like a barnyard animal. At the base of his spine, a small bulge begins to grow. John rushes into a nearby restroom to attend to the small pain at the base of his spine. He turns around, toward the mirror just in time to see a tail rip through his pants. John begins to shout curses toward the hypnotist, not realizing it only accelerates the effects. John begins to feel a tingling warmth throughout his body as coarse donkey fur spreads over his whole body. His hands and feet become hooves as he falls onto all fours. A loud ripping sound signals the destruction of his clothes. His cock hardens with pleasure and his mind begins to change. His face pushes out into a muzzle and his ears become those of a donkey's. His mind clouds over with new thoughts.
'Hungry...Need food...Sex'
He is a donkey. The smell of a barnyard animal fills the bathroom as John brays loudly. The only proof of his existence being the shredded clothes on the ground.

Any animal finding itself as contained and not able to wander will begin to fight, kick, and charge at what holds it captive. The small toilet room door was no match for a young male equine donkey, as it was busted from off its hinges when John wheeled and did a hind legs high kick.

Scared and aroused sexually, with his donkey cock hanging in full length and full view to all around him, he pranced along the carnival main aisle, as people there scurried to get out of the way. John saw his wife and their children run toward a tent to back away from the brute beast parading along with its cock wagging, flapping side to side, slapping at furry flanks.

"Hee-haw, hee-haw," John braying, he beckoning as best he knew then to how, was wanting his dear wife and her children to follow him.

A flung lassoing rope fell over the head of John, as then did another, while two strong men, carnival guards made John feel as their captive again.

"Where is our daddy," said his dear daughter.

"Mama, I wished addy was here to protect us," said his son.

"Stay by me, the insane donkey is held now a captive animal by those brave men of the carnival!" John heard his dear wife say to her children and to him, as why she referred to him as though he we some animal, he in his bewildered state could not imagine as why she said what she said.

The two lassoing ropes were enough to dissuade the donkey from prancing about acting sexually aroused as wild. John went with the men, as they hauled him to the magician's personal tent.

"Here he is, your new donkey, so now would you reconsider what you have made of us, as we do not want to become as bulls, and let you lease us to farms as herd sires." Asked the larger of the two men, while John heard and understood what was said, he did sniff at the men and knew them to being as kin to him, they as herbivores.

"I shall consider your request!" Blatantly spoke the Magician, as he turned to looking his new donkey straight in the eyes.

"Hee- hee-haw...," groaned John, as if he would appreciate having friendly company kept with him in the corral.

Two angry men then walked out of the tent, they leaving John to his animistic doom.



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