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A study in regression

by sramaus

A study in regression


Harry shifted in his chair. It was a couple weeks into the experiment he’d signed up for with his two roommates, and damn, these sessions with the shrink were getting boring. He knew that Ben and Steve were in adjacent rooms, similarly answering an endless series of questions. But, the money was good, and the guys had plans to upgrade their pad next semester.

He heard Dr. Dancy repeat his name loudly and he snapped out of his reverie. “Sorry, what’d you say Doc?” Harry asked as he ran his hand over his close crew cut, and shifted his narrow athletic frame in the chair.

“Harry. You know the drill. While you were eating the prescribed breakfast, how did it feel while it was in your mouth?” Harry rolled his eyes. Typical weird question about his oatmeal.

“Um, well it felt mushy i guess… same as usual?” Harry said, with a grin forming on his face. “But, thats only when Ben doesn’t under-cook it.” He thought of his bigger muscular roommate who was always in the kitchen trying to get them to stick to the schedule.

He looked up at the Doc who barely even acknowledged his joke and just kept asking questions. “Did you salivate more then usual while eating?”

Huh. That was odd. The guys had been talking about that this morning. “Actually, yeah, Doc. We also all woke up in puddles of drool this morning… you know, when your pillow is soaked from spit? Nasty, and cold!”

Dr. Dancy, who was sharp, well dressed, and handsome in a 2 piece suit looked up at the typical jockish college student. He smiled for the first time in the session. “I see” he said. “And, I’ve noticed that you have your hand on your crotch a lot today Harry. Is there any reason for that?”

Harry looked down. He did have his right hand on his crotch cupping his cock and balls through his umbro shorts. Strangely, he felt weirdly sexually excited, and had for a couple days now, pretty continuously. He told Dr. Dancy in not so many words. “Kinda excited Doc. Don’t know by what thought. Haven’t seen any hot chicks this morning.”

“Of course Harry” Dr. Dancy said, not looking up. He doubted Harry would be thinking of hot chicks for much longer. Of course, the college kids had fully consented for this study, amazingly, even after knowing the purpose, risks, and side effects, they seemed to think the money was worth it. And, he didnt think the guys believed the study. Typical college jocks.

“Does this have something to do with the training sessions we’re doing and the food additives your boys gave us last week?” Harry asked, aware that his hand was still on his crotch. He noticed how wide and strong Dr. Dancy’s shoulders looked, before shaking the thought from his head.

The session droned on for another hour - and the doc asked in detail about Harry’s sleep and bathroom habits. Ugh. It would have been embarassing if the doc wasn’t so nice about the whole thing. He even told the doc about that weird incident where he pissed all over the toilet seat and the floor adjacent to the toilet. Oddly, his piss had just squirted out as he was trying to aim. Whatever, the bathroom was nasty anyways, and it was Steves turn to clean up this week.

As the session wrapped up, the doc handed Harry a package. “Take this Harry. I know it may seem odd, but sucking on one of these can help reduce saliva production and help stop the drooling. You can use it as much as you need or want to.”

Harry turned it over and stared. It was a large pacifier. Now, he’d seen some of these in clubs and raves for the dudes that did ecstasy, but otherwise, only babies used these things. He was about to toss it back to the doc, but something stopped him. He had felt a desire to suck on something, and had run through a bag of lemon drops in the last couple days. Maybe he’d keep this. “Well doc, i can keep it you know. Probably won’t use it, but can certainly keep it.”

With that, the college junior tool the pre-packaged pacifier in his left hand, his right hand still roaming over his crotch, and stood up and hurried out of the office to find his roommates.

Chapter 2 – Changes

Ben was laying in the big lazy boy they had in the living area. He looked over at Steve, who was kicked back on the couch, drinking a beer. As usual now, he was in just his briefs; oddly, he use to wear boxers, but had abruptly switched to tight white briefs a couple days ago. Ben gave a mental shrug. Harry was on the phone ordering them pizza for dinner. It had been a couple days since their last session with Dr. Dancy, and they were due to go back tomorrow at midday. Which was good, cause Harry was having some problems. Well, all of them were having some problems, but it was the worst for Harry. As if on cue, the dryer beeped loudly.

“Harry, the dryer’s done!” Ben shouted without moving. It’s not like he planned to fold his roommates sheets or get them back on the bed. Harry had wet the bed a couple times in the past week. And, Ben would normally have made fun of him for that - ribbed the hell out of him - but he didn’t. For one, he felt closer to the guy, weirdly protective. And, secondly, he’d had a couple small wet spots on his on shorts in the morning. Not only that, but both Steve and him has used a pacifier at night to stop the drooling. Fortunately for Ben, he didn’t seem to be drooling as much.

Harry walked over from the kitchen. He was wearing a tight light blue tshirt and his briefs. He also had switched to wearing briefs. “Get some pants on dude” Ben said lazily.

“Naw” Harry drawled “why would i do that? they just feel weirdly restrictive. Not like I’m going out again” he paused then gestured to Steve “Besides, that guys in just his briefs. At least i have a shirt on bud” he playfully slapped Steve’s muscular chest, except he weirdly lingered a little long, running his hand down Steves toned stomach.

“Oh yeah, use him as an example to set your life by!” Ben said sarcastically, “Great plan Harry”

The conversation died down as the guys watched some TV, and eventually ate their pizza. As the hours of the night wore on, the guys were still on the couch. Harry brought out his pacifier and looked it over. Steve saw him, and looked him in the eye. “If you want to use it buddy, do it. We won’t judge. God knows it probably feels good”

Harry blushed slightly, but slowly inserted the pacifier into his mouth, feeling the oversized rubber nipple run over his tongue and touch the roof of his mouth. He’d been using it more and more in the past couple days, and it gave him a weirdly peaceful feeling - as if sucking could erase his anxieties. Ben looked over and smirked, but said nothing.

Harry fell asleep on the couch, and Ben got up. He walked over to the dyer, got our his roommates sheets and took them to his room. On his way, he grabbed a package from the drawer in the den. When he got to Harry’s room, he slowly unwrapped the plastic sheet and pulled it tight across the already stained Benress. Dr. Dancy had given him 3 of these sheets. He didn’t know the reason at first, but it had become clear. He had put his own sheet on last night and would have to talk to Steve about getting his sheet on. The last thing they wanted to do was be responsible to replace these Benresses.

After he fixed Harrys bed he went back to the living room, and saw the guy was still out cold, sucking his pacifier. Ben grinned. He was small, and looked boyishly cute and innocent like that, his blue tshirt riding up over his stomach. Ben was a muscular, and larger then Harry, and feeling the urge, he bent down and scooped the guy up and carried him to his room. Damn it was tough. Half way there, Harry stirred in his arms and looked up at him.

Strangely, he smiled around the paciier and mumbled “thanks Ben” and then promptly closed his eyes again, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. Ben felt his cock, hard in his shorts. Maybe it was.


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