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Becky and April

by santoro0

Chapter 1

Becky had heard her phone ringing and ran for it, making it at the last second, she could tell from the ring that it was a friend of hers.  “Hey April!  What’s up girl?”


April sounded odd, “Beck, I found this weird story on Deviant Art.  You’re not going to believe it.”


Becky was already walking towards her computer, “Sweet, what’s the link?”


There was the sound of clicking, “Oh, just do a lookup for ‘1000 views‘.  It’s, like the strangest thing.”  Becky thought she heard something on the other side of the line, like yelling.  April came back on, “Dam, I’ve got to go, mom wants something.  Call me after you read it, it’s just crazy.”


Becky set the phone down and brought up her DA page, then did a search for 1000 views.  She didn’t understand why April though something on DA was strange, almost everything was strange there.  But when the search completed she found April was probably right.  “Long-Rifle eh?  What kind of name is that?”  She started reading a few lines of the story.  And stopped.  “The main character is named Becky?  Weird.”  she thought.  “But not really that weird.” 


But she kept reading.  “What the hell is this guy into?”  She read past the intro, skipped a few lines into the start of the story and read.


“Becky turned from her computer and saw a diaper laying on her bed.“


“What the hell.  Diapers?”  She couldn’t believe a person would write something like that. “Where the hell did the diaper come from?”  She wondered.  “This guy isn’t even explaining anything.  She shook her head and read on, skipping a few sentences into the story.


“She knew she shouldn’t but she had to know if it was true.  She pulled her shorts off and gently-”


“Ewww!  No way!  I’d never put a diaper on,  that’s so gross!”  Becky didn’t understand why, but she really wanted to see where the story was going.  She didn’t want to read every line, so she kept skipping forward a few sentences at a time.


“Becky could hear the diaper crinkling with every step, she had hoped it wasn’t true.  But now she couldn’t deny-”


Becky was starting to get confused, “Where the hell is this going?”


“Tears started to run down her face as she kept reading, she couldn’t believe what she had gotten herself into.  She hoped there was a way out of it.  That she wouldn’t end up like her friend-”


Becky decided the story was just getting creepier, she skipped to almost the very end and kept reading.


“-pulled the fresh diaper back up, and taped it in place. Becky blushed at the idea of her mother changing her po-”


Finally she had had enough, Becky ran her mouse over to the upper right hand corner and shut down Fire Fox.  “That is some sick shit!” she said to herself.  She couldn’t believe April would send her to something like that.  “That guy has a fucking problem.  Why would he write stories about teenagers using diapers? That’s just sick!”


She grabbed her phone and hit April’s number.  She listened as it rang.  She thought it was about to go to voicemail when she answered, “Finally, why the hell did you send me there?”


But what sounded like April’s mother answered, “Um… Becky… Right?”


“Yeah, sorry.  Is April around?”


There was a moment of hesitation.  “She’s not available right now.  Can you call later, she’s taking a nap right now.”


“Oh.”  Becky felt like laughing,  “She stay up partying to long last night?” she said with a chuckle.


April’s mother sounded like she thought it was funny too.  “Yeah!  The little hell raiser just wouldn’t go to bed.  Call after five okay?”


Becky shook her head, still smiling to herself, “Sure thing, bye.”  She slapped the phone closed and looked at the desktop image of her computer.  It was a picture of her and April smiling and clowning for the camera.  “April…  I swear I’m going to get you for that story crap!”  She turned from her computer, and did a double take.  “What the hell is that?”


She walked closer to it.  “A diaper?!”   She bent closer to it, “A fucking diaper!  What the fuck!”  She poked at it, them picked it up.   It was bigger then any Pampers she had ever seen, Becky was sure she would be able to fit in it if tried to wear it.  She turned back towards her door, diaper still in hand.  It was closed.  She walked closer to it, then pulled on the knob.  “I knew I locked it.” she looked down at the diaper in her hand.  “How the hell did this get in here?”


She had an idea, she looked towards her closet and saw that it’s door was cracked.  With a leap she landed close enough to grab it with her hand and swing it widely open.  “Ah ha!  April!  Thought you could…”  She stopped, then started rooting around in her clothes and shoes at the bottom of the closet.  “You have to be in here.” she said as she looked for anyone.  But it was empty.


She turned back towards the bed, her eyes opening wide when she saw the space under it.  She dropped down and threw up the bedspread, only to see clear through to the wall.  “Nothing…” she whispered.


Becky didn’t understand.  She looked towards her window, and checked that the shade was still down, it might be unlocked but she would have seen and heard anyone enter or exit..  Then sat back down in her chair.  The diaper was still clenched in her hand, but during her search it had flopped open, and now she could see that it would certainly fit her.  She set it down in front of the computer monitor and looked at it closely.  “This can’t be right.  It looks like a real baby diaper.” she took a careful whiff, “It smells exactly like a baby diaper to.  What the hell is going on?”


She looked away from the diaper, as she thought about the story.  She shook her head, “No way!  It’s just a story on the internet.  Things like that don’t happen.”  But as she sat there her curiosity kept her looking down at it.  She got up, and checked her door.  Making sure it was locked, before walking back to her desk.  The diaper was exactly where she had left it.  She knew it wasn’t real.  It was just a story.  “The diaper didn’t appear by magic.  April had to have put it there before, and I didn’t notice it.”


But as she looked at it odd feelings came to her.  She knew it was stupid, “Dam it!  I’ll just put the dam thing on.  Then I can get back at April later.”  She knew she shouldn’t, deep down she thought something was going on.  But she had to know.


Becky slowly slid her shorts down to the floor and stepped out of them.  The diaper seemed warm to the touch as she grabbed it and set it out on her bed.  She gently sat herself down on it, feeling the thick padding compress under her weight.  Becky blushed as she folded the diaper up, and over herself. Then tightly taped it in place.  She poked at it with her fingers, then sat up.


She couldn’t get over how loud the crinkling was.  It seemed so weird.  “Dam.” she said as she stood up and walked a few circles.  “No wonder babies waddle.  It’s the dam diapers.”  She looked at her refection in a full length mirror.  She playfully sucked her thumb, giggling at her own reflection.  She decided she’d take a few pictures for later.  “I do look fucking cute as hell anyways.” she figured.  She was still looking for the camera when goose bumps shot up her spine.  “Whoa.. That was weird.”  Afterward tingles were still going through her body.


Becky took a deep breath, and took a quick step.  The odd tingling grew more intense, and seemed to collect in the diapered area.  “Oh…  Wow…” she thought as it grew more intense.  She almost felt like moaning.  The odd tingling had quickly grew to sexual pleasure.  She bent down, putting her hands on the computer desk. Becky didn’t understand exactly what was going on, but she liked it.  Just as she though she was going to finish the feeling started to pass.  But she still enjoyed herself, as the entire front of the diaper started to grow warm.  She basked in the pleasure.  It was so odd.  She had never felt anything like it before, but it felt strangely familiar.


She stood still in front of the desk.  Slowly getting her breath back.  “That… was…  Wow…”  She used one of her hands to wipe some sweat from her forehead.  Then decided she’d like to wear some pants instead of the diaper.  “Though, if wearing a diaper feels like that, I might have to wear them more often.”


She took a few steps and stopped.  Something felt off.  Becky took another step as she reached down and massaged herself through the diaper.  It felt odd to her.  Almost…  “Wet!” she yelled.  She looked down at the garment between her legs to find it almost sagging off her lithe frame.  “Oh fuck no!” she screamed.  She reached for the tapes and pulled.  Expecting the plastic to tear.  But it was as if it was made of steel.  She slipped her thumbs into to elastic top and decided to just slide it down. 


Becky pushed as hard as she could, but it wouldn’t budge.  “This isn’t possible!  This think should just slide off!”  But no matter how much she pushed, pulled or wiggled, it wouldn’t move.  “Fuck!”  With a finale wiggle her hand slipped, and she fell flat on her ass.  “Owww!  She stood up, rubbing her butt through the diaper.  She looked back to the computer.  She couldn’t deny it.  Something was happening.  Something she couldn’t explain. 


She sat down, slowly onto her squishy pants and clicked to hit the internet.  But her computer had went to sleep, so she had to wait for it to come back up.  As she waited Becky decided to dial April one more time.  The phone picked up almost immediately.  “April!  What the fuck is going on here?”


The sound of whispers, “Becky?…  I…  Becky…  Not… Baby…”  Came the raspy voice of April.   Then stronger, “No read…. Stowy!”


Shock hit Becky.  “April?  What’s wrong?”


“Ah… Ah…  I wed da..  The stowy…  It’s no gooder.”  then April dissolved into tears.


“April!  I already read the dam thing!  What’s going on?  What-”  Becket heard more shouting from the other end of the line.


“What are you doing April?  Is that my phone?  Bad girl.” came the voice of April’s mother.


Becky felt terror as she heard April screaming in a childish voice, “No Mama!  Bad!  No baby!”


Then her mother spoke into the phone.  “Sorry about that.  She seems to like playing with my phone.  So are you and Becky still coming over later?”


Becky swallowed,  “Me…  me and Becky?”


There was light hearted laughing on the other side.  “Of course, I only have one crib, but since your little one isn’t even crawling yet we can just swaddle her, and set her up on the couch next to us.”


Becky’s heart stopped.  “I’m not… Er…  Becky’s not crawling yet?”  Her mind swam.  She knew April’s mother.  And she had never had a sense of humor before.  Can you put April back on please?”


“Back on?  What are you talking about?  She’s just going to get drool all over it. Opps.  Hold on…”  she heard the phone set down and waited several seconds.  Then April’s mother came back, “Hey, nice talking to ya,  see you later.  I got to change April, she just shit her pants again.  I swear, I’m going to go back to breast feeding.  Maybe you can let April have a taste tonight.  Cya!”


The line went dead.  Becky let the phone drop to the floor.  “No way!  This isn’t happening!”  She looked up at her computer and screamed.  The picture of her and Alice had changed.  Instead of them clowning around at the park she saw a picture of April wearing nothing but a sagging diaper, smiling stupidly up at the camera.  Becky started biting her hand as she looked at herself, laying at April’s feet.  In what looked like a babies sleeper.  A ribbon in her hair.  And a pacifier in her mouth.  “No… no…. no,” she kept whispering as she studied the image.  She kept going back to the eyes, eyes that had no twinkle of intelligence behind them. 


There was a beep from the computer that caused her to jump.  She clicked on the FireFox shortcut and rocked back and forth as it came up.  She kept her privacy options on, so had to retype everything to get back to DA, and the story.   “Come on!” she yelled at the screen, as another pulse of pleasure hit her.  She bit her lip as she came closer then before to going over the edge.  She almost let herself go.  Instead she fought it and clenched herself tightly.  As the pleasure left, she felt the expected heat of her re-anointing her already wet diaper. 


The story popped up.  She felt light headed and giddy as she started to read.  Not skipping anything this time.  The farther she read, the more terrified she got.  It wasn’t just a story afterall.  Becky was reading everything she had already experienced.  Except now she could read what had happened to April.  Tears started to run down her face as she read. 


“As she finally relaxed and gave in, she felt a wave of pleasure overwhelm her.  She bucked on her bed.  Drooling as she clutched at herself.  A hand slid unbidden into the top of the wet diaper.  As it touched her she opened her mouth and tried to scream.  Instead an eerie wail came from her mouth.  She closed her eyes as her body turned on her, and started to push a mess out and into the already wet padding.


“Her eyes opened slowly.  She didn’t know what time it was.  She didn’t remember what had happened.  She rolled to get off the bed and felt something bulging between her legs.  The memories flooded back.  She sat up, gently touching the diaper she was wearing.  She moved her legs, and felt them hit something.  “Rails!  Oh shit!  I’m in a crib!” she felt her fear rise, and instantly she was crying, then bawling like a baby.  “Momma!  Mommaaa!”  She knew how stupid she sounded, but she couldn’t stop.”


Becky couldn’t take it, she started skimming again.  She decided she’d rather not know exactly what had happened.  She started looking for her own name.  After several paragraphs she found it.  She read of herself calling April, and then of seeing the new image of herself on the computer.  Becky read through her reading the story.  Her pulse started to quicken as she got closer to what she was doing, and what she could expect.  As her eyes hit the exact point in the story of the present, something happened and the page jumped to the bottom few paragraphs. 


She refused to read them, instead she scrolled back up, found her place and tried again.  “Not happening, again.  I need to know…”  As her eyes found her previous point she read past it, reading of her experience of going straight to the end, then as she started to read into the present again, the page jumped, landing at the bottom of the story.  Becky felt like screaming, she tried one more time.  And the same thing happened.  “Fuck!” she screamed as she looked at the page, not quite focusing on it.  “Fine.” she thought as she felt another pleasant pulse start to arrive.  “I’ll read the dam end.”


“Becky slowly stood on shaky legs.  She knew she didn’t have much time.  Her mother had just left to grab the wipes and after this diaper change she knew she wouldn’t be able to walk any longer.  Her long graceful dancers legs wobbled as she tried to get closer to April.  Her feet pointed in, and her knees buckled as she took step after step.  The messy diaper between her legs felt horrible at it moved, squishing the mess around between her cheeks.  “I’m not a baby!  I can walk!”  she thought to herself.  Shame burned as she heard her mother yelling back to her.


“I got them honey!  Now mommy can wipe that poopy bum of yours.!”  Pleasure started to creep into her again as the diaper was warmed by another spurt of her piss.  She bit her lip, and held her breath.  Trying to stop it.  Instead it grew stronger.  She toddled one last time, and fell to her hands and knees. 

Becky started to cry.  She knew she would never walk again.  She tried to finish her trip to April.  She looked up at her friend and felt her hope die. April was laying on her back, happily chewing on her own toes.  Becky felt a sense of despair  as she looked at her perfect body, and thought it would be reduced to babyish actions and pleasures.


She raised her arm to crawl forward, and dropped to her belly.  She tried to get up again, and instead rolled over onto her back.  Becky screamed in rage.  She looked up, into the lights on the ceiling and kicked her feet, she stopped crying for a moment to take a breath.  She could heard another baby screaming as well.  She thought it was April, but she couldn’t tell.


A shadow fell over her.  She moved her eyes, and saw it was her mother.


“Who’s weady for theeir diapee change Beckers?”


Becky cringed.  She laid still as her mother worked, and started to pull the fresh diaper up between her legs.  Becky blushed at the idea of getting her poopy diaper changed.  But she knew she couldn’t change it herself any longer.


“How’s that?  Is baby happy?”  her mother gushed sweetly.


Becky blinked her eyes, they seemed to have a milky covering.  They were all blurry.  She tried to talk back, and heard only gently cooing sounds.  “Oh God!” she thought.  “I don’t want to be an infant!  I don’t want to lose everything!”  Then the pleasant feeling started to return.  This time it didn’t stop at her diaper.  It grew and grew.


Warmth filled her, from her stomach to her chest, and finally slowly crept into her head.  She thought she felt herself being moved, but couldn’t be sure.  Everything was fuzzy.  Everything was buzzing.  Something came into focus in front of her face.  “Momma!” ran through her mind one last time before the wave of warmth finally filled her head.  She could feel her body tense, and spit run from her open mouth.  But she couldn’t do anything to stop it. 


Becky’s toes curled as the wave broke and she felt everything, her memories, her personality, her very soul rise on the crescendo.  She had never felt such bliss.  She couldn’t even moan as she was lifted higher and higher.  Her hand slipped into her diaper, grasping and rubbing, the feeling grew more intense.  She felt herself start to lose it.  A spurt of pee ran onto her hand.  Becky didn’t care, she wanted more.   She pushed, and was rewarded with pleasure.  She felt the flow storm into her diaper, running down her hand, but as it slowly left her she felt everything leave with it.  She could no longer fight as everything that made her Becky, was washed away.  All her memories and education, ran out of her and puddled into the diaper.   Leaving behind a warm, wet, permanent plaything for her mother.”


Becky finished reading the story.  Her eyes dry.  Shock causing her body to tremble.  “No…” She whispered.  “It can’t happen…”  She poked at the diaper around her waist again.  And saw the discoloration of her previous accidents.  She wondered, “Is that really my thoughts and dreams?”


She tried to remember what had happened at school several months in the past.  And was shocked when she couldn’t.  Becky tried to recall the names of other friends and came up blank.  “Oh shit!”  She drew her legs up under her and found herself squatting in her chair.  “It’s true!  I’m pissing my brains out.”  Then she had an idea.  “Maybe I can shock this thing away by finding my friends!”


She brought up a new tab and re-opened DA.  Then went to the upper left hand corner to see her own page.  As she watched the curser get close she felt the diaper start it’s magic again.  She closed her eyes as she reached down and tried to hold herself through the diaper.  It was too thick and all she did was manage to feel herself piss away more of her maturity. 


When it was over Becky looked back up at the monitor.  She finished moving the arrow, and clicked.  Her page opened and she move to the box to see her friends.  But when the box opened all she did was stare at it.  “I….  Can’t read this!”  She freaked out as she looked down at her keyboard and couldn’t understand any of the letters.  Reality sank in as she finally figured out she could no longer read.


Tears came as she stepped off her chair.  The sagging diaper making it almost impossible to walk.  She started looking for something sharp, anything.  If it didn’t cut the diaper it would cut her skin.  “I’m not ending up like that!” she said.  Before she found anything her door opened behind her and her mother walked in.


“Hey sweetie pie!  Need a new diapee?”  she held up a fresh and dry diaper as she talked to her.


Becky’s stomach dropped.  “Not you too mom!  I don’t need diapers!  I’m a big girl!”


Her mother just laughed.  “Yeah, a big girl in a soaking wet diaper.”  She walked towards her, an odd gleam in her eyes.  “Let’s get that diaper changed so I can feed you.  And then we’ll put baby Becky down for a nap.”


Becky was crying, “Don’t say we’re going over to April’s.” she thought.


“And then we’ll go see April!  Isn’t that nice!”


“Nooo!” Becky screamed as she was pushed down on her bed by her mother.


“We’re going to have some much fun.”  Her mother kissed her on the forehead.  “My little baby Becky.  You’re so cute in your Pampers, I hope you never grow up!”


Becky shook her head, and closed her eyes.  Willing herself to die.  Instead she got a fresh diaper and a new pacifier.  She could already feel herself leaking before her mother had left the room.  Seconds after the lights turned out she felt herself drifting to sleep  “Have to…  Stay up….”


As her body relaxed her mother blew her a kiss from just outside the door.  “So cute Becky.  I’ll see you in a few hours.”  She sighed as she thought at being a mother.  “My beautiful little angel.  Good night baby.”




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