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An Internet Date (involves male to male shit & piss)

by sweetsandnuts

An Internet Date (involves male to male shit & piss)

A true story event actually happened on wednesday 7th june 2006


Last Wednesday he said he was on his way I could hardly wait, his photo was superb if he only lived up to how good he looked and how nice he sounded. When I spoke to him on the phone I was taken aback regarding his deep voice and his reassuring calmness.

I mention this as usually everyone you arrange to meet either don’t turn up or they pretend to be somebody there not, then when you meet it’s a great disappointment. I phoned him about 8 there was a traffic delay will be there in about 20 minutes, I tried to go for a piss but I was so full of shit I was having difficulty forcing my bladder to piss in case the shit came out of me. It splashed into the bowl it was a relief to let go bladder cramps and stomach cramps are too much to cope with.

So I drunk another pint of water that’s 5 litres I had drunk in 1 ½ hours, rob said he was going to arrive naked and has he came down the drive in the car I had butterflies in my stomach. He pulled into the drive and he got out the car he was more than I expected a tall man about 6ft if not taller, a beautiful hairy body and nice thick hairy legs and a big prick between his legs. I thought it was my birthday, I sucked his prick licked his nipples and stroked his arse. I only had on a pair of shorts and we sat down at the p.c. he said he wanted to look at some scat clips before we got down to it. I could not help staring at him, his eyes, his face, his body and that deep voice.

I was about to take off my shorts so I could be naked with him and he stopped me he was caressing my legs; his hands were inside the leg of my shorts stroking my prick and hairless crotch. He said he liked men to be shaved well I shave 3 time a week all round my prick and bollocks and right up the crack of my arse. Eventually I dropped my shorts and we were both naked I was sucking his prick I was surprised at how big it actually got, he had nice big hanging balls and we kissed each other nice and gently. This was just too much to be true my heart was racing like a little schoolboy being seduced for the 1st time. I could not understand the fascination I am no oil painting I’m not good looking, I am overweight, so what? Well he said he liked what he saw and I thought well there is no accounting for taste. He stood up from the chair and he pushed his big erect prick into my mouth and pissed, there are not many people I know can piss with a hard on and as it flowed and flowed and I lapped all his liquid into my guts. I don’t know when he last had a piss but I must have drank well over a pint all in one go if not more, it tasted so nice.

So it was time for me to start exploring his body I wanted to lick his arse it must be nice and damp from his 2 hour journey, I did not want the gift from his arse just yet just wanted to caress this beautiful man all over with his mouth. It was such a nice arse so inviting I rimmed him with my tongue he really enjoyed it as his arse wriggled further onto my tongue. I licked his beautiful hanging balls into my mouth caressing each lovely orb gently. He turned over and I sucked the shaft of his prick into my mouth, deep throating his prick to the back of my throat. Now I have been sucking prick since I was 10 years old so I can honestly say I have had a fair bit of practice in sucking pricks. I caressed his nipples and caressed his hair on his head whilst I gently kissed his mouth. I then needed a piss he was laying down and positioned my prick into his mouth and pissed. He drank quite a bit of it not as much as what I had drunk. So I pissed the rest into a glass which I filled a pint glass with.

It was time he said for me to sit on his face, he wanted to rim me and taste my shit, and I thought it was too early I thought that part of the proceedings should come later after all the sexual highs but he was so eager to try my shit I could not refuse. He has only ever played with his own and although it was his 1st time with someone I took it very gently with him. He rimmed my shaved hole and he fingered me his fingers were covered in shit although there were none as such poking out of my arse. He rimmed me some more and I pushed a small piece into his mouth. He was happily chewing away as I looked back, then he came rimming for more a nice big dollop went into the mouth and he was happy chewing away. He spat it out and he came back for more another big turd dropped inside his mouth and he chewed and chewed and chewed. I asked him if he was o.k. but I realised he was not coming back for more so I got off him and went to caress his face as he was still chewing the last piece of shit. I looked at his face it was all in his beard I scooped a lump off his beard and he licked my fingers. I talked ever so gently to him and he said he was ok and he spat the remainder out. For a 1st timer I thought he had done brilliantly, I think he was a bit upset that he could not carry on and he got up and went to the bathroom to clean out his mouth and face. My thoughts were that he was going to leave, as I thought because what he had done and he did not fulfil eating my full arse that he had not only disappointed himself, I think he thought that he had let me down. I did not want him to leave I wanted him to stay, just because he could not handle all the shit did not mean we could not carry on the session without shit play.

We sat at the p.c. again whilst we chatted and he lifted his legs across the arms of my chair. I caressed his legs and picked one of them up and started licking his toes he smiled and his dick showed a great interest as it came back to full erection, I had won back his confidence showing great interest I him re assuring him without saying a word that he had not let me or himself down.
I licked his other foot all over and licked between his toes he was furiously wanking his prick now that was another thing I did not want him shooting his spunk otherwise the party would be over and that would be too soon.

I said right lets get that prick up me, I bent over and he pushed his erect prick right up inside me, he was stretching my arse open I could feel the width against the walls of my arse, and the length of it going up inside me. I wanted him to shit fuck me, but I did not want him to be turned off, so I kept encouraging to fuck my shitty arse and making him understand that his prick was going to be covered in my shit. He pulled out and I said is it dirty? Not yet he replied indicating to me that all was well and that was ok that if it got covered in shit it was o.k. As he entered me again as it was going up slowly I pushed the shit down my arse to meet it and he said I think it’s getting covered now as he thrust up into me, a few more in and out strokes and he pulled out and he said it’s filthy now he said. Let me clean that for you as I put my mouth onto the shit covered dick and I licked it all clean for him, oh yes he said that’s superb, he rammed it back up me and we repeated the process, the more he pushed into me the more I pushed the shit out of my arse so the prick got covered again he pulled out and straight into my mouth for the clean up.

We repeated this a few times and he was ready for Cumming so I made him stop and I licked his dick and shaft clean again with my mouth, there was loads of shit on it, my shit and it was being fed back to me eventually it was nice and clean. I laid him down and I got my mouth against his arse and I said ok now it’s your turn to shit. Now this guy is an irregular shitter some days twice a day some days 2 to 3 days, this was a 2 to 3 day special, I thought this is going to stink, this is gonna blast out of him. Now I like shit but although I like it in my mouth I don’t like it smeared over me. So I had a plastic dish to catch most of it and I started licking his hole and out it came some in my mouth but it all over spilled my mouth and straight passed me in to the dish below then it stopped. I was still licking his hole I looked down at the shit in the dish, there was such a lot it was really full to the brim, I could not have got all in the mouth if I wanted to. I had some in the mouth and I picked a turd out of the dish and put it inside my mouth and started chewing it while he watched me eat.

I repeated this a few times and then started lapping back at his arse and I nice extra bit just oozed into my mouth for an extra treat. If the shit had come out gradually it would have been a better experience, but the guys guts like me had suffered tremendous cramps all day as we both needy badly to shit since lunchtime I was 1 day old and he was 3 days, and boy was their 3 days worth their. Now his shit did not smell as bad as I thought it was nice and textured a lot of liquid at 1st but there were some nice big solid lumps in there. It was a dark beige colour and it tasted superb if it had all come out gradually I think it would have took about 2 hours to get through it all, I could see he had enjoyed it as although his dick was not erect his belly was covered in pre cum and if I wasn’t mistaken I would have swore it was spunk. I licked his arse clean and he wanted to get cleaned up, before he went for a quick rinse I licked all that precum (spunk) off his hairy belly. We talked a bit and he cam back and we were watching another home made clip on the p.c. and he said he needed to come his dick was aching with thick veins pulsating he sat there wanking really hard and I was kissing him and caressing his nipples, he was getting close and he said he was coming I covered his prick with my mouth and sucked him really slow, the urge went off he said I really need to come and he got to the point again with my expert prick sucking and he erupted thick loads of spunk into my mouth.

I savoured every bit of it letting him watch me roll it about into my mouth across my tongue eventually swallowing his man seed into my guts; I licked his prick again for any last remaining drops until his dick was absolutely soft. He started caressing my prick and I said there is no need for me to cum, I felt he thought he needed to bring me off as part of the deal, but I was on a sexual high and I did not want my part of the deal to end. I don’t know whether he was thankful or disappointed in me not Cumming but I reassured him that I did not want to shoot. I let him shower and then it was time for him to depart, will I ever see my big tall naked knight again? Was it what he really wanted tonight? Was I just a challenge for him so that he could have shit from another guy in his mouth?

Who knows I thought. So I asked him if I could take his photograph as a memento of this wonderful evening. He obliged just as I thought he would he was so well mannered and thought full any way he posed naked for me in the hallway, and then it was time for him to leave. Can I see you again I asked well we will have to think about that he said. Knowing full well it was a one off, but what a one off and it was so fucking brilliant the short time I spent with him. He got into his car and he drove off into the sunset, my butterflies were fluttering in my belly. Guess what about 1 hour later the phone rang he said he had stopped for a rest, and he had been thinking about tonight and the raunchy sex we had done together and he would like to come back in the near future for another session.

So what’s next we spoke on the phone the last couple of days we texted each other I would like to think of Rob as a close friend I would like, a man I can talk to freely, I hope we can be friends he is such a nice guy, oh and what a body on him I’m getting hard again………


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