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My Dreams

by captainthrowaway123

Chapter 1

My name is Jake.

I’m 18 years old and it’s June 10th, 2018. I only recently have found the joys and pleasures of masturbation. Some might say that I’m chronic, but I just go as many times as I can. I’m tall, about six foot, have brown hair, and I’m on the football team so I’m in pretty good shape.<

The idea of bondage, especially chastity really gets me going. I’ve tried self bondage a couple of times and even one time at my grandparents place in the mountains me and my cousins experimented with bondage and even some gay adventures, but that's another story for another time.

I always thought that the rest of my family was completely clueless about my “other side of life” and that it was completely normal for a boy of my age, I was terribly wrong. You see, my mom is a hardcore christian and it completely opposed to the idea of gays and masturbation, if she knew, my life would be over. Anyways moving on with the whole “terribly wrong” part. Two nights ago, I think that one of my parents snuck into my room and installed a chastity device onto me. They must have gotten onto my computer and looked into my history and found what I had been doing. Unfortunately for me, I had been looking at several chastity devices and I’m pretty sure that they got the one I had fantasized about the most.

The device it’s self appears to be very simple however it hides some devilish secrets and I’m sure I’ve only discovered a handful of them. To start, the entire body is made of a cloth-like substance, however i don’t think i can cut it and i don’t want to try because it is very form fitting. Another thing is that although it’s very form fitting, whenever i try to get hard to masturbate, the cloth just seems to tighten and harden up, trapping my cock. So far the only other things i’ve noticed are that whenever i try to touch my cock, my balls get shocked and that there doesn’t seem to be any sort of way out of this contraption.

Now of course i can’t go to my parents about this because i don’t know for sure if it was actually them and if i ever brought up the subject my life would come to a screeching halt so i don’t really know what i’m going to do. Maybe someone will contact me and let me out of this. I’m already missing masturbation.

Chapter 2

So when i woke up today i jumped onto my computer for a little online Facebook fun when i noticed i had some email. I figured it was probably some spam or maybe one of my friends trying to keep in touch over the summer. When i opened the email however, i found this...


Hello Jake,

Enjoying your new toy? As you’ve probably found out by now, you can’t get hard and you probably have a million questions you want answered. Well if you ever want to see or touch your cock again you’ll meet me, tonight, on the corner of Mason and Cherry at 12:00, come alone or you’ll find out the hard way what that sleeve can do to you.

Your new Master


I didn’t know what to do, i couldn’t go to anyone about this, my life would be ruined, stuff gets around in high schools and i know that i didn’t want to find out what this “sleeve” as my “new master” called it could do. The only option for me was to do as i was told and go there to meet whoever this was.

I was walking down mason and i checked my watch, 11:58, it was almost time to meet my “Master”. I arrived at the corner of Mason and Cherry, where was this person. As i was looking around, i noticed a note taped to a light post, it read.


Hello there,

You didn’t actually think that i wouldn’t take some precautions before actually reveling myself did you? In the bush behind the lamp post are a pair of handcuffs, a blind forld and some leg irons. Strip down to your boxers and put on the leg irons, tight. After that, put on the blindfold, and then put on the handcuffs behind your back. I’m watching you and if you try anything funny you can say bye bye to your cock.

This was it, one of my ultimate fantasies about to unfold, but at what cost. Did i actually want to render myself completely vulnerable to this stranger? Once again, i had no choice and i really wanted to lose my virginity next year so i complied. I started by taking off my tight blue hollister shirt to reveal my six pack abbs and tan skin. Then off came my faded blue jeans and i was left, almost naked, in the middle of the city. I went behind the bush and found all that the note had listed. I had never used a pair of leg irons before, but they looked just like handcuffs. I put the first around my left ankle and ratcheted it closed tight. The next one took me a while longer as a thought about what i was doing. Then i remembered about my trapped cock and tightened the right one, no turning back from here, it took me almost 30 mins to walk down here and with these irons on who knew how long it would take me, and without pants at that. Next came the blindfold, i found a little lock was in the back and once i put this think on, it wasn’t coming off without a key, but i knew i had to. I put it on and tightened it. Finally, i grabbed the handcuffs and tightened one around my right wrist, went down onto my stomach on the grass and tightened the left cuff around my left wrist and i was trapped, by my own hand.

I had experimented with self bondage but nothing like this, i was completely and utterly trapped. I waited there, in my plaid boxers, for and eternity, my cock writing within it’s bonds trying to break free. A cool breeze blew past me making me shiver when i suddenly felt a finger twisting up my back to my neck. This made me test my bonds but i found them to be unbreakable. I feld a hand reach under me and suddenly i was being carried on someone’s shoulder to what i presumed was a truck of some kind. I was tossed in the back and we drove off.

We had driven for what i can guess to be about an hour when we stopped and i was once again picked up and taken somewhere cold and probably dark. I was left there, on the cold floor all night long.

When i awoke in the morning, i found that i still had my blindfold on, but my bonds had changed. I now had no cloths on and i could freely move my hands and feet. I started to attempt an escape when i was jerked back by something attached around my neck. I put my hands to my neck and found a metal collar locked in place tightly around my neck. Attached to this collar was a chain leading somewhere in the room.

Suddenly i heard a door open and head footsteps coming towards me. A loud, booming voice told me to get on the floor with my hands behind my back, legs spread. By the sound of the voice, i guessed that this person was a man, and i was not about to be taken by a man. I said to the man, “fuck you, i’m not doing shit.” The only reply was “Big mistake” and my sleeve started shocking me with such intensity that i hit the ground. “Now you’re half way there, now put your arms behind your back!” For fear of another shock, i did as i was told. I felt another set of handcuffs being attached to my wrists, only that these were hinged and restricted my arm movement. My chain was detached from wherever it was held in the room and i was lead to another part of the room. I felt my blindfold being taken off and i was hoping to get a good look at this creep so that i could send him to prison for a long time. Unfortunately, he was wearing a mask and i couldn’t seen anything. I was only now however, that i found where he was taking me. In front of me i saw one of the most frightening and confusing contraptions i had ever laid eyes on.

It was made completely of steel, a perfect circle with two bars forming a “plus sign”. There were no apparent forms of restraints to hold me and i just looked at my captor in a confused sort of way. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough” he said, “I’m going to remove these handcuffs, and don’t try to run away because that sleeve will give you the jolt of a lifetime if you get more than 6 feet away from me.” He removed my handcuffs only to have them replaced by bracelets on both wrists that matched the contraption, a pair of similar bands were placed on my ankles. “What are these going to do, they arent attached to anything?” I said. “Go stand over by that ring and find out”, well what did i have to lose. I walked over there and then i saw him press a button on his belt. Instantly my arms were pulled up towards the ring and my feet were off the ground but similarly pulled to the ring. “You like? I made it myself, those bands are super powered magnets so now i don’t even need you to wear handcuffs.”

“From now on those rings are staying on you” he said. “Oh one last thing before bed time”, he walked over and grabbed something behind me. He brought it into view, it was a 8 inch dildo. “This works along with your belt you see. It can vibrate inflate and even change shape.” “Great” i thought, he walked behind me and started shoving this thing in my ass. “You know i’ll just push it out after its in” i said, “oh no you wont” and after the dildo was completely inside of me, he pressed another button on his belt and my sleeve began to expand around my waist and cover my but, it held everything nice and secure. After that he pressed one final button, my sleeve began to vibrate and lightly shock me and my cock got rock hard. The sleeve actually allowed me to get a hard on. I also felt the dildo in my ass spring to life. “A treat for my pet, don’t expect to orgasm though, have fun!”

With that he left me. I was left to hang there for the night, with my dick being shocked and my virgin 18 year old ass being tormented, who knew what else was in store for me.

Chapter 3

I woke to the sound of a door closing and foot steps walking towards me. I still felt the dildo and sleeve working their magic. My master walked up to me and slapped my face gently and said “how’d we sleep last night?” i just groaned and turned my head away. “now thats not very nice, i’ll have to remember to throw in some surprises today to make sure you learn to behave... but first we need to get you fed. Can’t have my pet getting too skinny now can we” He pressed a button and the magnets turned off while i fell to the floor. My master said “you may notice those lines on the floor that are lit up, those are guide lines. If you move off of them, you bracelets will be drawn together into a hogtie position and your sleeve will give you a nice jolt. I can make these as big or as small as i want so if you’re good, you might just get the privilege of the whole basement.” This guy disgusted me how was he gonna keep my parents from not knowing where i was. the police would be here any time to come rescue me and throw this creep away forever. “follow me my pet, time for breakfast.” he pressed a button on his belt and a table and two chairs raised out of the floor, there was a line leading to one of there chairs where there was a 5 inch dildo protruding out of the base. There was a thin glowing line leading from me to that chair.

Of course, me being my rebellious self went for the chair with no dildo. Instantly, i felt my feet fly out from under me and connect themselves to my wrists. My sleeve tightened up and started shocking me. The dildo must have still been “connected” with the sleeve because it went to town on my ass as well. “Silly boy, i told you this would happen.” he pressed a button and i was free to move again. I accepted my fate and went and stood by my chair. “sit down please” he said. I reminded him that there was still a dildo in my ass. “Oh yes thats right, here let me fix that.” He forcefully pulled out the dildo and pressed a button on his belt. i felt my arms pulling me down, onto the dildo. I tried to fight it but it was no use, i lowered myself onto the dildo when suddenly, my ankles were drawn to the underside of my chair, forcing me to take my full body weight and support it all on the dildo in my ass. “Thats better, now lets get you something to eat.” He went upstairs to get food. when he came down, in his hands were two bowls, one with water, and the other with what looked like dog food. “I’m not eating that” I said. “well then i guess you’ll just go hungry. i’ll give you one last chance to eat and drink but then it’s gone.” Well, i was hungry, and i already was getting “extra punishment”, whatever that meant, so i figured i would just comply and eat the damn stuff.

When i was done eating, my arms and legs were released and he told me to follow him. I followed him to a tile on the floor. This tile was different from the rest of the floor, it was black and smooth. He told me to step onto it and stand with my arms at my sides and my legs close together. I stepped onto the tile and suddenly, i felt cool liquid running UP my legs and encasing my body. By the end, my entire body up to my neck was encased in what felt like latex. “Like it?” he said. “Now for your extra punishment” He went over to a display panel on the wall and typed in a code that unlocked the screen. He was tapping away at the screen when i felt some pressure on my nipples, the pressure got greater and greater until i let out a little yelp. At this point my master seemed satisfied and started tapping away again. It was at this point that i felt another intruder poking at my ass. I tried to keep it out but it just kept pushing until what felt like a full 9 inch cock was inside of me. “there that should do it i’ll be back in about an hour to check on you.” With that he left me once again to suffer the tortures and pleasures of his bondage.


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