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accidental hooters girl

by azimiut

Chapter 1

It was just another long boring day at work. I had plans to meet up with some friends after work for some beer and relax. I called them up and asked where they wanted to meet. It was the usual group of friends and we usually went to a burger a pizza place that had good cold beer. John said they all wanted to go to Hooters. I said really? Hooters? But they have good cold beer and its half off on wednesday. I told him the only reason he wanted to go there is the girls clothes are half off. You are just being stubborn since you are a girl and all, he said. That may be but think that is why he wants to go there. 

I get my stuff together and head out from work. In usual office clothes nothing special. I did bring a pair of sandals just because I get tired of wearing heels all day. I finally get there and I'm the last to show up. As I walk in the girls there are all hula hooping. I rolled my eyes and went and sat down. John had a beer waiting for me.  Everyone was there alread on their second or third beer. Sara, Micheal, John, Megan, and Cloe were all laughing about how I didn't want to go to Hooters and was a prude about it. We had a few and some had more than a few. Good thing they carpooled. John was a bit tipsy and laughing that I need to try dressing more like the girls here. I didn't apreciate it that much. Not that I couldn't I am pretty fit I just wouldn't.

I get home and throw my stuff down. The cat jumps up and knocks my purse over. I looked and a little mp3 player falls out. That's wierd I thought. I dont have one. I went and got the headphones and listened. It was just some music, not sure who it was but it I liked it. Maybe ill draw a bath, get a glass of wine, and relax and listen I thought. I almost fell asleep in the tub. the music was very relaxing. I wondered who it was. I need to go back to Hooters and see if someone lost one. I'll go this week I figured. 

I woke up the next day and felt refreshed. I figured I might have a little hang over from the beer and wine but I didn't I felt pretty good. It was time to get ready for work and I had seen the mp3 player on the sink in the bathroom. Hey, maybe i'll listen while a get dressed. I put it on and played the whole time while I was getting ready. I did my makeup and left for work. When I got there I didn't realize I took the player with me. Thats strange, I dont remember grabbing it. I kept thinking about it all day on how it ended up in my purse. Later Jen walks by and needed me to sign some papers to sign. She looks at me and comments my makeup. She said it looks good, you dont usually wear makeup like that, its usually more sutble. I didnt think anything of it. I looked in the mirror in my purse and wow, I guess I did go a little more flashy than normal but it looks good. 

On my way home I listened to the mp3 player again. thinking of the makeup comment I thought hey, maybe I could look a bit nicer than plain Jane. I had stopped at the store and picked up some more makeup of different colors and nail polish. I walked through the store for a bit grabbing this and that. When I got home to unpack my stuff I didnt realize what I bought. I got some bright pink polish, shiny lip gloss and pantyhose. Wow I thought. I don't remember buying that stuff. I went to bed, listening to the player again. It is so soothing. 

Next morning I felt great, even better actually. I did my nails in the pink polish and lip gloss. It had a great cherry flavor. I never used lip gloss before, just basic lipstick. Ooh I do have mascara. I was excited. Then I went to go get dressed. I grabbed the panty hose and put it on. it felt great. As I went through my closet I was looking for something a bit more fun to wear. I didn't have anything. I took the shortest skirt I had and put it on. it came just to my knees. I kept thinking, you know what would look great is a tight tshirt. but no, I cant wear that at work. this is an office. I worked all day but didn't get anything done. My mind was wandering elsewhere. I kept thinking how boring and office is. Jen came by again and was shocked at how I was done up. You are just full of suprises she said. I don't know what is gotten into me, I just want to have fun I guess.

It was time to leave and I got my stuff together and went to change my heels to my sandals. I thought why would I do that? these heels are not that bad. maybe I should get some tennis shoes instead. As I drove home I had passed a clothing store. I couldnt say no. I went in and did some shopping. I got some short skirts and and several tshirts that were a size or two too small. perfct I thought. 

Saturday came around and I thought I really need to return the mp3 player to Hooters. I called John up and wanted to see if he wanted to go with me. Sure he said laughing. I thought you didnt like it there. I told him I had to return something and it was kinda fun acutally. he said he would come pick me up. When he got to my apartment he was shocked when he saw me. Who are you? you know who it is silly, I told him. I was wearing a black short mini skirt, shiny pantyhose, and a very tight white shirt with a black bra undernieth. he was blushing. 

When we got to hooters he went to get a table and I went to find the manager. She came up to the front and I told here what had happened. She had a frieghtened look on her face. You didn't listen to it did you? I said yea it was very nice. She explained to me it is full of subliminal messages to get women to be like hooters girls. several of the girls that work there had the same thing happen. once you listen there is no going back. Eventually you will work here soon. some times it only takes a few weeks. I laughed and said that is impossible. She asked if I have always dressed like this. No I said. but it kind of fun. She said it is too late for you, I will see you soon. you might as well get a uniform on your way out. I can't work here wearing that. I was stunned and didn't believe her. I shrugged it off and went to meet John. When I got home there was a full hooters uniform in my purse. I cant remember how it got there but it fits just right. 


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